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How do you kill someone who can t be killed The Epics came to being Though endowed with superpowers, they were anything but heroes.David Charleston lost his father at the hands of the mightiest of them all, Steelheart, as a boy Watching and studying the Epics for the last ten years, he s figured out each has a weakness He just needs the help of the Reckoners to enact his revenge.The day Calamity appeared in the sky the world changed Or rather, it seemed to have caused some people to change and not for the better.As the saying goes Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely Could any of us resist using newfound superhuman abilities for personal gain What I liked Steelheart is a wonderful spin on human nature Could any of us honestly say we wouldn t be tempted to use newfound superhuman abilities for personal gain Wealth Status Vengeance We grow through struggle But how would we improve if we were suddenly endowed with god like power Would we even want to Or is power too seductive What I didn t like Nothing. Oh my god Like I just finished And I am in shock and I m love This book is as good as people say Not gonna lie I am a no sucker for superpowers and sure heroes His book was great It had a few twists the I could have seen coming By I didn t that is the best of it We discussed this on a book club and we were so close so tight to its secrets The good part of this book, another good part, is all the secrets and the mysteries behind the epics This made the book work quite good The ending was superb And so ironic haha man I am downloading the second book already The narration, because I did immersion reading, was one of the best narrators I have listened to He did embody the main character, and it was so real, so human, you could have told the narrator was having fun I sure did Putting this on track top reads of the year I m a big fan of Sanderson s other work including Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive After reading the subject matter of this book, and expecting big things, I dove in What I found was an original, and entertaining, but somehow different experience To this book s credit, I ve never heard of a story quite like this one, and it was certainly entertaining What surprised me though we re the author s choices of writing style and plot devices This book is told in an autobiographical first person perspective, from a self effacing protagonist whose choice of words often left me cringing, but who was otherwise supernatural lucky As strange as it may seem, the main character from Steelheart just didn t feel as real as Vin, or Kaladin, or other characters from Sanderson s writings who actually HAD powers of their own When I purchased this book, I was so convinced I would love it, I also bought the second Reckoners book at the same time I will read it and may return to revise my current review if the story progresses and continues to surprise me, but for now having read current examples of Sanderson s excellent authorship and having unrealistically high expectations of this series worked against me enjoying it For now, I unfortunately would not recommend this series to fans of Mistborn or Stormlight as it is so fundamentally different I would however recommend it to any fan of super heroes, vengeance stories, or affable and quirky protagonists. ^FREE DOWNLOAD ↜ Steelheart: The Reckoners, Book 1 ⇻ From The Number One New York Times Best Selling Author Of The Mistborn Trilogy, Brandon Sanderson, Comes The First Book In A New, Action Packed Thrill Ride Of A Series Steelheart Ten Years Ago, Calamity Came It Was A Burst In The Sky That Gave Ordinary Men And Women Extraordinary Powers The Awed Public Started Calling Them Epics But Epics Are No Friend Of Man With Incredible Gifts Came The Desire To Rule And To Rule Man You Must Crush His Will Nobody Fights The Epicsnobody But The Reckoners A Shadowy Group Of Ordinary Humans, They Spend Their Lives Studying Epics, Finding Their Weaknesses, And Then Assassinating Them And David Wants In He Wants Steelheart The Epic Who Is Said To Be Invincible The Epic Who Killed David S Father For Years, Like The Reckoners, David S Been Studying, And Planning And He Has Something They Need Not An Object, But An Experience He S Seen Steelheart Bleed And He Wants Revenge