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READ EBOOK ☧ Conservatism ♘ A Richly Diverse, Intelligently Designed, And Helpfully Annotated Introduction To The World Of Conservative Theory No Comparable Collection That I Know Of Is As Broad And Unparochial As This OneThomas Pangle, University Of TorontoAt A Time When The Label Conservative Is Indiscriminately Applied To Fundamentalists, Populists, Libertarians, Fascists, And The Advocates Of One Or Another Orthodoxy, This Volume Offers A Nuanced And Historically Informed Presentation Of What Is Distinctive About Conservative Social And Political Thought It Is An Anthology With An Argument, Locating The Origins Of Modern Conservatism Within The Enlightenment And Distinguishing Between Conservatism And OrthodoxyBringing Together Important Specimens Of European And American Conservative Social And Political Analysis From The Mid Eighteenth Century Through Our Own Day, Conservatism Demonstrates That While The Particular Institutions That Conservatives Have Sought To Conserve Have Varied, There Are Characteristic Features Of Conservative Argument That Recur Over Time And Across National Borders Great non biased overview of the history of conservatism Think 18th Century liberalism and not the modern day conservative party.