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Sorry, but I struggled with this book and was so pleased to finish it I was tempted to give up We went from political intrigue to suggestion as to what was happening and why and by whom It felt like a filmscript than a novel I couldn t engage with most of the characters and I m not sure the author knew quite what she was trying to achieve I am afraid I thought there were a lot of holes in this web I ll stick to watching the series like Modus that she was involved in though come to think of it that was a bit confusing too This 4 star rating much like when I enjoy some cheesy action film that hasn t got very good reviews, this isn t a recommendation to discerning readers but I did have a damn good time Which I needed Overwhelmed by a succession of recent books in which I was finding significant quotes on almost every page, and about some of which I felt the urge to write several thousand word reviews that may or may not ever be finished , my brain desperately needed a break from so much bloody meaning and importance Something verging on trashy was necessary, and this example turned out fun than I expected.The events of Death in Oslo would be very important if they had actually happened as is the case with most crime fiction and thrillers but discussing the book won t be This one isn t the usual police procedural that Anne Holt writes, it s a political thriller the first female president of the USA of partly Norwegian descent disappears whilst on a state visit to Oslo The political thriller side of things was what I enjoyed so much there was a larger cast of characters with close third person narration than in the two earlier books, and nearly all of the focus was on events and conversations relating to the case, with very few scenes from the home life of the now married Vik Stubo Lots of big exciting stuff happening yet no gore And hurray Hanne Wilhelmsen the protagonist of Holt s other series appears in Death in Oslo It was because I enjoyed 1222 that I got these VS books in the first place And it was because of a now defunct UCL Scandinavian Studies reading list found online that I read that, one of their two suggested samples of Nordic crime fiction In contrast to the anxious criminal psychologist Johanne Vik, Wilhelmsen, here on early retirement after injury in the line of duty, again appears to be a female version of the brilliant grumpy loner male detective, exactly the sort of heroine I want to read about in crime genre fiction There is a serious subtext to the novel as is the case with a lot of Nordic noir like the two earlier Vik Stubo books, there s a theme of encroachment onto the Norwegian way of life by Americanised dangers and attitudes, things that some people feel only used to happen elsewhere First it was children and child safety, second celebrities and their conduct, and in Death in Oslo, it s America s self appointed role as world police post 9 11 You don t exactly need to be well informed to guess that the US agents try to take over the investigation and that the Norwegians resist that And Anne Holt s way of writing a feminist crime novel is to put plenty of women in significant roles where they are respected, and for this not to be a big deal This I like much better than the highlighting negatives approach eg Liza Marklund, whom I m not keen to read any time soon And a conversation betwen Stubo and a senior American intends to highlight differing typical attitudes to women among men of the same age mysterious irresistible v usually easy to understand, and equal Holt makes a few nods to the meta literary, but there are several silly blockbuster movie aspects in Death in Oslo which will irritate some, but it was just what I wanted The chief baddie has elements of Bond villains, westernised Arab tycoons and Osama bin Laden It s the Siddhartha approach, used twice in this book, where a fictional character has things in common with a real life figure, but is shown to be a different person partly because they ve met them Also how did Wilhelmsen end up living in Frogner Belgravia And there s a really daft plot twist Which made me burst out laughing when I accidentally saw a spoiler whilst scrolling past reviews on WorldCat There wasn t long to go before it appeared in the book, at least I liked the way it actually happened, and all the scenes resulting from it view spoiler Including the gathering of women in Hanne s flat, which on the basis of some of my other reviews, you might think I wouldn t like But Hanne and Helen and Mary are all cool and they than balanced out Johanne s fussiness Having become a follower of the series, it was good to see some of the tension of the Vik Warren Scifford business relieved at last Good timing