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If you have the slightest interest in this book, read it Totally awesome cookbook.I was ever so slightly bothered that a lot of the recipes were similar think sear, slow cook, serve with sauce of reduced cooking liquid Apparently not bothered enough to rate it fewer than 5 stars Yes, it is a cookbook that you can actually read Full of some history as to the way we used to eat the odd bits plus some recipes for each part Thankfully they skipped the eyeballs, though it was mentioned I am not a fan of eyes, just the thought of them and they gross me out Most of the recipes in this book I will never eat or try, as they are organs and I personally don t eat organs.I did learn that you can cook with animal blood who knew The book had wonderful photography of some of the bits and recipes Overall, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed this cookbook book very much Coming from a tradition of farmers, I feel like I am not so far away as some people perhaps in understanding where our food comes from, and have eaten some of the odd bits she mentions We still have family references to hog killing weather in the fall when the weather turns very cold and sharp However, this book has pushed me to think a bitabout finding and then cooking portions that I never would have otherwise tried tripe is one, marrow is another I have never had tongue, although it sounds wonderful in all the British literature where they mention it My observation about actually cooking from this book would be that you need to have a large kitchen, large containers pots to cook things in, and large areas for cleaning and preparing the items to eat Perhaps this is one reason why people don t cook these things any With our postage stamp kitchens, where would we have room for it We were just re reading The Tale of Samuel Whiskers by Beatrix Potter, and commenting on where the milk was kept cool and the butter made It was in a separate room, where the milk could be covered and kept still while the cream rose to the top Who has a kitchen work area like that today Gosh, I wish I did Great book if you re trying to familiarize yourself with the head to tail cooking Coming from Poland I m used to eating pig s trotters, beef cheeks, tongue which I m not a fan of , livers etc but there are still parts of animals that I haven t tried, simply because I wasn t confident enough to do so This book is great starting point, for thoseexperienced cooks of offal and those only starting to discover that part of the butchery all in all a great book that I can definitely recommend So why only 4 and not 5 Well, it IS a cookbook and first and foremost we eat with our eyes, for such an exciting topic there wasn t many photos, actually only few, which in my opinion made this book great, but took something away from it That said, I ll still try lots of recipes from it, photos or not, but if someone is only starting to cook with those less popular parts of animal, it would be great to have that guidance of photos, as well as a kind of encouragement, as to how appetizing offal and other weird animal bits can look like. my wife got this for Christmas last year and I really enjoyed it because I hunt and have always tried to useof the animal Now I can This book really is a cookbook, but it is also an intriguing history of odd bits of animals through time and space many of the recipes are not for those losing weight or even just trying to guard their health because the entire book is saturated with fat I am learning about cooking with many interesting ingredients though I read it cover to cover and it can easily entertain that way I recommend it to the conservationist and u especially the hunter. I really enjoyed reading this cookbook The descriptions of how to prepare all of these odd bits was something I needed in order to deal with those that had been coming my way during my culinary adventures The recipes are mostly geared towards western tastes, but now that I have a clearer idea on how to handle theses cuts, I feelconfident tackling Asian recipes containing them Definitely a keeper Note the cover cannot get even a drop of water on it without the brown coming off It would have been nice had they chosen adurable finish considering its intended use. A great read, thoroughly engaging, completely enjoyable Not exactly the typical words one might think of for what is, essentially, a combo cookbook and primer on offal, or variety meats But, it s so well written and so interesting that I found myself not only reading everything with interest, right down to techniques in the recipes and the how tos of preparing some of theunusual cuts, but even flipping back and forth and going back and re reading sections that were referenced to get a deeper appreciation for what she was talking about. For those who believe in eating nose to tail or utilizing the whole animal, this is a great cookbook and reference And even if you re not sure about itit s very enlightening and provides some less intimidating recipes for things you might have never dreamed of eating Fits in very well with my waste not, want not philosophy. Covers a wide range of animal parts including many I wouldn t have though of.There aren t many pictures so it is hard for me to tell what I d like to cook.Also a bit pork heavy for me. `READ E-PUB ☠ Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal ↴ In A World Of Costly Prime Cuts Stately Crown Roasts, Plump Pork Chops, And Regal Racks Of Lamb It S Easy To Forget About And Steer Clear Of The Economical, But Less Lovable Parts Of The Beast Bellies, Brains, Cheeks, Combs, Gizzards, Hearts, Hocks, Kidneys, Lungs, Marrow, Necks, Shanks, Spleens, Tongues, Trotters, And, Oh Yes, Testicles Historically, These So Called Odd Bits Have Had A Regular Place On Our Plates And In Our Culinary Repertoires In Fact, Many Are Considered Delicacies And Routinely Appear In Regional Specialties So Why Do We Eschew And Waste Valuable Protein When Have Our Sensibilities Become So Squeamish In Short When Did We Decide Offal Had Become Awful Jennifer McLagan, Award Winning Author Of Bones And Fat, Is On A Crusade To Bring The Nose To Tail Style Of Cooking And Eating Out Of The Closet And Back Onto To Our Dining Tables Her Mission Restoring Our Respect For The Whole Animal, Developing A Taste For Its Lesser Known Parts, And Learning How To Approach Them In The Kitchen As Confidently As We Would A Steak Or A Burger Serious Food Lovers Will Delight In The Sheer Variety Of The Dishes That Await, Ranging From Simple To Challenging Headcheese For The Unconvinced Veal Cheeks With Swiss Chard And Olives Cheese And Just A Little Brain Fritters Lamb Neck With Quince And Turnip Brisket Braised With Caramelized Onions And Chile Sweetbreads With Morels And Fresh Fava Beans Moroccan Style Braised Heart Minted Tripe And Pea Salad Wild Boar Shanks With Cranberries And Chocolate Bone Marrow And Mushroom Custard Much Than A Cookbook, Odd Bits Delves Into The Rich Geographical, Historical, And Religious Roles Of These Unusual Meats McLagan S Enthusiasm For Her Subject Is Contagious, And With Her Insight And Humor Will Convert Even Non Believers To The Pleasure Of Odd Bits