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i thought that this book had a meandering plot line as well there was an illness that was sapping energy life from the older magickers, but they really never delved into it until near the end even then, it was left fairly unresolved i did like Jason s friendship with the dragon, and the final opening of the fire gate using the dragon i really enjoyed the character of the dragon, and was glad that he becamepresent in this book i also thought it was dumb that despite finding the perfect world, no one seemed to realize that there could be other people there especially since someone was trading with them i also thought that the ending of this was a little too abrupt i did like the characters, and hopefully all unresolved questions will be resolved in the last book. This was an action pack as Jason searches for the 3rd gate before the Dark Hand attacks again The elders are still fighting over if help should be given with Haven and teaching of the Jason s group The darkness is coming and what of the dragons Actually, I am enjoying this series, although it isn t as good as Tolkien, or Rowling or Lewis, it is pretty good. |EPUB ⚇ Dragon Guard, The (The Magickers #3) (Magickers) ⚇ As The Magickers Seek The Third And Most Important Gate Into The Magic Filled Land Of Haven, The Elder Members Are Being Stricken By A Strange Ailment That Drains Their Power And Ages Them And The Dark Hand Is Than Willing To Take Advantage Of The Magickers Weakness To Strike