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!Download ♗ Proteinaholic: How Our Obsession with Meat Is Killing Us and What We Can Do About It ⚇ An Acclaimed Surgeon Specializing In Weight Loss Delivers A Paradigm Shifting Examination Of The Diet And Health Industrys Focus On Protein, Explaining Why It Is Detrimental To Our Health, And Can Prevent Us From Losing WeightWhether You Are Seeing A Doctor, Nutritionist, Or A Trainer, All Of Them Advise To Eat Protein Foods, Drinks, And Supplements Are Loaded With Extra Protein Many People Use Protein For Weight Control, To Gain Or Lose Pounds, While Others Believe It Gives Them Energy And Is Essential For A Longer, Healthier Life Now, Dr Garth Davis, An Expert In Weight Loss Asks, Is All This Protein Making Us Healthier The Answer, He Emphatically Argues, Is NO Too Much Protein Is Actually Making Us Sick, Fat, And Tired, According To Dr Davis If You Are Getting Adequate Calories In Your Diet, There Is No Such Thing As Protein Deficiency The Healthiest Countries In The World Eat Far Less Protein Than We Do And Yet We Have An Entire Nation On A Protein Binge Getting Sicker By The DayAs A Surgeon Treating Obese Patients, Dr Davis Was Frustrated By The Ever Increasing Number Of Sick And Overweight Patients, But It Wasnt Until His Own Health Scare That He Realized He Could Do Something About It Combining Cutting Edge Research, With His Hands On Patient Experience And His Years Dedicated To Analyzing Studies Of The Worlds Longest Lived Populations, This Explosive, Groundbreaking Book Reveals The Truth About The Dangers Of Protein And Shares A Proven Approach To Weight Loss, Health, And Longevity If you are not convinced you must change your eating habits to prevent disease and live a longer life, then you need to read this book I was an unhealthy, obese, and huge meat eater I was sick, tired, and over weight since I was in my 20 s Now 55 I ate all the meat I could find The bigger the better Junk found, fast food, and anything I could get my hands on I tried every diet known to man Atkins, The Zone, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers just to mention a few Nothing worked or if it did it didn t last Not only did I gain the weight back I added additional weight on top of that I went to a plethora of doctors I was tons of meds Most I could barely afford I still felt miserable Then my Endocrinologist, Dr Guerin, suggested I read this book It was life changing for both my husband and I He is a unstable type II diabetic Of all the diet books I have read, this is the only one that backs up this information with actual clinical studies He also provides you with pages and pages of references so you can verify the facts yourself, if you so desire You can t argue with facts We immediately started the transition to becoming vegans I didn t think I could do it But I wanted to give it a try anyways The first week THE VERY FIRST WEEK, I started to notice a difference in how I felt Less bloated A pound lighter No feeling of being stuffed after a meal And you can eat as many and as much fruits and veggies as you want Until you feel satiated I was amazed After 2 weeks, my husband s blood sugar levels came down dramatically to the point he is no longer taking his short acting insulin Being a nurse, I couldn t believe it I checked his glucometer, twice, using my own blood as the sample Checked out just fine To get you started, Dr Davis even provides an easy start plan of some scrumptious recipes in the back of the book You are not limited to just fruits and veggies You can eat nuts and whole grains too When you start to explore the options available to you, you will be amazed I got on Pinterest and I am STILL not anywhere near the end of the recipes, menus, meals, and snack recipes and ideas And that is only 1 resource Now I have made a hobby of exploring all the available choices Sooooo many And, you don t HAVE to become vegan Even vegetarian will make a HUGE impact on your life It is up to you to decide just how much you want to do to get better and feel great.Look, I could continue writing accolades about this book I think you get the point This is just my personal opinion If you REALLY want to change your life then read this book What have you got to lose Except your life. I have been following the peer reviewed medical literature for over a decade and marveling at the continued disconnect between the sheer volume and span of research supporting whole food, plant based diets and the public perception of what constitutes healthy eating Dr Garth Davis, MD, a Texas bariatric surgeon, combines his personal story of transformation with a review of research highlights from the past 20 years To his credit, it s a quite enjoyable read.The research is generally in three categories epidemiological studies of thousands of people over years and often decades of time studies of naturally occurring populations with exceptional health and longevity the Blue