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This book isn t what I was hoping for, but I thought it would be worth a try Breitbart fans will and do enjoy it, since the book serves to affirm conservative doctrines and delegitimize the left and the mainstream media by pointing out real and apparent bias But I found it all too predictable without providing for an honest debate on opposing positions For example, if Breitbart declares that the Democrats hate the military , without explanation, I m wondering what the basis of that statement might be Repeating the claims of other like minded individuals isn t much of a basis Tell me that all Democratic Presidents or that every Democratic Congress in the past fifty years has reduced the military budget, and I ll understand the basis of the claim And emotional statements such as it took a disaster such as 9 11 to get Democrats to join Republicans in singing God Bless America adds nothing to a serious book Simple rhetoric like that appeals to the masses, but is hardly a convincing argument I was looking for a book with facts, pros and cons, reasoning, not just personal venting against the opposing party This book is an echo of conservative group think and kool aid for the believers ref cult leader Jim Jones and the 1978 Jonestown mass suicide , but is light on building its case using independent facts. As a disclaimer, I will say that I am a left leaning moderate, but I do dabble in conservative literature and have liked some other books much than this one I recently read Decision Points by George Bush and thought it was an insightful and thought provoking book, even if I didn t always agree 100% with Bush s beliefs.With that said, I was a little disappointed in this book because I thought it could have been so much better As a background, years ago I read a book called Bias by Bernard Goldberg The basic premise of the book is that the media is generally left leaning, but that they do it at a subconscious level They grew up in liberal homes and have liberal friends and just tend to think that they are mainstream, even though they are probably slightly to moderately left leaning Goldberg argued that the media is biased, but they don t realize they are They are oblivious to their bias As a media insider, Goldberg was very convincing in his arguments.Breitbart, however, disagrees with Goldberg He argues that the media is a liberal conspiracy that is trying to destroy the country He envisions them plotting to skew the truth and going out of their way to misrepresent the facts, all at the bequest and in collusion with the democratic party While I must admit that I have little first hand experience, I find Goldberg s account probable To bolster Goldberg s claims, he seemed to present his arguments in a very rational and objective way, and he was a member of the media for years to boot Breitbart, on the other hand, makes his arguments in a sea of personal attacks, disdain, and passion While Breitbart could very well be right, he did a disservice to himself and his argument by framing them in such a negative context On the other hand, Breitbart had a very insightful perspective on the rise of new media and its role in the political arena There is no doubt that Breitbart has been in the thick of many political stories that were broken by new media i.e internet blogs and homemade video tapes , and Breitbart s observations of the new media s development were fascinating Unfortunately, I thought Breitbart s conservative bias got in the way of his full analysis of this topic He talks a lot about the media complex and their bias and flaws, but he doesn t address where Fox News fits into the media complex Obviously they aren t necessarily a part of the liberal media complex, but I think Fox is nonetheless part of a media complex They chase their ratings at the expense of legitimate reporting and toe the party line just as the other outlets do with the left agenda Yet Breitbart ignores Fox completely, hardly mentioning them at all while he rails against the rest of the media outlets Second, Breitbart s conservative bias seems to get in the way of his analysis of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert While both Stewart and Colbert are left leaning, I wouldn t categorize them as part of the media complex Stewart routinely critiques the media for the bias and absurdity, and he is not afraid to call the democrats out when they do something stupid Just recently Stewart criticized Weiner for his photo scandal and called for his resignation well before the majority of the media For another example, just the other day Colbert had a clip criticizing Obama s position on the Libya hostilities If Stewart and Colbert are part of the liberal media complex that is in the democrats pocket, why do they go after democrats when they screw up Why do they routinely attack the media for their laziness and lack of professionalism Why did every concrete example of Stewart s actions in the book support Breitbart s position against the media complex Another disappointment with Breitbart s book was that he didn t bring his arguments to conclusion Several times he would summarize liberal policy or philosophy and then say something like, of course, that s just stupid, and nobody in their right mind would