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~Free Epub ☸ Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Vol. 1 ☲ Homeless And Haunted By Ghosts, High Schooler Kogarashi Thinks His Luck Has Finally Turned When He Finds Yuragi Sou A Cheap Boarding House That Was Formerly A Hot Springs Inn, Now Full Of Super Sexy, Scantily Clad Female Tenants If Kogarashi Can Use His Spirit Abilities To Banish The Ghost That Haunts The Inn, He Can Even Live There Rent Free But When The Ghost, A Beautiful Teenage Girl Named Yuuna, Appears Before Him, Kogarashi Takes Pity On Her And Is Suddenly Not So Sure About The Exorcism Will He Help Save Yuuna From Becoming An Evil Spirit And What Supernatural Secrets Do The Other Boarders Hold Monster girl manga is a favorite of mine, so it was not surprising when late last year, started bringing up this title The cover certainly attracted me and the premise sounded great When I learned I could get it a few days ahead of schedule, I placed an order The only worry Would Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs live up to the expectations I had given it The answer is a happy yes I am giving it 4.5 stars and I think if the next volumes are like the opener, it will be a fine series We start with Kogarashi, amateur psychic who exorcises spirits with his fists He needs a place to live and if he can rid a hot springs inn of a ghost, he ll be living rent free The problem comes when he meets the ghost, Yuuna She s cute, sweet and Kogarashi s not the sort of guy who hits girls It turns out the other ladies living there are also of paranormal nature and that comes in handy as there are some nasty monks who have plans for Yuuna Kogarashi and Yuuna have their difficulties When Yuuna gets upset, her poltergeist abilities kick in, with surprising results The two decide to go on a date, but overlook the fact that normal people can t see Yuuna and think Kogarashi s an odd chap, always talking to himself Finally, Kogarashi knows a ghost can t stay earthbound forever without risks, so one day, Yuuna will have to pass to the beyond The stories are nice and the cast is a good one It will be interesting to see how they develop There is a lot of fan service, but that s to be expected with a Ghost Ship title If the quality stays strong, Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs should be a popular title with monster girl fans. Honestly, the only gripe I have is in the beginning chapters when Yuuna eponymous character used Scooby Doo lingo like Jinkies I get that there is a common theme of the paranormal, but it just feels so out of place in a JAPANESE MANGA It does nothing than show the editor s age and dispel the illusion of a well translated Japanese series. I m happy to see Yuragi no Yuuna san get an official English release It s a really cute storyline and this volume is a great introduction to the characters You know what to expect from the genre, but the characters still feel flushed out regardless The art is great the ecchi is done well and every page is nice to look at Chisaki, Yuuna, and Sagiri are easily my favorite girls. This series is close to overtaking To Love ru Darkness as my favorite manga of all time If you enjoy ecchi, harem series then I cannot recommend this enough I own ten of the volumes in Japanese, while I don t necessarily love the topical references and puns in the English translation, I am glad that it is being distributed for to enjoy This should be alongside To Love and Monster Musume in any ecchi enthusiast s collection I know that I did a lot of comparing in this short review, but I do not want that to detract from the heart of this series The main point of the comparison is to show that it is a return to form for the genre, while feeling fresh and interesting Keep them coming Seven Seas Entertainment.