Zones versus those without and clinical experiments Dr Davis shows that, taken as a whole, the research overwhelmingly supports whole food, plant based diets with small or no red and processed meat consumption and much lower intake of animal products than our nation of Proteinaholics is currently eating.I like that Dr Davis takes on common objections raised by people favoring animal product heavy diets, and I really like how he explains how to look at research studies so as to be a smart consumer of the research He tells readers to ask what is being compared, how large is the sample population, and how long are the people studied Short term studies showing that low carbohydrate or Paleo diets improve weight or biomarkers after a few months exist Dr Davis explains that the famous Twinkie diet also improved biomarkers and weight But if you cut through media hype, industry funded research, and short term studies to look at what matters most all cause mortality over decades of time in large populations i.e., what people who live longest eat then the medical literature casts no doubt on Dr Davis conclusion that excess animal protein is killing us, and plant based whole food diets are most healthful and lead to greater longevity In fact, thousand of studies confirm it, as evidenced in part by the World Health Organization s post publication announcement on red and processed meats and cancer.And if you don t like epidemiological research, Dr Davis takes you on a trip through the other major research as well population studies and clinical studies so you can form your own conclusions about the healthiest dietary pattern Unless you go step by step through the overwhelming evidence yourself, its hard to believe so much exists and yet we continue to be so confused as a nation.Another thing I like about this book is that even though Dr Davis is personally vegan, he doesn t cherry pick what he presents or overstate the case I can say this with confidence because I ve been following the research myself Where the research findings are mixed and or muddled by industry funded research, e.g., on eggs and dairy, Davis presents an excellent and objective overview His basic point is that whereas the preponderance of evidence points to a plant based whole food diet and we know animal products are unnecessary we can t say a purely vegan diet is the only healthful path if the overall diet is whole food and plant based.Does Dr Davis review some studies suggesting it might, in fact, be the case that a vegan whole food diet is best Yes, but he is very clear that at this point in time at least, while we can reasonably suggest it may be the case, we cannot say that with anything near the certainty with which we can say plant based whole food diets are the most healthful I like to think of it this way If two objective people followed just the peer reviewed research published in scientific journals over the past twenty years, they d both agree on about 95% of what to eat they might bicker over whether the remaining 5% should include some eggs, poultry, dairy and fish or not That s an extremely small amount of diet to be uncertain about far less than most Americans think science is in disagreement about and would include vastly fewer animal products than most Americans eat So whether you go vegan whole food plant based like Dr Davis or just eat 95% whole food plant based, by listening to Dr Davis, you re going to lower your chance of disease by leaps and bounds compared to the overwhelming majority of Americans.Several adults in my family, including me, have transitioned to whole food plant based diets over the past 5 years and experiences myriad health benefits The benefits to my family members include resolving IBS which was probably lactose intolerance all along , reversing metabolic syndrome, lowering overall cholesterol levels and dramatically improving ratios, resolving adult acne, resolving PMS, effortless weight loss and maintenance I weigh just 3 lbs than I did the day I got married after months of dieting on Jenny Craig two kids and 15 years ago , eliminating the need for blood pressure medication, and improved mood.I have some criticisms of this book that are mostly just additional points that I think should have been mentioned First, the bibliography lists Noto et al s 2013 systematic review and meta analysis of observational studies of low carb diets of which Paleo is one , which found significantly higher all cause mortality However, I do not recall Dr Davis discussing it in the text, which would have been especially useful in the Adkins and Paleo sections Maybe he did and I missed it It would be easy enough to check if the book had an index Yes, there is no index in this book How in the world did a reputable publishing company like HarperOne release a book without creating an index This makes the book less useful to readers, as those who want to return to specific subjects and references later on in the text and