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Okay I know this site is called Good Reads This book was a really tough read I happened to find it on the back of the toilet in a home I just moved into, and being in my fall semester of school with barely anytime to breathe, the bathroom is as good a place as any to sneak some good books in This book blew me away I read a review on here that considered the book Not very well written , to that I say to each his or her own The book was about never forgetting and I believe it did a fine job of instilling that in me When I say it was a tough read I mean just that It wasn t a book I wanted to sit down with for hours It s a lot to swallow It was, however, a book that I was always wondering what was going to happen next, even though I knew a lot of it would be painful In honor of Mr Eisner and all of those whom survived or perished in that horrific atrocity, I will never forget I will never forget. This is a difficult book to rate for me On the one hand, it s a history worth reading and a very important subject one of particular interest to me , being about Eisner s experiences in the Warsaw ghetto and his participation in the uprising and survival On the other hand, unfortunately, it is in fact very poorly written, and this often made it impossible to connect with the story People were introduced abruptly and with hardly any background or explanation, description and establishing details were choppy at best, and except when expressing anger he relied almost entirely clich d and over dramatic turns of phrase, often when it was totally inappropriate and just made reading uncomfortable purposelessly so He seemed to think he was writing an adventure story, or at least he seemed to want to, and the effect was alienating why on earth would you write an adventure story about such awful experiences What Eisner really needed was a ghost writer or co writer, someone who could prompt him to find theinteresting and relevant details, coach and critique on the best story telling methods and ways of communicating, refine the technique and make it accessible and relate able Because it really is a shame to have to say I didn t like this book, but in the end, I just didn t. Es ist ungeheuerlich Wir durchleben mit Eisner s mtliche m glichen Stationen, vom Ghetto bis zum Vernichtungslager Welche Chancen hatte einer wie er in Ostpolen Und trotzdem gelingt es ihm immer wieder, zu entweichen.Eine Fluchtgeschichte nach der anderen, damit hatte mich Eisner am Haken Andererseits wirkt es fast ein bisschen abenteuerbuchartig, fast unangemessen f r das Thema Und das melodramatische Ende Bei solch einer extremen Verkn pfung der Zuf lle ist man beinahe versucht zu fragen, ob da nicht das ein oder andere der Story halber hingebogen wurde. I have nothing to say that could probably describe the emotions I ve felt while reading this It sbrutal than a lot of fiction novels that I ve read, and it happened in real life I know there are a great many things that this novel eschewed, but what was given here completely floored me and I can t even begin to comprehend events of inhumane treatment past that I didn t cry, but I felt this heaviness in my head and a gaping hole inside my chest that made me wish I had enough in me to just break down and wail it all away It s quite personal, the words captured my mind, and it all seemed like a life that would never be a part of reality I ve always had a huge interest in the 2nd World War My country, the Philppines, was involved in it and I ve read several atrocities from our virtually forgotten town history book There was a story there of a pregnant woman whose child was bayoneted straight out of her stomach as she tried to escape with her husband, and the thought haunts me when I see the river where the event took place Most stories I ve read about are insignificant compared to the draconian hell Mr Jack Eisner has gone through, and all I got from this book shall never leave me I m only 13, the same age Jack was when this all started He survived and so did his story one that I will always remember. This was an absolutely excellent book Despite what I m seeing from people that it was poorly written, I would argue that it s actually the exact opposite I first read it in high school and this was so well written from the perspective of the character s age as he was when he lived it, it deeply embedded itself within my consciousness That level of appeal for people of that age is extraordinary and, regarding this topic especially, of profound importance It read easily, it read well and it was heartbreakingly poignant I highly recommend this to anyone of any age but beg that it be given proper perspective Absolutely wonderful. I loved and hated this book The main focus of this book was not the author s survival through the concentration camps, buton his life struggling through conditions of the Warsaw Ghetto The events of daily life and survival were completely fascinating, but the detailed descriptions of Nazi brutality to people, and specifically to children and babies was extremely difficult to read This author largely focused on the impact the Holocaust took on the lives of children He was 13 when his ordeal started I would not recommend this book to most people The details about pain and suffering throughout the Nazis brutal and dehumanizing treatment of people is extremely difficult to read The story, however, is captivating If you choose to read this, good luck, it s horrifying. .EPUB ♵ The Survivor Of The Holocaust ☢ Survivor Groupe Wikipdia Modifier Survivor Est Un Groupe De Hard Rock Amricain, Originaire De Chicago, Dans L Illinois Form En , Il Est Particulirement Clbre Dans Les Annesdurant Lesquelles Sont Sortis Deux Tubes Eye Of The Tiger, Et Burning Heart Survivor Definition Of Survivor By The Free Dictionary Survivor One Who Outlives Another He Left His Farm To His Survivors Individual , Mortal , Person , Somebody , Someone , Soul A Human Being There Was Too Much For One Person To DoSurvivor Eye Of The Tiger Official Music Video Survivor S Official Music Video For Eye Of The Tiger Click To Listen To Survivor On Spotify As Featured On Ultimate Survivor Survivor Eye Of The Tiger YouTube Eye Of The Tiger Traduccin Literal El Ojo Del Tigre O La Mirada Del Tigre Es Una Cancin Hard Rock Del Grupo De Rock Estadounidense Survivor, Y Pert The Survivorfilm Wikipedia The Survivor Is AAustralian Horror Thriller Film Directed By David Hemmings And Starring Robert Powell And Jenny Agutter, Based On A Novel Of The Same Name By James Herbert It Saw The Final Film Appearance Of Actor Joseph Cotten Tlcharger Rules Of Survival PC Windows Et Mac Gratuit Tlcharger Sur PC Tlcharger Sur MAC Maintenant, Tout Les Fans De Battle Royale Ont Une Chance De Jouer Un Nouveau Jeu Multijoueurs Appel Rules Of Survival Qui Vient Tout Juste D Tre Lanc Le Jeu A T Cre Par NetEase Games Et Est Inspir Du Jeu PlayerUnknow S Battlegrounds, Mais Rules Of Survival Survival Of The Fittest Official ARK Survival EvolvedRules Of Survival FirstPlayer Battle Royale Welcome To The Arena Of RULES OF SURVIVAL Absolute Fair Play In A Massive HD Map Solo Or Team Mode In Asurvivor S Battle Variety Of Firearms And Accessories Drive Vehicles Across Different Terrains It Is Not A Game You Are Writing RULES OF SURVIVAL Survival Of The Fittest Wikipedia Survival Of The Fittest Is A Phrase That Originated From Darwinian Evolutionary Theory As A Way Of Describing The Mechanism Of Natural Selection Survivor Wikipedia This Disambiguation Page Lists Articles Associated With The Title Survivor If An Internal Link Led You Here, You May Wish To Change The Link To Point Directly To The Intended Article i thought this book was good and informative and really showed me what the holocaust was like but it got kind of hard to believebut it was still a good, true, sad, story it was also kind of hard to follow sometimes because theres a lot of German foreign words, and a lot of characters with crazy names. I read this 14 years ago, and his story stays alive in my mind So terrible and sad, but also it gives hope in the fact that there were those like Mr Eisner who through it all never gave up Who never stopped fighting Wonderfully told. A book that forced myself to confront the specter of life without goodness and civilization A memoir that resonates within me and makes meclear eyed andmature.