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It was very different then her other books but it was still great I loved the way the story flowed Thanks for another great one Jordan @Free E-pub õ Flower In The Palace (English Edition) ¿ When Crown Prince Jai Met The Beautiful Mia, He Knew That She Would One Day Rule By His Side But Political Intrigue And Heavy Opposition From His Own Step Grandmother Tore Them Apart Thinking That His Love Has Died, The Young Prince Closes His Heart Off From Ever Feeling Again Until One Day He Comes Upon A Stranger A Stranger With Her Face, A Beautiful Young Woman Who Has No Memory Of Him Until One Shared Night Reveals All I loved this book so much The twists of fate and all the fun stuff and trials that go with it. This is not Jordan s normal writing style but nonetheless and enjoyable and impactful read From the first moment Jai and Mia met, there was something about each other that left a lasting and profound impact on their psychic that they are not able to dismiss at all But they are destined to be together and the love that they have for each other is the only thing that will give them solace throughout the difficult times ahead Unbeknownst to them, are enemies who will stop at nothing to break them a part for their gain But then there are others who are standing guard over the young couple, but the machinations of their enemies will bring the young couple to their knees.Are they strong enough to overcome their enemies and to right their wrongs I am not usually one for historic romances but I love Jordan Silver so I gave this one a try and I loved it.This book not only has a great romance between Jai and Mia but has all the scandalous happenings murder, betrayal, and scandals.