Gratuit Book ♶ Mastering Photoshop Masks: Professional Strength Image Editing Techniques for Photographers (English Edition) ♶

I have always been somewhat intimidated by masks This book cleared up a lot of problems I had with masks Now I quite comfortablw using them. Free Book ⚇ Mastering Photoshop Masks: Professional Strength Image Editing Techniques for Photographers (English Edition) ♷ Revealing The Powerful Photoshop Masking Techniques Of The Professional Image Editor Easy To Understand, With Step By Step Instruction And Illustration In This Clearly Explained Book, Landscape Photographer Robin Whalley Reveals A Powerful Collection Of Photoshop Techniques Tools Enabling You To Create Complex And Impressive Photography In Minutes You Dont Need To Spend Hours In Photoshop Once You Understand A Few Simple Techniques Photoshop Masks Are One Of The Most Powerful And Flexible Editing Tools You Can Use They Make Possible Complex Adjustments Adjustments That Can Transform A Photograph Take The Cover Of This Book For Example The Image Was Taken In The Middle Of The Day And Yet Its Been Transformed Into A Moody Nigh Time Scene All Of This Was Achieved Using Masks And Is Explained Step By Step For You To Follow In This Book Youll Learn To Produce Detailed And Complex Masks In Minutes Not HoursCreate Detailed Channel Masks, Allowing You To Replace A Boring Sky Or Change A ColourQuickly Generate Luminosity Masks To Target Adjustments On The Highlights, Shadows Or Midtones Of An ImageMake Complex Selections Using The Latest Photoshop CC Tools As Well As Traditional Techniques It Doesnt Matter How Old Your Version Of Photoshop Is, There Will Be Techniques You Can UseQuickly Clean Up Masks With A Simple Brushing Technique This Enables You To Beautifully Blend Adjustments, Essential In Creating Realistic PhotographyThe Complex Subject Of Photoshop Masking Has Been Distilled Into This Easy To Use Book Featuring Many Examples, You Can Follow Along Using The Actual Image Files Supplied On The Authors Website Cut Through The Hype And Confusion Circulating On The Internet And Learn Photoshop Masking Even If You Have Tried To Before And Struggled, This Book Can Help You Everything you need to know about the layers and the masks in Photoshop From zero to pro Concise, simple, enlightening.This is not a book on artistic or creative technique The author uses couple of images to create pseudo art amateurish , but it s actually another pro of the book as it s a book about the Photoshop general technique and the adjustments author uses on these images are very illustrative in this regard as opposed to some PS books where image is perfect even before the effect, but awaits, even if forever, for that last slider button press to demonstrate what the button does This is how documentation should be written Excellently done, Robin Walley great book, easy read What I liked most was that the process was explained simply Usually books have such intricate examples that it s hard to see how to apply the process to anything else While this book did have examples to follow along to, it also explained it so simply that I finally got it Now I just have to practice as applying what I learned is of an art than a technical process. This is finally a book I could work through to help understand a critical operation in Photoshop Down to earth, not too technical like most of the other manuals Anyone desiring to add masking to their arsenal in Photoshop should definitely check out this book.