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I loved this one It made me so, so happy There wasn t a lot of conflict, but all of the characters are great and fun to follow They also show up in an equally lovely follow up story in It has been a couple of months since I read this book and I have to say that this story and set of characters has stayed with me, while other books have faded into the background.This book has delightful characters, with depth, issues, emotions and beauty The plot is allowed to evolve and is richly seeded with appealing and thoughtfully developed secondary characters that add to both the plot and the world created by the author From the elderly next door neighbour through to the gamers at the tournament, the author has an eye for character and the ability to make them come a live on the page.Everything about this story felt authentic and unforced I love Trent as a character and hope that she can make a subsequent appearance because she has so much to give Classic butch with a heart, but not a caricature.I am looking forward to reading Truth Behind the Mask, heard some great things about this book as well.Mags I really need a better shelf than farmer gardener , pfft Right sorry.Book involves a super tall woman who looks like a force of nature, super powerful, the ultimate of ultimate butches who doesn t really see herself that way and who has trouble with the concept of relationships based entirely on her kid years She s a gamer a professional game playing person who plays in tournaments, on a team, sponsored by her employer a gaming store in a mall most of her time is spent working there or gaming back at her place occasionally tournaments This ultra butch woman is Trent Williams Gentle giant type Geeky Small breasts what, it came up in the book Somewhere in her 30s.Book also involves Juliet Sullivan on the fast track at her bank but the economy is crap, and companies are failing left and right Her bank might even fail shortly Also, importantly, she s bloody tired of all the inter office political crap that goes with being a banker and she is seriously thinking of joining her roommate working as a landscaper Juliet is something like 27 and is girly and has large breasts what, again, it came up in the book okay, technically they are described as ample that spill out when released and are beautiful than Trent ever imagined breasts could be Fuck, Trent mumbled when Juliet s ample breasts were released They re beautiful than I even imagined Juliet threw the scrap of clothing on top of her shirt She leaned closer into Trent You ve been imagining my breasts, have you Every damn minute I could get, Trent said, reaching up to hold them in her palms and play with them and stuff, what, it gets graphic and stuff 61% into the book Juliet and Trent both have their point of views expressed in the book There are other well defined side characters, though, of importance Like that roommate I wish to go with Michelle Am I right Crap, this is what happens when you take 4 days before you put your thoughts down it s Monica who is straight and working on being a landscaper, and Chuck Norris not his actual name, see my brain is stupid and retains nothing and I took too long to write a review above his actual name is probably something like um Mitch or Buck or Nacho really, I have no idea it s Elton, big bearded viking type Elton is also a really tall person, though he s a man One who likes wearing heavy make up No, not for that reason, but because he s a gamer And he thinks it s important for him to wear make up that looks like a skull On his face he and Trent, and the rest of the people who work at their store, are called something like the Baydale Reapers or something like that Juliet s 10 year old sister is massively important also what with that s how Juliet and Trent meet, then there s a birthday party, and stuff Somewhat of lesser importance, but still there, are Elton s relatives, and the other people who work on the team and at the store Another layer of character is that which has had a major impact on someone of importance, but does not actually appear in the book except in flashbacks like that massive religious dick that is Trent s father The interactions between the various people were fun The romance was also nice There was even some interesting sex that occurred I was going to immediately read the next book in the series until I realized that it seems to have nothing much in connection to the first book on the surface well there s crippling nightmares mentioned in the second books description that s a common theme, then there s Tweedy Contractors which plays a part in the first book indirectly eventually Neither of the characters appears to be gamers, though Or geeky So that s a let down Got distracted.Hmm What else to say about this book hmms Not as much as the first book I read by this author Truth behind the mask , but there s only a half star difference in ratings which means both ended up as 4 stars as far as GoodReads knows I need to stop taking so long to write reviews.Rating 4.00January 27 2017 What a fantastic story Trent loves computer gaming She works for a games store near her home, she plays games online with friends at weekends and competes in gaming competitions with her team Her life is gaming and that suits Trent just fine Until she meets Juliette Then everything changes She doesn t do entanglements but she can t stop thinking about Juliette Trent doesn t want the heart ache that Juliette could bring but she also can t help herself either Honestly, I was reading Playing with Fire and then I released that this book is a series So, I swiftly put it down and started the first book in the series, Playing Passions Game Thank goodness I did because it s such a wonderful story line The book is written from both protagonist s point of view which I love The story is quick and not much angst which again was right up my street I absolutely love Trent She s the epitome of sexy for me She s butch, sweet, a game nerd and cares about everyone in her life She s amazing and honestly, I hope she continues to be a part of each of the following books in the series Juliette complimented her in every way and I think what I loved most was she gave Trent the comfort and love to be who she was without pushing her into something she isn t It was all one major swoon The chemistry between Trent and Juliette was magnificent and really added a whole other sexy level to their intimacy The sex scenes were written incredibly well while still being extremely hot The secondary characters were also fantastic I really adored the chemistry and comradery between the set of friends Also, how much they all support each other They