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|Free Pdf ♬ Earth Unknown (Forgotten Earth Book 1) ♵ A Terrible Discovery A Secret That Could Destroy Human Civilization A Desperate Escape To The Most Dangerous Planet In The Universe Earth Two Hundred Years Ago, A Fleet Of Colony Ships Left Earth And Started A Settlement On Proxima CentauriCenturion Space Force Pilot Nathan Stacker Didn T Expect To Return Home To Find His Wife Dead He Didn T Expect The Murderer To Look Just Like Him, And He Definitely Didn T Expect To Be The One To Take The BlameBut His Wife Had Control Of A Powerful Secret A Secret That Stretches Across The Light Years Between Two Worlds And Could Lead To The End Of BothNow That Secret Is In Nathan S Hands, And He S About To Make The Most Desperate Evasive Maneuver Of His Life Stealing A Starship And Setting A Course For EarthHe Thinks He Ll Be Safe ThereHe S Wrong Very WrongEarth Is Nothing Like What He Expected Not Even Close What He Doesn T Know Is Not Only Likely To Kill Him, It S Eager To Kill Him, And Even If It Doesn T The Sheriff Will