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I teach piano and one day a week I teach in a senior living facility There are always seniors who are just starting or taking up piano again after many years The Faber Adult books are wonderful for this purpose None of the too adorable graphics that are found in the children s beginning books It s difficult to find good beginning books for adult Either they don t teach enough or they move too fast This book is just challenging enough to hold their interest but at the same time it has enough repetition of concepts that the student doesn t get overwhelmed Great book for adults of any age, plus it s good for older children or teens who cringe at the sight of frogs, cats or gnomes on every page and the childish titles given to every song. [Read Epub] ☨ Adult Piano Adventures: All-in-one Lesson Book 1, a Comprehensive Piano Course. ☼ For Adult Beginners, Use Adult Piano Adventures This Comprehensive, All In One Book Includes Lessons, Solos, Technique, And Theory In A Single Volume For Ease Of Use I am an adult eaching myself to play the piano and I like the music selections in this book When I was around page 50 or so though and felt like I was missing something I don t think there are enough examples or explanations of each concept Each page teaches a concept, there are one, maybe two short pieces to practice, then on to the next concept I ordered the version for Older Beginners which has 3 5 books versus one although not spiral bound , and there are many pieces to practice on, and each concept is explained a little simply and thoroughly That seems to suit my old, antiquated brain speed a little better. so i ve been following the directions out of this book for about 2 weeks and am on Unit 9 so far It s a wonderful book and the pacing is perfect I have never played an instrument in my life, am 34 years old, and practice for about 30 60 minutes every night and the amount of progress I m making seems good The supporting online materials are also good but I wish the accompanying demo tracks were just piano, because sometimes you just want to hear how the piano should sound on a particular piece Luckily there are plenty of you tube videos demonstrating every piece of music in this book The music selections themselves are pretty good Some of the tunes I ve never heard before but rather enjoy playing them now that I can Others are pretty forgettable, but for the most part it s a good mix of music that you should recognize. This came highly recommended and so far seems to work well with my student I m still adapting to this method. I self taught through this book I liked working through it, but there are pros and cons I started with Alfred s Basic Adult Piano Course and didn t like it at all, so I bought this book It has a very good selection of music and was enjoyable to play You move around a lot, not just staying in middle C position and it works fingers of both hands, not just chords on the left hand like Alfred s I felt like I wanted pieces to work through and technique and theory I could play the songs alright, but I didn t feel like I got a very good instruction in playing, even though I could play the pieces If you want to be able to sit a play some and not get too serious this book is great I really want to dive in and have a deeper education on the piano I contacted an instructor who I ve started with and she recommended the Accelerated Piano Adventures series I bought the 4 main books in the Accelerated series and it cost me about 4 than this book, but there is a great deal music between them and I wish I had had these books from the beginning So the Adult Piano Adventures is great book and I love the spiral binding, but especially if you are going to self teach I recommend the Accelerated series from the same authors arrangers.