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@Read E-pub ⚝ An Alternative Aquarium: A Robust Habitat (English Edition) æ Typical Aquarium Literature Advocates Rigorous Routine Cleaning And Tedious Maintenance, Which Usually Leads To An Artificially Sterile Aquarium Habitat That S Punctuated By Stretches Of Poor Water Quality Caused By Missed Cleanings Or Unnoticed Clogged Filters For People Like Myself, Such An Aquarium Is Doomed To Failure Because It Is So Dynamically Simple That Boredom Sets In And Other Demands From Life Lead To Less Than The Required Vigilance And Maintenance Instead, You Can Build A Dynamic And Robust Habitat That Uses Natural Elements Of Streams, Ponds, And Lakes An Alternative AquariumAlternative Aquariums Are Ideal For Anyone With A Basic Understanding Of And Interest In Ecology They Use Natural Processes And Elements Such As Soil, Plants, And A Food Chain Of Invertebrates To Create A Complete, Dynamic, And Most Of All, Interesting Habitat These Aquariums Can Be Customized To A Nearly Limitless Extent, Offering You The Chance To Creatively Construct An Engaging Slice Of An Aquatic EcosystemUpdated November , This, The Second Edition, Is An Extensively Updated And Expanded Version Of The Original Edition, With Three New Sections How To Incorporate A Refugium For Invertebrates, Variations On The Setup Process, And How To Collect And Install DriftwoodThis E Book Is Equal To A Print Book Approximately Pages In Length And Includes Than Color Photographs That Illustrate The Steps And Elements I ve read quite a few books on aquarium plants, and I thought this was very good, and very easy to understand It puts information about growing aquarium plants in simple to understand words It shows that you can raise plants in an aquarium without expensive CO2 systems I like to keep things as natural as possible, and this spells out how I basicly keep my aquarims Very real and down to earth, usable information It s a great book I love to have it in a paperback, easier to us as a reference that way. There are far too many errors to excuse as an oversight Spelling, grammar and technical misstatements makes the author s non traditional contentions at best questionable. Marvellous book, helping me to challenge everything I thought I knew about aquariums, and now I am building my new tank inspired by this information This book is becoming my aquarium bible I can t wait for this author s next book.