`Gratuit Kindle ⇛ Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) (English Edition) eBook: Aaron Hillegass, Mikey Ward: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. ⇢ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Mmmm very good book Walks you step by step Starts teaching C then ventures into OC Explains almost every detail Just get it As mainly a Java and Web Development developer, I needed to get to grips with an iOS Objective C project and fast, this book was an excellent primer, explains Objective C extremely well Its outdated in its iOS and macOS examples but that s not its point and no big deal its actually a good exercise to figure out how to update them to fit later versions Swift is the way to go for anything new, but if a jump start is required in working in older projects this is good, this enabled me to be up and running while studying and referencing this book. While a reasonably experienced programmer, various Assembly Language instruction sets, a bit of perl, C, etc, I have very little working knowledge of Class based languages.I am looking to branch into Mac programming so was looking for a book that demonstrated the syntax and usage of Objective C without assuming the reader was a complete novice to programming.Yes, you do need a working knowledge of programming to get the best of the contents, but the book is nicely structured, new topics are introduced by building on the previous topics and examples The examples in the book are nice and short so you feel inclined to type them in rather than downloading the code from a web site.In short, a excellent book that complements their Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X book. Great book and very easy to follow I did Java several years ago and wanted to get back into programming As I work through the book I start to remember bits from Java obviously not the same, but they do have similarities The only issue is a few black lines running down the middle of a few pages between chapters 5 7, but I am sure it was a mis print and it doesn t block out any words, just a bit difficult to read Other than than, can t complain Happy Enjoying learning again. Helps understand basic coding Very knowledgeable about Object C and the iOS environment This guy is quite pragmatic and takes you down to earth examples like writing files, using the Objective C objects from NS foundation classes Very clearly a winner Really loving it thanks Great book, although I already have the PDF version still like to have a paper form. Like all the other Big Nerd Ranch guides, you won t be disappointed A lot of information, the right way As an experienced programmer in a variety of languages, I decided to investigate Objective C so that I could produce software for my new MacBook Having tried a Web based tutorial and lost the plot, I chose this book and, although I ve not yet reached the end of it, I m delighted with it Objective C is definitely not for the faint hearted but the book is carrying me along nicely The end of chapter challenges are particularly useful and I commend them to anyone trying to follow the text My routine is to read a chapter, go through the chapter again entering the examples into my MacBook and then complete the end of chapter challenges On those rare occasions when I ve failed to rise to the challenges, the forum on The Big Nerd Ranch Web site has proved enlightening and got me through I recommend the book as a starter into Objective C for anyone with some modern programming experience I m not sure whether it is as suitable for the complete programming novice. `Free Kindle ↴ Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) (English Edition) eBook: Aaron Hillegass, Mikey Ward: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. ⇻ Want To Write IOS Apps Or Desktop Mac Applications This Introduction To Programming And The Objective C Language Is Your First Step On The Journey From Someone Who Uses Apps To Someone Who Writes Them Based On Big Nerd Ranchs Popular Objective C Bootcamp, Objective C Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Covers C, Objective C, And The Common Programming Idioms That Enable Developers To Make The Most Of Apple Technologies Compatible With Xcode , IOS , And OS X Mavericks , This Guide Features Short Chapters And An Engaging Style To Keep You Motivated And Moving Forward At The Same Time, It Encourages You To Think Critically As A Programmer Here Are Some Of The Topics Covered Using Xcode, Apples Documentation, And Other Tools Programming Basics Variables, Loops, Functions, Etc Objects, Classes, Methods, And Messages Pointers, Addresses, And Memory Management With ARC Properties And Key Value Coding KVC Class Extensions Categories Classes From The Foundation Framework Blocks Delegation, Target Action, And Notification Design Patterns Key Value Observing KVO Runtime Basics