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A good hard look at a body of work including the first and last Elm Street movies, The People Under the Stairs, The Hills Have Eyes, Last House on the Fucking Left, Deadly Friend, and the Scream trilogy. Made up of a series of interviews with Wes Craven and others over a period of about 20 years It s lacking in analysis but it gives a good overview of Craven s film work with special emphasis on the Nightmare on Elm Street series. |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♶ Screams and Nightmares: The Films of Wes Craven ♌ Writer, Producer, And Director Wes Craven Has Successfully Tapped Into The Horror Vein For Over Thirty Years, Serving Up Scary, Funny, Hip Thrillers That Demand A Second Look His Films Have Been Both Critical And Commercial Successes, Most Notably Nightmare On Elm Street, Which Spawned A Series Of Sequels And Made Craven And His Creation, Freddy Kruger An International Sensation But Craven S Films Have Also Become Classics In A Field That He Continues To Reinvent The Horror Genre Is Still Reeling From The Impact Of His Most Recent Project, The Brilliant Scream SeriesWith Screams And Nightmares, Author Brian J Robb Covers Craven S Entire Career, From His Low Budget Beginnings To His Most Recent Box Office Hits, From The Banned Thriller The Last House On The Left And The Cult Classic The Hills Have Eyes To The Outrageous Shocker And The People Under The Stairs Through Exclusive Interviews With Craven, Robb Provides In Depth Accounts Of The Making Of Each Of The Films Including The Third Installment Of The Scream Series Craven S Foray Into Writing Novels, And His Numerous Television ProjectsWith A Full Filmography And ThanPhotographs, Many From The Director S Own Collection Including A Detailed Overview Of Craven S Television Work , Screams And Nightmares Is Quite Simply The Only Book Of Its Kind