[Lire] ♘ Versatile Mage: Volume I - The Old World is a New World (English Edition) ⚉ Franzbielmeier.de

This is a decent Wuxia style book I really didn t enjoy it as much as others as the main character is just too immature for my liking. [Read] ♭ Versatile Mage: Volume I - The Old World is a New World (English Edition) ♷ He Woke Up In A Familiar World, Which Had Vastly Changed His Usual School Had Become A Place That Taught Magic, Encouraging Everyone To Become A Mighty Magician, And Outside The City, Many Wandering Magical Beasts And Monsters Attacked And Preyed On Humans The World Of Advanced Science That Mo Fan Knew So Well Suddenly Turned Into One That Praised Magic Despite This, His Social Status Remained The Same One Of The Dregs Of The Society With A Struggling Father And A Disabled Step Sister Who Couldnt WalkOne Thing Had Changed, However This Was A World Of Magic, And His Ambition Now Burned Bright With The Knowledge That He Could Be Something Far Beyond What His Former World Would Ever Have Allowed Him From The Lowly Dregs Of The Street, One Day He Would Fly Under His Own Power From The Editor Versatile Mage Is A Direct Transmigration World Hopping Novel Of The Magical Student Kind The Twist Is That The Main Character Comes From A World Of Science, And Suddenly His World Changes To One Based On Magic Instead Of Science, Without Changing What He Has Already Learned So He Goes To School And Instead Of Literature, History, Math, And Biology, They Are Teaching Proper Magical Incantations, Astronomy, Magical Theory, And Talking About Magical Beasts As If They Are RealHowever, He Quickly Realizes That This Kind Of World Is Built On Individual Power, Not Just Wealth And Influence, And It Doesn T Matter That He S A Discredited Kid From The Lowest Levels Of Society With A Lousy Record In School He Realizes His Life Can Be Totally Turned Around If Only He Can Become A Magician Also, He Could Learn To Fly He Throws Off His Slacker Past And Dives Whole Hog Into The Reality Of Becoming A True Magician, The Likes Of Which The Posing Natives Of This Universe Have Never Seen The characters are great and it s easy to relate to the different types of people The magic dynamics are inspired and well defined The story is unique in a way that is easily addicting. However it needs a English editor to run through it a few times As an native English speaking person I found the grammar and sentence structure atrocious I wish I hadn t spent 4 dollars on something with worse grammar than a junior high book report. Easy story to follow, with an introduction to a new story, it s a little slow at first Picks up toward the end withcombat Cause well he wasn t trained yet I feel the next book will befast paced in combat and showcharacter growth as well asobstacles to overcome To the author specifically I loved how the character stands up to bullies, but it gets weird reading the word daddy in such a way I get it It s your style of writing, but weird Not weird enough to not want to buy the next book though i love gravity tales for bringing out another story this one was a OK one for me the story felt rushed and rough in some areas but was ok over all the characters werent anything that stuck out i liked the magic powers but find that some powers were looked down on so much and made people so whiny which was annoying i did find it interesting enough to finish and i will buy the second one to see if it gets better.