GRATUIT DOWNLOAD ♂ The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire (English Edition) ♟

Powerful read, some enlightened opinions that I feel aligned to and some that I feel are disempowering So as with all good things, take what resonates and leave the rest Overall, really well written, intriguing and a great read I learned a lot from this man. FREE DOWNLOAD ⚈ The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire (English Edition) ♷ The Ultimate Spiritual Guide For MenWhat Is Your True Purpose In Life What Do Women Really Want What Makes A Good Lover If You Re A Man Reading This, You Ve Undoubtedly Asked Yourself These Questions But You May Not Have Had Much Luck Answering Them Until NowInThe Way Of The Superior Man, David Deida Explores The Most Important Issues In Men S Lives From Career And Family To Women And Intimacy To Love And Spirituality And Relationships To Offer A Practical Guidebook For Living A Masculine Life Of Integrity, Authenticity, And Freedom Join This Bestselling Author And Internationally Renowned Expert On Sexual Spirituality For Straightforward Advice, Empowering Skills, Body Practices, And To Help You Realize A Life Of Fulfillment, Immediately And Without CompromiseIt Is Time To Evolve Beyond The Macho Jerk Ideal, All Spine And No Heart, Writes David Deida It Is Also Time To Evolve Beyond The Sensitive And Caring Wimp Ideal, All Heart And No SpineThe Way Of The Superior Manpresents The Ultimate Challenge And Reward For Today S Man To Discover The Unity Of Heart And Spine Through The Full Expression Of Consciousness And Love In The Infinite Openness Of The Present MomentContentsPart One A Man S WayPart Two Dealing With WomenPart Three Working With Polarity And EnergyPart Four What Women Really WantPart Five Your Dark SidePart Six Feminine AttractivenessPart Seven Body PracticesPart Eight Men S And Women S Yoga Of IntimacyExcerpt This Book Is A Guide For A Specific Kind Of Newly Evolving Man This Man Is Unabashedly Masculine He Is Purposeful, Confident, And Directed, Living His Chosen Way Of Life With Deep Integrity And Humor And He Is Sensitive, Spontaneous, And Spiritually Alive, With A Heart Commitment To Discovering And Living His Deepest TruthThis Newly Evolving Man Is Not A Scared Bully, Posturing Like Some King Kong In Charge Of The Universe Nor Is He A New Age Wimp, Are Spineless, Smiley, And Starry Eyed He Has Embraced Both His Inner Masculine And Feminine, And He No Longer Holds Onto Either Of Them He Doesn T Need To Be Right All The Time, Nor Does He Need To Always Be Safe, Cooperative, And Sharing, Like An Androgynous Mr Nice Guy He Simply Lives From His Deepest Core, Fearlessly Living His Gifts, Feeling Through The Fleeting Moment Into The Openness Of Existence, Totally Committed To Magnifying Love Initially I thought it was your standard he man woman hater divorced man manual I was completely incorrect This book explains alot of things that should be basic teaching to.teens and twenty year olds.not 50.just a bit late and 50k short Get this book and pass it on This book deserves 100 stars if there was ever such a thing I purchased it on and read it in one day on my Kindle app I was humbled, disappointed in my own past actions, and eventually enlightened as I kept flipping through the pages of this masterpiece This book will definitely change my life from this day forward Thank you David, you are a Godsend. In short, I read this book for a book club and found it to be reductive, unfounded, and just too frank The author certainly holds a view of human nature quite different from my own I appreciated the opportunity to explore a new mental framework, but did not, in the end, agree with the author s thesis.Other men in the book club did like this book, so maybe it s just not for me Two stars