believe it But I wanted him to explain to me why that thought line was stupid A lot of these policies and theories are widely believed, so I was disappointed that he dismissed them without proper discussion Yet, perhaps Breitbart s lack of policy analysis is because that is not what this book was truly about He did not write a book about liberal Policy He wrote a book about liberal Media And that is exactly what he wrote about He critiqued the liberal media for their coverage and the tactics they used to cover various stories He wasn t concerned with the stories themselves so much as the way the media covered them, and therefore perhaps discussion of the underlying rationale for the policies is superfluous That s simply not what Breitbart was focusing on Further, Breitbart seemed to be writing to the political right, not the moderates or the left His goal was not to convert moderates and liberals to his conservative viewpoint Rather, his goal was to convince conservatives to join the new media in their fight against the media complex which as he sees them, is the liberal media complex With that as an end goal, perhaps he is justified as dismissing liberal viewpoints as patently wrong because his intended audience agrees with him In that case, his omission can be justified.Finally, Breitbart tended to make extreme statements with little support At one point he calls democrats anarchists, but I ve always felt like the conservative critique of the democrats was that they wanted too much government, not that they were trying to destroy the government He also makes many personal attacks that I thought were distasteful and unnecessary Many times he seemed to imitate the very media complex s strategies that he rails against In fact, in some parts of the book he almost seems to advocate fighting fire with fire It makes me question where his true loyalties lie Is he against media bias, regardless of political undertone, or is he against liberal media bias because it is liberal I ll agree with him that liberal media bias is bad, and it is most likely a larger problem than conservative media bias, but he doesn t seem to acknowledge that conservative media bias might even exist I found this a disappointment, and it really undercut my trust in the author as a whole. Chapters 1 2 of Righteous Indignation could have been about any of thousands of young men or women who grew up in a traditional household, tried to keep pace with his richer friends, fell under the sway of an oddball character or two in high school, and spent 4 years partying hearty and barely graduating from a large private university Mildly interesting Fun to read No big deal That s the set up Then young Mr Breitbart started to figure things out.In chapter 6 Breitbart asks, how did cultural Marxism take root in America In reply to his own question, he gives the most succinct history of the development of leftist thought I have ever read It is brilliant, and for Chapter 6 alone the book deserves 5 stars Breitbart begins with Federalist 51 and James Madison , who said quoting from Breitbart, p 106 7 men were not angels that they were ambitious but rational, and that we therefore needed to construct a system of government that pitted ambition against ambition John Adams knew government had to be limited since it is weakness rather than wickedness which renders men unfit to be trusted with unlimited power Then Breitbart contrasts that viewpoint with that of Rousseau and Marx Rousseau believed that people were naturally good and were corrupted only by the development of the surrounding society p 107 Marx picked up where Rousseau left off Marx did not believe that were WAS an innate human nature, and that it is produced by the surrounding society If human nature was to be changed, it could only be changed by destroying the surrounding society p.108 Breitbart continues on the journey through Georg Wilhelm Hegel the Progressives Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci Frankfurt School members Gyorgy Lukacs, Felix Weil, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, and Wilhelm Reich Benjamin Spock, author of The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care and finally to Saul Alinsky Breitbart clearly explains the essence of Alinsky s Rules for Radicals And that only takes us through page 135.Chapter 7 is also excellent as Breitbart gives his own advice for how conservative activists can fight back, in the form of 13 rules, which he explains.The remainder of the book gives the story of Breitbart in action how he and James O Keefe took down ACORN, how he debunked the Mainstream Media s attempts to smear the Tea Party and its participants, and how he created the various Big websites he runs BigGovernment.com, BigHollywood.Breitbart.com, etc He also gives his views on where we can and should go from here.Everyone should read this book Conservatives and libertarians for obvious reasons Liberals, you should read this, too, just to see if you can poke holes in the narrative If you think Breitbart is full of you know what, read the book and see if you can counter any of his main points My guess is, you won t be able to Not honestly, anyway Update August 2017 I just wanted to point out that I read and reviewed Righteous Indignation in July 2011, before Mr