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Whatever sword and sorcery book you happen to be reading at the moment throw it across the room, sneer at the author s petty attempts at greatness, and go pick up one of Fritz Leiber s Lankhmar books It doesn t necessarily have to be the edition I m reviewing here But if you have one ounce of love for sword and sorcery in your veins, you must read Leiber s work And before you shout out I don t need your stupid wizards and bare chested barbarians read on I have just finished the White Wolf edition of Ill Met in Lankhmar, which collects Leiber s original Lankhmar volumes 1 and 2, Swords and Deviltry and Swords Against Death.Rather than giving a blow by blow or even focusing on the story arc of these connected short stories and novellas, I d like to point out the two most compelling reasons for snatching up a copy of this book character and language Fafhrd and Gray Mouser are some of the most compelling characters in all of sword and sorcery literature They have complex motivations and reactions to varied circumstances They are, at turns, brilliant and stupid, competent and bungling, all tempered by a good bit of luck Among their many talents, they are rogue thieves, amateur wizard Gray Mouser and bard Fafhrd , and, most importantly, accomplished swordsmen Circumstances dictate their initial meeting, but mutual respect, a sort of chivalry, a shared sense of dark humor, mutual loss, and a desire for revenge cause them to become inseparable Even after their past literally stops haunting them, they remain compatriots and fellow adventurers It s difficult to relate the subtleties of their interaction, their wit, and their banter You simply must read it for yourself The prose is, at turns, playful and a touch archaic, though never as whimsical as Wodehouse nor as purple as DeCamp s translations of Conan The tone strikes just the right balance between funny and serious, not straying too far toward silliness or darkness, though both elements can be found threaded throughout these tales On a side note, Leiber sticks with earlier notions of sorcery, established by Howard and others, that magic is not something you really want to dabble in unless you absolutely have to Messing about with the natural order of things carries heavy consequences Though magic can help your cause, there is a price to be paid for forcefully upsetting the balance of the universe.The setting of the city of Lankhmar seems overdone only because so manyrecent works of sword and sorcery are derivative It s hard to seem original when everyone who s followed has copied your styles, customs, and tropes So put your DD books away for a little while, read this, then come back and see what all Arneson and Gygax incorporated from Lankhmar The early ADD works are saturated with the stuff I could go on about Leiber s influence on roleplaying, but one need know nothing about roleplaying games to enjoy the wonderful characters that are Fafhrd and Gray Mouser One need not even like the sword and sorcery genre to appreciate Leiber s beautiful, but not overwrought prose One need not be a grammar snob to enjoy the yarns Leiber has spun in these stories In essence, Ill Met in Lankhmar is a book s book, approachable on many levels by readers of widely varying interests and backgrounds. (((Kindle))) ↠ Ill Met in Lankhmar ↡ Fritz Leiber S Lankhmar Series Established The Sword Swinging, Maiden Rescuing, Chivalrous, High Adventure That Has Been The Mainstay Of The Fantasy Genre Ever Since White Wolf Presents The Entire Seven Novelette Lankhmar Series In Four VolumesThe Two Greatest Heroes Ever Are Back, Proving Why Fritz Leiber Is A Literary Legend Join Fafhrd And The Grey Mouser As They Take You On Unforgettable Adventures Includes Swords And Deviltry And Swords Against Death Okay I will admit this is another case of not keeping up my notes here with my reading sorry my bad.Well this series from the publisher Millennium I realise I have them also on the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series for many years as I remember picking them up as a set I thought it was about time I got round to reading them and a little bit of heroic fantasy never hurts unless you drop the hardback on your foot, there are some weight tombs out there but thats another story.Anyway These books there are 4 in the series I have really arecollected novellas and shorts stories that Fritz Leiber wrote collected together in a rough chronology Well I will not go in to the various stories in this volume there are two novellas Swords against Deviltry and and Swords against Death , though in later volumes there are short stories andof them.I will at this point and digress since I will have 3 further instalments to preamble along in One of my favourite side tracks to reading the book is learning about it These stories were started back in the 30s and were to a greater or lesser reason written as Mr Leibers answer to the fantasy stories of his time He wanted basically arealistic character one you could at least try and identify with and so was born Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.Now I have said this many times about other books but reading some of the older books you start to see the cliches and tried and tested techniques that almost become the bench mark for a genre Ironically Fritz Leiber s desire to createrealistic character meant that the faired better with them so much so there have been many copies, homages and pastiches created as one article commented you can see where a fair part of Ank Morepork came from.Anywayon this later but for this book you have here the first stories that go towards the Swords series which are collected in to these 4 volumes Now on to the next one. sword sorcery , ,, , , 100%,,DD session . This definetely was quite a slogespecially as this is considered one of the founding classics of the genre, so I somehow expected a bit , but it s justdull It s not really a novel but rather a collection of short stories about the adventures of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser which usually work out the way that one of them, usually Fafhrd, gets himself into bad trouble, and the other one has to go bail him out What occasionally saves the stories is the ironic undertone of the narration, but apart from that, the style is pretty bad in terms of show, don t tell I don t know if it s fair to accuse one of the people who established the stereotypes of being stereotypicalmaybe this just hasn t aged well Also, Mingols, seriously And the description of some people somewhat unwholesomly reminded me of the antisemitic stereotypes of the early 20th centuryOn the other hand, one finds out where a good bit of Ankh Morpork seems to have come fromIn general, rather