will have to comb through the book to find them.A second point I d have like to have seen Dr Davis make is that processed meats include products people generally think of as healthier than pork bacon and beef pastrami like turkey bacon, deli chicken and turkey slices, and turkey bacon Granted, the doctor is correctly encouraging people to drastically reduce their meat intake, relative to the US average, but I think helping people realize that processed poultry was part of those higher mortality findings in many studies would have been helpful If readers are going to continue to consume animal protein, albeit in small amounts, it would be helpful to tell them they can t replace pork bacon with turkey bacon and think the research shows it s cutting their mortality risk Processed poultry is processed meat Once again, before criticizing a book of this length in a public forum, I d normally consult an index to ensure I didn t miss something but there s none to check Third, I think it would have been useful for Dr Davis to further debunk the Paleo grains and legumes are unhealthy myths a bit specifically He alludes to the fact that the research supports eating these foods, and how much they are consumed in the Blue Zones, but he doesn t even mention nor source articles like Wu et al s 2015 Association between dietary whole grain intake and risk of mortality two large prospective studies in US men and women published in JAMA Internal Medicine, or Johnson et al s 2015 Whole grain products and whole grain types are associated with lower all cause and cause specific mortality in the Scandinavian HELGA cohort, published in the British Journal of Nutrition Having never written a book myself, I am guessing that these studies came out after the main draft went to editing, but I still feel room should have been made for their mention I d have also liked to see of the published research linking legumes and longevity discussed Contrary to Paleo claims, studies show legumes and whole grains are associated with better health and longevity I am very concerned that a nation of largely unhealthy and overweight people are acting on misinformation to cut out these demonstratedly health promoting foods.The bottom line is that my criticisms of this book are that it wasn t long enough, in that it could have fleshed out in detail the information behind the key points and included an index However, this is coming from someone who searches the medical journals for new studies on diet and nutrition in her free time, just for enjoyment because it s so incredibly interesting to me And if that s the biggest criticism I can muster for this book, it s truly an excellent one I am so grateful Dr Davis laid out the research for a general audience and that he did it in such a clear and highly engaging way.I put my money where my mouth is on this, folks I ve already purchased 7 copies and will probably pick up a few If you re on my holiday shopping list, this is what you re getting Edit November 23, 2015 Due to popular demand, an index has been made available by the author on the Proteinaholic website. Like many people, I wanted to eat a healthy diet but was endlessly confused about what constituted healthy I knew plenty of unhealthy vegetarians who lived on white bread and cheese At the same time, high protein diets even moderate protein diets like the Zone left me dehydrated and feeling ill About a year ago I moved to a plant based diet I already knew the benefits of eating this way 40 lbs of weight loss, total cholesterol in the 130 s but what I really love about this book is how it relentlessly looks at the data If you still want to eat your bacon after reading this book that is cool but you won t be doing so uninformed I love the way it systematically rips apart so many claims of the Paleo movement I think the Paleo people are doing a lot of things right They eat whole foods, they avoid dairy But if you look at long lived populations in the world there is simply no contest low protein, lots of veggies and ample starch rules.It is no surprise that the people who have the highest protein requirements not body builders as you might think, but endurance athletes thrive on a plant based diet You need look no further than the ultra running community to find a slew of plant based athletes who are thriving on a vegan diet.For me personally it has been great Weight loss, energy, better sleep it has been a great change This book and all the detailed research it cites is just a re confirmation of my new diet choice A plant based diet can be used to effectively combat the Big Four heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes All of these diseases entail a lifetime of medication Why would you not at least give a new diet a try Livre bien sourc , bien crit, int ressant et convainquant Permet de compl tement perdre l addiction aux produits issus de l agriculture animale par une grande prise de conscience des risques pour la sant.