Breitbart s untimely death on March 1, 2012 I am still satisfied with what I wrote then, six years ago I can t help but wonder if history or today s situation would have been any different at all if Mr Breitbart had still been with us. Should be required high school reading material Sure would beat Catcher in the Rye review If you ever watch the news, listen to the radio or check the headlines on msn.com, you must read this book There is a battle going on for the information gateway of our country the news media complex And the great general leading the charge, the brilliant strategist who has been literally on the forefront of this fight and has seen it from the inside out and the ground up, who makes it possible for you and I to literally hear the rest of the story is Andrew Breitbart Anything we know today, about the JournoList, about ACORN, about Pigford is directly because of Andrew Breitbart And if you don t know about any of the things I just mentioned, start researching, because this affects YOU Righteous Indignation is part memoir, part treatise, part history lesson It begins with the infamous ACORN sting investigation, in which James O Keefe and Hannah Giles went to multiple ACORN offices around the country and asked ACORN to help them find tax breaks for their brothel, in which they claimed to employ underage illegal immigrants Yes, they explicitly stated that was their business underage human trafficking And Breitbart dropped the videos, one by one Aside from the moral repugnance of the actions of the ACORN offices, the bigger story was that ACORN was doing this using taxpayer dollars Within weeks, Congress unanimously voted to defund one of the largest community activists groups in the country All because of some bloggers and a couple of kids with a camera The next part of the book details how Breitbart became the biggest New Media magnate of our day, the driving force behind the biggest news stories in the last 5 years Breitbart grew up in Brentwood, LA s upscale suburb, to middle class, hardworking conservative parents He then went to a liberal party school for college and wound up tens of thousands of dollars in debt with a degree in American Studies Which, by the way, makes me feel a lot better about that Creative Studies degree I got He found himself challenging both the values he grew up with and the values he acquired while in college at polar ends of the spectrum and having to decide which were really right The power of the internet was made clear in the 90s It was the internet specifically, the Drudge Report that broke the biggest stories of the decade Essentially, it was Matt Drudge that exposed not only Bill Clinton s criminal and immoral activities yes, criminal activities, his impeachment was not about sex, it was about him committing multiple felonies , Drudge also showed how much the mainstream media was ignoring, covering up and lying about This is gone over in detail in the book so I won t recount it here Breitbart also tells about his key involvement in creating what is now the antithesis to his Big sites The Huffington Post Yes, The Huffington Post likely would not exist without Andrew Breitbart, and he is proud of it He and Arianna Huffington, though on opposites side politically, are still friends Why would he create a venue for people he absolutely disagrees with to be able to express their beliefs often times hatefully about him Because, above all, he s a believer in the importance of letting all sides into the conversation, and that when people are able to see all points of view, only then are they able to really decide what is true and what isn t In the midst of all these personal anecdotes, he drops a very heady chapter on philosophical history for the last 200 years Wait, what My brain was not ready for the shift, and at first it was a little jarring But the history is important, and he is able to expertly articulate, in a very non stodgy way, the connection between today s media and political personalities and Rousseau, the Frankfurt School, and Saul Alinsky Never heard of those people You will The latter part of the book is the treatise, the call to action, the good ol fashioned Rebel Yell if he ll pardon the expression calling you and I to stop being merely observers of the world and be engagers The communications landscape of our country is changing, not because of what goes in in some elitist J school or because Jon Stewart shoots his mouth off and hides behind his clown nose, but because people like you and me, bloggers, everyday ordinary people, are doing to it As Breitbart puts it, it s time to walk toward the fire It s time to stop being passive and settling for what the official story is from the government and the media It s time to start engaging our friends and neighbors in conversation and education, to spread the truth and encourage others to seek out information for themselves, rather than being spoon fed It s time to start asking questions, holding these people accountable for spreading misinformation, for stoking fear and division It s time to take up the mantle of responsible citizenship and start holding the 4th Establishment s feet to the fire We re not gonna take it any Andrew Breitbart is to me what Rupert Murdoch was to my parents The game changer in the media