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3.8 5 stars A really great and suspenseful novel I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed reading it Writing is really dense and tedious but that s pretty common of 17th century literature Wacousta is considered the first novel written by a Canadian born writer so I think every Canadian should definitely give it a try Slow beginning but it gets good later on And no I did not read this for fun It s for school hehe [[ READ PDF ]] ☔ Wacousta, Or, the Prophecy: a Tale of the Canadas ↠ Set In The S At The Time Of Pontiac S Indian Alliance Against The British, Wacousta Combines Elements Of Revenge Tragedy And Gothic Romance In Reconstructing A Violent Episode In Canadian Frontier History In Major John Richardson S Vivid Depiction, Pontiac S Campaign Against Fort Detroit Is Masterminded By The Mysterious Wacousta, A Byronic Anti Hero Whose Thirst For Vengeance Against The Fortress Commander Borders On Madness Turning Upon Binary Oppositions Garrison Against Wilderness, Restraint Against Passion, Mercy Against Justice This Suspenseful Novel Creates A World Of Deception And Terror In Which Motive Is Ambiguous And The Boundary Between Order And Anarchy Unclear It s hard to rate this book because it is what it is Obviously it doesn t hold up Anyway, maybe don t read this unless you, like me, have to read this for comps. Wacousta, a 19th century fiction about Canada, contains all the descriptions of the harsh wilderness and racist descriptions of the savages as one would exprect from a Canadian book of its time What suprised me most about this novel was the story telling techniques which I recognized from some of my favorite novels such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones Richardson gives vivid descriptions of the Canadian world, painting a very detailed picture in the mind of the reader I thought this was brilliant considering many of his reader s would have been from the old world and had yet to see the new frontiers Like George Martin, Richardson gives his tale a variety of view points As a chapter would end with many questions of what had gone on and intrigue, the next would give a new view point to give answers to some of the previous events The only downfall of this technique was that Richardson had his Wacousta character spend an unnessarily long time tying it all together at the end Overall, it was a delightful surprise for a Canadian book of its time. I re read Wacousta for old times sake and also because I needed to mention it in an article I was writing It is a silly book I thought it was hilarious the first time I read it, and I still think it s hilarious It is a homage to Walter Scott and James Feni Cooper Beware of heavy anti aboriginal and Canadien racism the racism is extreme The funny part about the racism is that the actual villain of the story is neither of these If you want a taste of Canadian style Scott, give it a shot. Pontiac is pretty badass, even though he s not the star of this novel Wacousta is also very badass All in all, this book was an amazing read even though it s racist, sexist, classist, the works Don t read it if you re looking for something light and fun it s heavy, hard to understand, gory, sad, did I mention racist The creation of this novel is racist in itself so there you go You ve been warned But if you like some historical fiction from an English colonialist perspective, of the Canadas, great book to read. Phew A challenge to get through with such heavy gothic melodrama and heavy duty, romantic characterizations, but it was worth it Richardson s Wacousta has been rewritten and sanitized in other versions but reading this, his full novel, gives a better appreciation of Richardson s value as a writer of his time The Afterword by the literary genius James Reaney is helpful in putting the novel and its writer in perspective. Only a true literary madman could write this book, and I am convinced Richardson is exactly that At one point I had to put the novel down because it was too scary to read at night Yes, it s long Yes, sometimes the writing gets a bit dry But the characters kick ass and the adventure is epic It s pretty sad that no one knows about this book. Though at times difficult to read, Richardson really wanted to pioneer Canadian literature as sensational as he could Too bad centuries later, you have groaning university students unable to keep up with his Wordsworthian descriptions of the Canadian wilderness I have to admit though, this relic had me during its climatic and almost laughable moments. Beautifully written, but also extremely tragic Not perhaps a story that I could say I actually liked, or enjoyed reading, because of the tragic outcome of the plot, but that it not to say I hated it either.