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By far the best 10 I ve ever spent I ve suffered for 25 years with seething frustration and anger but never really understood why I thought it was due to a head injury during an ATV crash This book shocked me by allowing introspective thinking to find the true issues I m forever grateful and optimistic I can use my new thinking process to repair my relationships and professional career. I ve struggled with anger most of my life but didnt realize how serious the problem was until about a decade ago I ve read multiple books on the topic and this one is the one that helped me the most I ve read it four times and will likely read it again Life changing. Everyone on earth should read this book It is magnificent in it s potency The most important lesson I learned is that anger is a necessary emotion that is commonly villafied This book explains what anger is and how to express it in a dignified and respectful way. Les Carter always writes books that are helpful, easy to read understand and relationally strongDO read this, apply the principles, and see the negative anger subside and replace with positive expressions of anger Very helpful I use it in my therapy practice all the time, with excellent results But can be done alone. I read this twice and highlighted a lot It s very easy to read, and just makes sense This book is excellent for people who think they may have an anger problem and those who feel they need to have a basic understanding of what causes anger, and how to identify it This book is also great for those who find themselves on the receiving end of someone else s anger.The Anger Trap Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life Very easy to understand, as many psychologists can make feelings very complicated when discussing He is clear, but I tired of all the couples examples evev though I am marriedcould have had family dynamics or women anger issues. Another wonderful, insightful and helpful book from Dr Les Carter His books and YouTube videos have had a tremendous impact on me and helped my husband and I to pinpoint, discuss and work on reconciling resolving some issues that have been constantly bubbling to the surface for decades At last, we realize how to recognize that the way we deal with anger is as much our problem as what caused the anger.We ve also recognized that anger has many forms and the inward boil and passive aggressive behaviors of one need to be owned and dealt with as much as the outward explosions of the other Let s say that it s easy to sit back and judge the screamer as angry without recognizing ones own issues with anger This book lays it out in a clear, understandable and relatable way and gave us the tools to facilitate change Best of all was that we were able to see our faults and move forward in a positive way It takes work, as old habits are hard to break, but we now have hope along with our resolve and are communicating with active listening much better.Clearly a game changer. {Free Epub} À The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life ⚪ It S Easy To Identify Rage In People Who Lose Their Temper At Traffic Jams, Unruly Children, Unresponsive Coworkers, And Unrealistic Bosses But We May Not Recognize Subtle Manifestations Of Anger, Such As Being Uncomfortable With Loose Ends, Acting Impatiently, Or Being Overly Critical That Is Anger, Too And, As Is So Often The Case, Angry Folks Don T Seem To Realize That The Behavior Causing Them Problems At Home Or At Work Actually Stems From Unrecognized And Unresolved Pain And Emotional Injuries From The Past Is All This Negative Emotion Inevitable, Or Are There Choices About How To Respond, Choices That Can Improve Personal Relationships As Well As Emotional Health The Anger Trap Is A Landmark Book That Strips Away The Myths And Misconceptions About Anger And Reveals How You Can Learn To Distinguish Between Healthy And Unhealthy Anger So That You May Choose Or Help Someone Else To Choose A Better, Spiritually Enlightened Path The Anger Trap Examines The Root Causes Of Anger And Can Help You Realize Your Patterns And Break The Destructive Cycles Of Criticism, Frustration, And Irritation That Hurt You And Others Around You Drawing Insight From Timeless Spiritual Wisdom As Well As Cutting Edge Research, Dr Carter Offers Practical Techniques To Free You From Anger, Its Hidden Insecurities, Fears, And Selfishness And Thereby Improve The Quality Of Your Home And Workplace Life The Book Clearly Illustrates How The Change Process Works And The Anger Trap Is Filled With Real Life Examples Of The Ways People Have Come To Terms With Their Anger By Applying The Concepts Dr Carter Outlines