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Rating between 3 and 3.5I don t quite now how I feel about the CoolLam series of books I ve read a few of them and still really have no feeling for the characters of the main protagonists To me they appear simply as generic cyphers at the moment, now admittedly I have not read the first 3 4 books in this series and perhaps everything you need to know is set out in those and never repeated I also agree that you generally do not read this genre for deep characterization and personal development or drama, but still when reading Westlake or Stark and their sic series characters of Dortmunder or Parker I feel I know them better and their thought processes than CoolLam.In this particular book, the locked room mystery i guessed the answer to within a few minutes of the scene being described, whilst the second story line of stolen art works which took up the majority of the novels length i found rather meh to be honest.So overall an okay read, despite what i disliked and I will continue to pick up the earlier novels if i see them, but i am not going out of my way to finish the series. Not the best of the Donald Lam Bertha Cool stories, but anyway a fun quick read with a blowgun, poisoned darts, and an actual nude model Nudity is interesting, she said, but nakedness is not artistic All right. [Read Epub] ☨ The Count of Nine ☩ Best Book, The Count Of Nine Author A.A Fair This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Count Of Nine , Essay By A.A Fair Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I could have gone another half a star on this one I really like Donald Lam s cleverness intuitiveness, even if it does cause him to routinely get pummeled He always seems to land on his feet, though As the series progresses, we are seeing less and less of Bertha, who was becoming an unchanging, caricature like character anyway, so no great loss I need to take a break from the series as I have a library book that I need to read return on a timely basis. It seems like good publicity for the firm when Bertha Cool is hired to stop gatecrashers at a wealthy socialite s party, but once someone absconds with a blowgun and a jade Buddha right out from under her nose, she quickly turns the case over to her partner Donald Lam to retrieve the loot Soon Lam is elbows deep in insurance fraud schemes and beautiful nude models, all of which eventually lead to finding a dead body inside a twice locked room Gardner is clearly channeling his inner Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in this one, from the exotic Borneo artifacts to the locked room plot device At one point, Lam even mockingly modifies one of Sherlock s famous lines, saying Before you eliminate the impossibilities, you should consider the possibilities I think the original line was When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth As usual, the cutting banter between Cool and Lam is the most fun part, as is Donald s flirtatious secretary Elsie Brand This volume also adds comic relief in the form of two exasperated detectives who are always on the receiving end of Lam s shenanigans Also as usual for the series, the murder mystery itself is convoluted and of only passing interest The resolution of this one was particularly unsatisfying as several tantalizing clues were completely ignored New facts and even a new murder weapon were suddenly revealed in the final three pages to wrap things up quickly This is not one of my favorite reprints from Hard Case Crime The Cool and Lam series is not dark or sexy enough for this line The Count of 9 was its 18th volume It was tame even compared to its contemporaries, since the books were still rooted in a 1940 s sensibility, but it still manages to raise a bit of nostalgia for the pulps of that period I found it was enjoyable way to spend a few evenings, along with a highball of Kentucky bourbon and jazz vocalist Diana Krall streaming on Pandora. It is so great to see THE COUNT OF 9 back in print, thanks to the indispensable Hard Case Crime imprint, after a half century in limbo This hallmark installment in the Cool Lam series by Erle Stanley Gardner, under the pseudonym A A Fair, stands up extremely well, in spite of or maybe because of its age Gardner in his prime was the best selling American author of all time, and the quantity of his output was matched by the quality of his work Each of his Cool Lam novels contained the holy trinity of the crime fiction of the era titillation, violence and a twisty, puzzling mystery and THE COUNT OF 9 is no exception.Bertha Cool and Donald Lam are partners in a small but successful detective agency Cool manages the business side of things with a hard nose and tight fist, while Lam primarily handles the legwork and detection aspects Gardner took the stereotypes of the genre at that time and turned them upside down Neither Cool nor Lam was of the mold of