gave me the feels when they talked about how they care for and support each other If this is a taster of the series, then I am 100% on board Loved it 5 stars Loved this book I m in love with Trent I first met her in book 3 Playing With Fire and had to read the series from the start to read Trent and Juliet s story It is a fantastic read I think both characters are made for each other I loved all the secondary characters, especially Juliet s younger sister, Kayleigh Looking forward to reading book 2 in the series I started with book 3 not realising it was part of a series. Trent, a gamer, rescues Juliet s ten year old sister from a bunch of boys and brings her home There she meets Juliet for the first time Everyone who has a slightly obsessive hobby, be it gaming or writing, will be able to relate to some of the things in the book The story is entertaining, but lacks big conflicts that keep them apart. I was excited to read Playing Passion s Game by Lesley Davis as I ve totally enjoyed all her previous books, they all get a regular showing in my re read list However, I wondered if I d like this one as much, considering there was no super heroes or magic or witchcraft or ghosts The answer is a resounding, you bet I did The story is set in the world of gamers Trent Williams lives for games, they re a constant in her life and don t leave much time for anything else, especially love Not that she s looking, having kept herself closed off after an incident in her teenage years She s happy with her games, playing them, working with them and competing in games tournaments with a close group of gaming friends It s while setting up a hall for a games meeting with her best friend, boss and gaming team captain, Elton, that she meets 10 year old Kayleigh Sullivan Saving Kayleigh from a group of boys and walking her home is about to change Trent s life completely Change comes in the form of Kayleigh s big sister Juliet Her beauty instantly captures Trent s attention and has her longing for than a quick fling But the question is, can she overcome a lifetime of guarding her heart and risk it for a chance at happiness Juliet just may be worth the risk.This was a lovely sweet romance Trent is wonderfully strong, gentle and kind, but with an inner fragility that is endearing and draws Juliet to her I really liked how sensitive Juliet was and how gently she handled Trent, yet there was still wonderfully hot passion between them The supporting characters of Trent s friend Elton and Juliet s friend Monica were great and added a wonderful touch to the story, as did all the other minor characters Playing Passion s Game is a wonderful romance that I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to reading again. I read this simply because the main character was a gamer how often does that happen in romance and I was not disappointed Trent is such a lovable butch and Juliet was the perfect lady for her.This story is low on drama and high on the family and friends, two things I actually seek out when reading romance I think some readers wanted drama between Juliet and Trent, but with contemporary romance that sort of drama always seems forced Trent s back story and initial hesitation to get involved with Juliet were than enough for me and I was very happy with the end of the story.If you re looking for something light, fun, sexy the sexing is hot and different, definitely check out this one. 3.5 Stars rounded up to 4 StarsThis is a pleasant, well written romance between two opposites butch femme women The story is told from two points of view First there is 32 yr old Trent a 6 ft tall butch who was described by Juliet s BFF, Monica as She s handsome in a leaner, meaner incarnation of Mariska Hargitay kind of way and damn sexy as hell for a woman She is also very caring, considerate and generous Which is how she met 10yr old Kayleigh Trent came to Kayleigh s rescue when she was being harassed by a group of young boys Trent s life is gaming as in X Box, Wii, and Nintendo She works in a GameStop type store with her BFF, Elton Elton and her put together a professional gaming team that competes together online and at tournaments Trent had an unhappy childhood that she still struggles to cope with and to forget.Then there is Kayleigh s 27 yr old sister, Juliet who is a tall voluptuous blond, pencil skirted, successful bank executive Kayleigh s parents are around, but it is Juliet who is also a parent figure to her much younger sister Juliet is questioning if she wants to continue in banking She is working on a project presentation that if it goes well, she is practically guaranteed a transfer and promotion to the main office in Chicago.I really enjoyed this story of Trent and Juliet Their friends are nicely written with distinctive personalities There is no angst or conflict to speak of Oh, there is a little bit, but it is quickly resolved by communication Huh What a concept There is one problem I had it is not a slow burn romance It is a fast moving fire In general, I prefer slow burn romances You may also notice some idiosyncrasies due to time sensitive subjects and when it was written published in 2011 The banking crisis was about 2008, the Resident Evil Red Xbox came out in 2009, people still used flip phones and I assume the games, tournaments and game consoles have also evolved since then I m not a gamer, though I did own a Wii, which I only bought for when my nieces and nephews visited.If you want to read a fun and pleasant romance with likable characters, check this one out In Tara s review she mentions they are the subject of a story in the anthology, Amor and More Love Everafter I have this book, now I can go back and read it. ^FREE ⇺ Playing Passions Game (Playing, #1) ☔ In Most Games, You Play To Win In Matters Of The Heart, You Play For KeepsTrent Williams S Entire World Revolves Around Her Love Of Gaming She Has Little Time For Romantic Distractions And Prefers Instead To Be With Her Closest Friends Who, Like Her, Live For The Thrill That Comes From A Competition Well Played Happy In Her Job, Seemingly Content With Her Life, Trent Still Finds Herself Haunted By The Past That Threatens To Keep Her Alone Forever The Self Imposed Solitude She Places On Her Heart Only Leaves Her All Too Aware Of Just How Lonely She IsAll Work And No Play In Her Executive Job Forces Juliet Sullivan To Search For A Different Direction In Life Disillusioned By It All, Juliet Is Desperate To Seek Out New Horizons When Trent Unwittingly Comes To The Rescue Of Her Younger Sister, Juliet Immediately Finds Herself Drawn To Trent S Silent Strength And Undeniable Charm Now The New Direction Juliet So Desperately Desires Seems Intent On Leading Her Straight Into Trent S Arms