disappointing. I love the fantasy genre Have since first reading The Hobbit in junior high I ve read countless novels in the genre, including Robert E Howard s original Conan sword and sorcery classics, and have played Dungeons Dragons, whose creators where heavily inspired by the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser And yet somehow I d never read any of Fritz Leiber s Lankhmar books I ve finally corrected that, and am very, very glad I did I can completely understand why the Lankhmar stories are the favorites of so many of my fellow fans, and I now count them among mine as well.My starting point for my adventures in Lankhmar has been Ill Met in Lankhmar, White Wolf s 1995 collection of Leiber s two 1970 volumes, Swords and Deviltry and Swords against Death Those two volumes consist of short stories and novellas written between 1939 and 1970 and which were originally published in the pulp magazines of the day The title novella, Ill Met in Lankhmar, telling of the first meeting of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for novella.Fafhrd is a Northern barbarian, huge, tough, and still an outsider in civilization The Gray Mouser is a former wizard s apprentice turned thief They re very different, but are friends who ve been through a lot together, stick together, and make a great team Their adventures are usually not so heroic They tend to run towards thieving trying to survive the ill effects of previous adventures Their typical solution to their problems, while certainly often including violence, also includes a lotrunning away and less driving their enemies before them than Conan.And yet, they re likable and fun to read, precisely because they aren t so noble and because they can t slaughter all their enemies with their mighty Cimmerian muscles I m a big fan of Howard s Conan stories, and definitely see similarities between those and Lieber s Lankhmar tales, but thehuman protagonists make a big difference In addition, the fact that there s a pair of protagonists allows for interesting long term relationship growth between Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser that a solo hero with new supporting characters in each story misses out on.This collection includes 14 stories, varying from ten to sixty pages each My favorite stories are The Snow Women, which is Fafhrd s pre Mouser origin story and is full of eerie barbarian atmosphere, the aforementioned Ill Met in Lankhmar chronicling Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser s first meeting, and Thieves House, wherein our heroes tangle again the the Thieves Guild, oh and undead, too.Much like the first time I read Howard s Conan stories, in reading Leiber s Lankhmar tales I can absolutely see why they have endured and are still so popular, and how they ve influenced the fantasy genre so heavily They really are a lot of fun and are a must for my fellow fantasy fans, and despite my notes above about how they differ, I think anyone who s enjoyed Conan like I have will also enjoy Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, because they do have a lotin common than they have different and Leiber s Newhon and Howard s Hyboria could easily be different ages of the same pseudo mythic world.If, like me, you re a fantasy fan who has somehow missed out on these excellent stories, I urge you to pick up a copy of Ill Met in Lankhmar with all due speed You ll have a blast and learn a lot about the history of the genre at the same time Oh, and probably get some ideas for your next Dungeons Dragons campaign while you re at it. I must confess that I had some preconceived notions about Fritz Leiber s work Because he s credited with coining the phrase Sword Sorcery, and because I never hear women talking about his stories, I imagined that they appealed mainly to men who like to read stuff that has covers like these But, four factors made me decide to give Fritz Leiber a try I feel the need to be educated in the field of fantasy, which means that I should read novels that are out of my normal repertoire.Rob and Greg are fans see their reviews and I tend to enjoy what they enjoy even though they have Y chromosomes and probably like those covers.The fantasy shelves are glutted with urban and teen fantasy and I m feeling a bit nostalgic.And this one s the clincher Read More Grand.Re reading this after many years I was struck by how generally excellent it was It s pulpy, but character driven The settings are vividly imagined, the action is gloriously paced You can tell that Leiber was a capable swordsman himself, as well as an actor by the many small and knowledgeable touches he includes in his craft This edition is actually an omnibus of the First two Fafhrd and Gray Mouser books Swords against Deviltry and Swords against Death It also features wonderful art by Mike Hellboy Mignola on the cover and between stories, and some of the most wretched typography ever on the back cover. Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser are great heroes, and Issek of the jug ranks right up there with Made of Meat as one of the best laugh out loud stories I ve ever read. Review of the novella Ill Met in Lankhmar only won the Hugo and Nebula awards for Best Novella presented in 1971 for work of 1970 so the 1971 Hugo but the 1970 Nebula Leiber had been writing both prose and poetry about the heroes Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser since 1939 In 1970 he published two stories set very early in internal chronology an origin story for Fafhrd, The Snow Women the origin story for the Gray Mouser had appeared in 1962 , and this tale of how the two first became a partnership in the city of Lankhmar In these post Pratchett days, we can forget that Ankh Morpork is very firmly built on Lankhmar s foundations, but it s pretty easy to see the elements that Discworld drew from Leiber Lankhmar issexy than Ankh Morpork, and the story revolves around Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser attempting to impress their girlfriends by taking on the Thieves Guild The Guild, however, has sorcerous support, and in a horrific passage the two women are killed by magic or fridged , as we would say now and the two heroes destroy the Guild in revenge In an attempt to move with the times and against his own past record Leiber does give the two women a bit of intelligence and character, but it does not do them much good.However, it s well written and entertaining, and fans who had been following the Lankhmar stories will have lapped this up just as Doctor Who fans enjoy Missing Adventures The title of course refers both to Oberon s grumpy greeting to Titania in A Midsummer Night s Dream, Act 2 scene 1, and to Patrick Leigh Fermor s wartime exploits in Crete Neither has much bearing on Leiber s story.