females or males who populated the paperback racks in the 1950s and 60s Cool was hardly genteel or soft, while Lam s shortness of stature led to his being on the receiving end of a smackdown at least once or twice per book However, this did not adversely affect Lam s appeal with the ladies, as is demonstrated here This reissue of THE COUNT OF 9 serves as a reminder of both what we had and what we lost in the golden era of paperbacks, right down to the new and eye riveting cover by the incomparable Robert McGinnis The first half of the novel is relatively sedate but incredibly interesting, as the agency fails in its assignment to keep a couple of items belonging to a client from getting up and walking out the door during a party The client is Dean Crockett, a wealthy travel writer who has collected rare objects from all over the world Missing in action are a poisonous blowgun and a jade statue Entrance and exit to the party were possible through one closely guarded doorway, and the blowgun, some six feet in length, would have been almost impossible to conceal Lam figures out how the deed was done, though it takes him a bit of time to discern who took the items and why.Meanwhile, Crockett never gets to hear the good news because he turns up murdered in his locked office, a victim of one of his own poisoned blow darts It s quite a mystery, and Lam has to deal with distractions such as whichever woman happens to be in the room at any given moment , the police who resent his presence during an ongoing investigation , and a couple of burly enforcers who attempt to physically threaten him However, his biggest impediment at times is the difficult but nonetheless entertaining Cool, who often is concerned with squeezing a nickel until the buffalo squeals, as opposed to getting out of the way and letting Lam work It is Cool s intimidating manner and demeanor, though, that keep the doors open and the lights on, whereas Lam would be lackadaisical at best with respect to business matters They are a mismatched team, but a team they are, and we are the better for it.This reissue of THE COUNT OF 9 serves as a reminder of both what we had and what we lost in the golden era of paperbacks, right down to the new and eye riveting cover by the incomparable Robert McGinnis It is required reading for any fan of hard boiled detective fiction who is interested in where the wellspring of his or her favorite novels came from, at least in part.Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub Originally published online at BORG.com.It s the first time in print since 1968 Erle Stanley Gardner s The Count of 9, sixty years after its first printing, the 18th novel featuring the crime detective agency Cool Lam is back thanks to the Hard Case Crime imprint Gardner, the creator of Perry Mason, penned a classic crime mystery of stolen rare artifacts and murder Featuring protagonist Donald Lam, the low key sleuth who ends up a punching bag by the bad guys as often as not, is joined by the trademark brief encounters of the brash, hard boiled Bertha Cool, simply the best female detective in all of noir crime novels.Cool tries to promote the agency, trying to get its name out there to establish a reputation for serving a higher brand of clientele She personally takes on the security for a wealthy world traveler, when her idea goes bust So why not bring in Lam and hand off the clean up to him This time Lam is left to dodge two sultry art world dilettantes, both accused of the thefts, but only one will be his client When one of their husband s is murdered, Lam must double back and solve both cases But first he must also dodge some hired thugs and worse, the local cops.Will Donald Lam ever get a break Favorite noir secretary Elsie Brand is also back, but this time the office picks up a new file clerk, who can t stop attracting the roaming eyes of the men who stop by the agency More Cool losing her Cool, bruises for Lam.Will the agency ever learn to get its fees upfront Will their good intentions ever pay off Will Lam ever arrive at work on time Any fan of noir crime novels will love this latest reprint pulled into from the past for this new edition for a new generation of readers.Originally published under Gardner s pseudonym A.A Fair, The Count of 9 joins previous modern releases, The Knife Slipped, Top of the Heap, and Turn on the Heat Pick up these and The Count of 9 now. Most people know Erle Stanley Gardner as the writer of the 80 novel strong Perry Mason series, but he also wrote nearly thirty novels in the Cool and Lam series about a mismatched pair of detectives, which Gardner wrote under the pen name AA Fair Unfortunately, Cool and Lam, at this time, is not available in ebook format with two exceptions Bertha Cool is a heavy set, loudmouthed, notoriously tightfisted, publicity seeking detective Donald Lam is a slightly built, bantamweight detective who is cool, clever, and