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@Download Kindle ⚣ Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself - While the Rest of Us Die æ A Fresh Window On American History The Eye Opening Truth About The Government S Secret Plans To Survive A Catastrophic Attack On US Soil, Even If The Rest Of Us Die A Road Map That Spans From The Dawn Of The Nuclear Age To Today Every Day In Washington, DC, The Blue And Gold St Helicopter Squadron, Codenamed MUSSEL, Flies Over The Potomac River As Obvious As The Presidential Motorcade, Most People Assume The Squadron Is A Travel Perk For VIPs They Re Only Half Right While The Helicopters Do Provide Transport, The Unit Exists To Evacuate High Ranking Officials In The Event Of A Terrorist Or Nuclear Attack On The Capital In The Event Of An Attack, Select Officials Would Be Whisked By Helicopters To A Ring Of Secret Bunkers Around Washington, Even As Ordinary Citizens Were Left To Fend For Themselves For Years The US Government Has Been Developing Secret Doomsday Plans To Protect Itself, And The Multibillion Dollar Continuity Of Government COG Program Takes Numerous Forms From Its Plans To Evacuate The Liberty Bell From Philadelphia To The Plans To Launch Nuclear Missiles From A Boeing Jet Flying High Over Nebraska In Raven Rock, Garrett M Graff Sheds Light On The Inner Workings Of The Acre Compound Called Raven Rock Just Miles From Camp David As Well As Dozens Of Other Bunkers The Government Built For Its Top Leaders During The Cold War, From The White House Lawn To Cheyenne Mountain In Colorado To Palm Beach, Florida, And The Secret Plans That Would Have Kicked In After A Cold War Nuclear Attack To Round Up Foreigners And Dissidents And Nationalize Industries Equal Parts Presidential, Military, And Cultural History, Raven Rock Tracks The Evolution Of The Government Plan And The Threats Of Global War From The Dawn Of The Nuclear Era Through The War On Terror Thoroughly readable and enjoyable account across decades and generations that allows the reader the comfort of diving into details while also being open to skimming by others I appreciated that absolutely non partisan viewpoint that doesn t seem to favor one administration or party over another strengths and weaknesses of each fairly reported It s also nice to learn what each successive administration absorbed and reimagined or not from the administration it succeeded. Raven Rock The Story of the U.S Government s Secret Plan to Save Itself While the Rest of Us Die, by Garrett M Graff, is a revealing history of the attempts by the US government to insure the continuity of government COG since the dawn of the Cold War, and with renewed and slightly shifted vigor after 911.The title is telling At the beginning of the Cold War, there were plans in place to save large population centers through evacuations But as nuclear weapons grew in size and strength, these efforts were largely abandoned The government, particularly the Executive Branch, was widely acknowledged to be the only entity that could possibly survive a nuclear exchange with the USSR and govern what was left of the country.Graff s book is detailed, knowledgeable, and for those of us who lived during the Cold War, frightening in the sense of how close we came to nuclear war through accidents, computer malfunctions, and faculty communications At times only luck saved us from Armageddon. I am from Frederick County, Maryland All the secret bunkers and hidden tunnels are the stuff of folklore where I m from Here is the straight dope Mount Saint Mary s was for foreign diplomats The golf balls at Detrick are for the Hot Line Western Maryland College now called something else does have a secret basement The water tower I ran by on the JFK is not a water tower at all I feel vindicated.Most of the book is what you would call popular history But the final chapter might just be one of the best accounts of the September 11th attacks I have read Dick Cheney as the right man at the right time Imagine that The book could have used one pass by the editor as in places it repeats the same information.