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A NECESSARY and IMPORTANT book that I want ALL queers to read and should be in every radical and feminist and sex positive bookstore The we know and understand and physically LOVE the bodies around us, the we can all be connected as an LGBTQIA community. @READ DOWNLOAD â Fucking Trans Women (Issue #0) Ø From The Website Trans Women Are Told Things About Our Sexualities All The Time, But Only Rarely Are We Given The Opportunity To Say Something About Our Own Sex Lives Sex Is A Very Important Part Of My Life, A Very Important Part Of All Our Lives, But So Very Little Writing Has Been Done On The Sex Lives Of Trans Women That Doesn T Write Us Off In One Way Or Another I Found Myself Looking For A Guide, An Instruction Manual, Anything Beyond Essays On Gender And Problems Fucking Trans Women Is That Guide Includes How To Guides Sex Stories Instructions For Various Kinds Of Sex Acts The Diversity Of Trans Women S Bodies Trashy Art Comic Strips Moments Of Triumph Tender Anecdotes Passionate Explorations Of Our Lusty Bodies Diagrams, And So Much i think this zine opens up as many questions intentionally as it answers, but since it is an introduction, this is reasonable it also sets out a path for answering of them in further issues, which i am now interested in finding it s a fun read, highly informative, entertainingly well written, and much needed. Very important, much needed. As a cis woman, I only have two things to say about that book Very interesting And, she s the first person that ever managed to make sex sounds romantic to my ears It was totally worth my money. Read this I m a trans woman, I have a lot of sexual experience, including with other trans women, and I still got a lot of out this quick, honest, vibrant read Real stuff here. An excellent book for transgender women in sexual relationships with other women There are a lot of excellent tips on sexual communications between any partner constellation, as well. What an incredible resource Diagrams, instructions, and moving personal essays about sex from the perspective of a trans woman without bottom surgery living in Iowa in and of itself an underrepresented voice in the current conversation about transness This is lovely for those of us with a transfeminine partner, but also for me personally there is a lot of value to be taken from a nonbinary dyke perspective on sexuality I only wish that Mira had been able to put out issues Bodies are much magical and sci fi than I ever thought Of course its a trans woman who figures it out.This is a beautiful loving zine, and so much than a How to Sex zine, it s full of essays on Bellwether s experiences as a woman trying to have adult relationships, and the beautiful and sad things she experiences because of her lovers I really enjoyed this zine and I am looking forward to the next issue.