irresistible to beautiful women Their partnership is odd, humorous, and somehow works Cool seems to always get the agency in a jam and Lam always seems to deduce a solution.The Count of Nine is book 18 in the long running series and features a millionaire, missing artifacts from his world travels, his beauty queen wife, a model who can t keep her clothes on, and numerous other characters It is Gardner s locked room mystery where a body is discovered in a mysterious locked room with very little access All of the action takes place in about a day or two and there are few actual action scenes such as brawls or shoot outs Nevertheless, Gardner skillfully writes this one so well that it is a quick read Every book I have read in this series has been great and this one is no exception. COUNTDOWN Mid 20th Century North American Crime BOOK 211 of 250 I thought I d try a 2nd Cool Lam novel And with lines here like, Good heavens, what is that, a fountain pen in yourpocket, Gardner as Fair can deliver some fun.HOOK 2 As I opened the door and stepped into the reception room, a flash bulb blazed into brilliance and blinded me, is the opening line Big Bertha Cool glared at me Donald Lam as Lam had ruined the photograph So, we begin with Bertha giving Lam a hard time a recurrent theme in the first Bertha Lam book I read but we learn shortly that a Mr Dean Crockett has hired Bertha s agency to protect his home from further theft Standard opening for the genre 3 stars but just too much about Bertha s irritation at the photographer s fixation on the legs of a filing clerk and Bertha s irritation at everything, for a 2 star opening Enough already PACE 3 Fine, things move along.PLOT 2 Basically, this is a who done it as a murder occurs But before the murder, Mr Crockett s blow gun collected during many travels around the world has disappeared how could it possibly been stolen, given that it s about 5 feet long and Bertha had been guarding the singular entry exit to Crockett s penthouse apartment It s an obvious solution, but someone also took poison darts and then used the blow gun to murder someone 3 stars, but you have to know a certain fact to finger the murderer, that that fact doesn t appear until page 218 of the total 223 pages Minus another star the author doesn t play fair with readers.CHARACTERS 3 Bertha and her endless clips like Fry me an oyster are funnyonce or twice Frank Sellers homicide cop calling Lam Pint Size incessantly just gets irritating But Lam has some good come backs and is a smart, interesting guy Sylvia, a nude model, has the best line in the book X rays are being discussed and she says, Oh, men carry such an assortment of junk Both Mr and Mrs Crockett have enough money and time to play around and play games with each other Syvia, the Crockett s, their staff, and Lam are good enough for a 3 star cast.ATMOSPHERE 2 There is much talk about exploring and planting flags and exotic locations, but all that is told via stories about the past There is very little atmosphere in the here and now of the book s time frame.SUMMARY 2.4 stars, and my final Bertha Lam novel. If all books were written like Erle Stanley Gardner s The Count of 9, I would watch a lot less television A.A Fair was Gardner s pseudonym for writing these Cool and Lam detective novels when writing Perry Mason to pay the bills was just too dull Hard Case Crime has resurrected the Cool and Lam novels, and they are giving them a well deserved second life The Count of 9 is from 1958 with love and has some of the limitations of the author and the period of time it was written You won t find raw sex or severe violence like the novels of Lawrence Block and Mickey Spillane I prefer having plenty of graphic sex and graphic violence in my detective stories, but it s a testimony to Gardner that I didn t miss them here.The story involves an eccentric millionaire world traveler, a missing blowgun including poison darts , two stolen jade statues, a trophy wife, a lusty model, a sleazy photographer, and so on When some of the above items go missing on the watch of the Cool and Lam agency, things get complex And then a murder involving the stolen blowgun and poison darts makes things even difficult for the intrepid detectives.I really enjoyed this novel, despite any small problems I had with parts of it As I ve mentioned before with the Cool and Lam series, the book seems to end before the tale is fully resolved The mysteries are solved, but the usual epilogue I have come to expect from novels of this type is absent As is the ritual uncovering of the criminals And a secondary mystery seems to take up a lot of the author s time and attention than the main crime of the tale The title isn t terribly effective or relevant to the story at hand I suspect it was just catchy to the author or the publisher Yet this is still a five star novel for me I had a lot of fun while reading it, and that is RARE for me.