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As others have said, this book is written specifically for Cameron stovetop smokers, which I don t have I have theNordic Ware Oven Essentials Indoor and Outdoor Smoker, which works just differently enough that the recipes in this book are like guidelines.Examples 1 The Nordic Ware smoker has a large domed lid, so you can smoke a whole chicken without going through the process Styler describes to smoke a large item.2 There s a thermometer that s part of the Nordic Ware smoker so you know exactly what temp it is in the smoker at all times, but because the Cameron smoker doesn t have that, Styler doesn t provide exact cooking temps.3 The food tray in the Nordic Ware doesn t have grill slats but has holes and is nonstick , so you can smoke small items without going through the process Styler describes to smoke extra small items.However, I don t regret getting this book at all, because I can work off the general guidelines as well as get great ideas about what else I can smoke in the smoker that probably wouldn t have occurred to me on my own I love the idea of Chinese tea smoked duck, which I never imagined I could make myself I can t wait to make the World s Best Garlic Bread using smoked garlic cloves Or to use combo cooking to use smoked foods as part of a larger dish Surprisingly, however at least to me , there isn t a recipe for homemade smoked bacon.I would, of course, love to be able to use the book exactly with my particular smoker, but this is the only stovetop smoker cookbook that I ve been able to find at the time of this writing, and I m sure glad it exists. This was my first food smoking book As a novice at the procedure, I found it very helpful in teaching me how and for how long to smoke various foods There are recipes and ideas for everything from beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, ribs, to fruits and vegetables He explains the various smokers and woods for different foods There is even information on how to smoke something that is too tall for your smoker, such as a whole chicken Just FYI I have a round, fairly deep stainless steel stovetop smoker It holds an entire chicken, cut up. Way too much reliance on the combo method which utilizes two separate cooking methods stovetop smoker plus one other If I need to use a charcoal grill to finish off a piece of smoked meat why in the world would I bother to smoke it in the kitchen first Then I have two clean ups to do There are far too few recipes utilizing the stovetop smoker alone. Smoking is of a personal preference than something which needs direction This will get you going but you ll soon find the internet had the information you needed all along. |READ BOOK ♔ Smokin': Recipes for Smoking Ribs, Salmon, Chicken, Mozzarella, and More with Your Stovetop Smoker ♩ Get That Great Taste Of Wood Smoked Food Using The Top Of Your Kitchen StoveContains Everything You Need To Know About Smoking Foods At Home, Using A Stovetop SmokerChris Serves Up Master Recipes For Smoking Everything From Whole Chickens To Shrimp, Plus Recipes For Soups, Salads, And Sides That Use Smoked Ingredients There S Tea Smoked Duck Smoked Eggplant Soup And Fettuccine With Smoky Salmon, Peas, And Leeks To Name Just A Few The Possibilities Are Limited Only By Your Imagination And Your Love For Smoky Flavor With Chris Styler S Tips, Techniques, And Pointers, Smoking Food Is Simple, Fast, And The Taste Speaks For Itself Smokin It S Well, SmokinChristopher Styler Is The Author Of Primi Piatti, And His Articles Have Appeared In Family Circle, Redbook, Woman S Day, And New York Magazine