conversation, the one person willing to go out and create an avenue for news from an alternate perspective, not just the canned official line of the establishment The difference is, Breitbart isn t a multimillionaire doing this out of academic interest This is his life This is his country This is our country And it s time we stepped up and protected it. [ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ] ⚒ Righteous Indignation ☹ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Now With A Chapter On The Weinergate Scandal Brash, Funny, Fiery, And Irreverent Rush LimbaughKnown For His Network Of Conservative Websites That Draws Millions Of Readers Everyday, Andrew Breitbart Has One Main Goal To Make Sure The Liberally Biased Major News Outlets In This Country Cover All Aspects Of A Story Fairly Breitbart Is Convinced That Too Many National Stories Are Slanted By The News Media In An Unfair Way In RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION, Breitbart Talks About How One Needs To Deal With The Liberal News World Head On Along The Way, He Details His Early Years, Working With Matt Drudge, The Huffington Post, And How Breitbart Developed His Unique Style Of Launching Key Websites To Help Get The Word Out To Conservatives All Over A Rollicking And Controversial Read, Breitbart Will Certainly Raise Your Blood Pressure, One Way Or Another He s a contentious loud mouth, a liberal baiting stream of consciousness arguer, and a pretty damn smart guy who just redefined the political memoir tell it all, hide nothing, lay out your views, prescribe solutions, challenge the reader, and do it all with panache, wit, and disarming humor A good read.What surprised me most was his solid understanding of the traditional media and how they shape or suppress stories and have been doing it since time immemorial He traces its methods back to the 1990s, following the Clinton scandals, then the W controversies, and the media tactics they used to protect one president and destroy the other Then he shows us his real chops knowing the enemy Reviewing the Frankfurt School, Rousseau, Marx, Hegel, Gramsci, Lukacs stuff only PoliSci majors know about , he traces the origins and growth of American progressivism, culminating in a solid deconstruction of Critical Theory and its most powerful proponent, the misanthrope Herbert Marcuse, who couldn t even find happiness in La Jolla, CA, but instead desired to remake America into Europe s decadent image with his vision of polymorphic perversity, diversity and multiculturalism Breitbart not only understands what these men believed and taught, he explains it accurately, and then does what I hoped he would he prescribes the antidote activism on the Right to match that on the Left, using their own techniques and technology The result is a readable, fast moving, compelling narrative about the birth of a conservative who LOVES to engage those he believes wish the downfall of the America of his youth.He certainly engaged ME. An honest book about many things, but mainly the hypocrisy within today s mainstream media complex This book should be required reading at the collegiate level, and perhaps one day it will be In Righteous Indignation , Breitbart lays bare his motivation for co creating the Huffington Post and his collection of the Big sites to knock down the false edifice that is mainstream media, that is built upon the false proposition of objective journalism and the grotesque anti American proposition of political correctness Initially, there is somewhat of a self deprecating tone to the book as Breitbart chronicles the evolution of his political views and convictions from aimless, drifting college student to passionate rogue journalist I rather enjoyed it Neither the political left nor right are spared his scathing and yes, righteous critiques He calls out the political left s control of the media for being a false architecture born of smoke and mirrors and calls those on the political right eunuchs for the right having abdicated its responsibility to be a steward of the culture Awesomeness Breitbart painstakingly chronicles the fever pitch of the pillorying of George W Bush by Hollywood and media basically working in tandem , leaving Breitbart in a perennial state of cognitive dissonance Enter Arianna Huffington, with whom he cofounded the Huffington Post His motivations for spearheading such a publication may seem counterintuitive, but they are explained logically and make sense, albeit exhausting for him.Reflecting on two separate appearances on Bill Mahr, he felt disturbed by an initial one, because he d realized that he d been preoccupied with crafting his persona than presenting the truth of his less popular ideas While he d felt the warm bath of praise, it left him feeling inauthentic and bothered During a subsequent appearance where he d immediately recognized that odds were stacked against him, including the audience, other panelists, and Mahr himself he d held his own and basically experienced a psychic high akin to baptism by fire, which was ultimately rewarding He explains that once faced experienced, two things most of us come to fear expulsion and derision don t really hurt, not when you are standing up for your beliefs He spends so much time describing the dynamics of being a guest on this particular television episode as both a public and private watershed moment for him, that I want to find it and watch it for myself.Finally, Breitbart catalogues breaking the ACORN story with James O Keefe and Hannah Giles and his main motivation for doing so to expose the machinations of an organization masquerading under the banner of helping the disenfranchised Secondly, it would expose the major media outlets which would undoubtedly refuse to cover the story Indeed they did, until the saturation point from citizen journalists and the average American became so intense that the MSM blackout on the story backfired and they could no longer ignore it Breitbart correctly envisaged the way it played out.All this, and many topics are compellingly addressed and expounded upon in this timely tome Nothing is painted with a broad brush, but the way Breitbart presents his interconnected theories, backed with fact and experience, holds up well and, in addition, is incredibly convincing For those unfamiliar with Breitbart s work, I d recommend 2004 s Hollywood, Interrupted before reading this book In that book, he relates what he maintains as a cornerstone to Righteous Indignation that pop culture matters Hollywood, not Washington, has greater impact on American culture Honestly, I don t remember reading such painstakingly documented anecdotes and incidents that prove points about the media since I d picked up Susan Faludi s Backlash back in the day. I ve been meaning to review this book since I finished it almost a year ago.I had never heard of Andrew Breitbart or Breitbart News until I heard it mentioned on a podcast maybe 2 or 2.5 years ago I didn t take much notice don t even remember the podcast until I heard it mentioned again a second time, on a different podcast, some time later The reason I took notice the second time was because Breitbart was mentioned on these two different occasions for the same reason.On these podcasts, both were left leaning guests talking about how they d been involved in different events that attracted a lot of media attention They both had given interviews with many media outlets mainstream, left and right They both had many stories published by various media outlets Both guests talked about how all the media outlets had grossly misinterpreted their stories, even to the point that blatant lies were printed And both guests said that the only media outlet that printed the truth was Breitbart News I found this intriguing.Of course, both guests were completely surprised, because Breitbart News is considered far right, fake news, and the last thing they each expected to see published was the truth Around the same time I heard the podcast, I saw this book pop up on goodreads, so wanted to read it.It s a great book that offers interesting insight into Andrew Breitbart, his background, upbringing and his admitted liberal beliefs and debaucherous lifestyle, to his movement back to the right. Andrew Breitbart s largely autobiographical tale of his attempt to take on the institutional media by revealing the truth to the people is not only funny and exciting, but momentous, serious, and, to me, truly inspirational I feel like if I had had this book in my hands back in college in the early 2000s, I might have gone into journalism, if only to be able to play a small part in the liberating, enlivening, enlightening, and subversive groundswell of conservative New Media backlash to the old Democrat media Complex Once Breitbart understood the tactics of the leftist machine, he was able to diffuse the bogus attacks on conservatives upon which progressives fall back every time Doing so made him a hated figure among those whose power he threatened, but, speaking truth to power, he persevered He asks us to do the same.Breitbart is engaging and entertaining in telling his story The book is eye opening and enjoyable I read it three days, which is not typical for me. The book reads as a history of major American political events of the late twentieth and earl twenty first century I think the negative reviews miss the fact that this book isn t written to convince anyone that they should switch sides or come to their senses or any other such nonsense, it is a book aimed at people who share a similar worldview as Breitbart and although Breitbart doesn t consider himself a social conservative his views on American Studies and Post Modernism almost put him in this mold The core is that yes, Breitbart uses hyperbole to a certain extent and you can take it as satire which is generally correct , or you can go on about how big a jerk Breitbart is because he takes credit for the end of ACORN The reason I didn t rate this book higher is that I don t feel like there was any new insight into the left from my perspective, for example, Breitbart brings up points that have been delivered from a variety of sources, but if your new to Saul Alinsky or The Frankfurt School, it can be informative and lead to interesting conservative scholarship which may be Mr Breitbart s ultimate goal.Just a quick note reading through this review, I decided to increase my star rating since this book is worth a read in light of the fact that Mr Breitbart is no longer with us and his is a great story for people who find themselves lost in the political world.