for that it had been stretched until the reader got tired of it like Adam did, but not for too long hide spoiler FREE DOWNLOAD ☤ Presidentens valg ⚇ Como Pode Algu M Desaparecer De Uma Su Te De Hotel Em Oslo Sem Que As Portas E As Janelas Tenham Sido Abertas E Sem Que As C Maras De Seguran A Tenham Registado Qualquer Movimento Suspeito Que Esse Algu M Seja Helen Lardahl Bentley, A Primeira Mulher Eleita Presidente Dos Estados Unidos Da Am Rica, Faz Com Que O Acontecimento Seja Ainda Mais Inexplic Vel E Preocupante De Imediato, Come A A Ca A Ao Sequestrador E O Mundo Segue Expectante As Buscas Para Encontrar A Presidente Desaparecida Quando Johanne Vik, Uma Jovem M E, Psic Loga E Jurista Com Uma Breve Passagem Pelo FBI, Se Interessa Pelo Caso, Tem Uma Reac O Inesperada Ao Saber Quem Chefia As Investiga Es E Fica Ainda Mais Perturbada Quando O Seu Pr Prio Marido, O Investigador Adam Stub , Chamado Para Trabalhar Com Os Americanos O Que Que Johanne Sabe Que N O Pode Ser Divulgado O Que Que Esse Facto Tem A Ver Com O Sequestro E Quais S O Os Segredos Que A Presidente Guarda S Para Si O Homem Que Poderia Dar Uma Resposta A Estas Perguntas Est Algures E Prepara Se Para O Pr Ximo Passo No Seu Plano This book leaves many stones unturned The plot is at times very exciting and high paced, but the ending is disappointing to say the least If you are after an anticlimax, this is the book for you Throughout the book, Anne Holt hints that or less all the characters have secrets vital to the story You keep reading to find out what these secrets could possibly be and how they will fit in to what is essentially a well created plot The problem is you never find out what the secrets are The characters proceed to disclose their secrets to each other, but not to the reader as the chapter will inevitably end just when the juicy stuff is about to start I still enjoyed the book when I got over the initial irritation of being left in the dark The story is good, feels up to date and it does keep you intrigued enough to keep turning the pages The ending does let it down as does the amount of unanswered questions you are left pondering I do not like cliff hangers when there is no prospect of finding out what happens next If you are less of a nosy and impatient character than me, I would still recommend it for an easy read. Washington D C., January 2005, Helen Lardahl Bentley takes the oath of office as the first female president of the United States As the crowd cheers, President Bentley is thinking, I got away with it In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, businessman Abdallah al Rahman is watching the inaugural event on television from his soundproof exercise room To no one he says, She actually thinks she got away with it And in Oslo, Norway, watching the televised event, Hanne Wilhemsen speculates about the new president s spotless past to her friend, former FBI profiler Johanne Vik, and muses, But there s always something some little secret Thus begins Death in Oslo, Anne Holt s intricately plotted third entry in the Adam Stubo Johanne Vik series This fast paced thriller with Machiavellian overtones really takes off when President Bentley, on her first official state visit to Norway, disappears from her locked and guarded hotel room in the middle of the night Immediately, the security forces of both countries scramble to find the missing head of state before the unthinkable happens The task is complicated by territorial tensions between the two national security forces and infighting within the FBI When Warren Scifford, head of a much resented specialized team within the FBI, arrives on the scene to take charge of the American investigation, he requests that his former student, Johanne Vik, be assigned from Norwegian Criminal Investigation Service to help him But Johanne doesn t work for the NCIS so Scifford instead asks for Johanne s husband, Adam Stubo But Johanne has her own secrets from the past regarding her former FBI mentor and threatens Adam that, if he accepts the assignment to work with Scifford, their marriage is over Adam, however, cannot turn his back on duty and reluctantly reports to work, angry that Johanne has chosen not to confide in him about this man from her past Everyone, it seems, has some little secret Anne Holt is a master at creating chilling characters whose scariest quality is their immense patience in stalking their victims The international scale of,Death in Oslo ups the ante for the consequences of failure in the eternal war of good versus evil The ups and downs of Johanne s and Adam s domestic life provide an effective counterbalance to the international feuding between nations This is definitely a suspense thriller you ll want to read, even if you haven t read the first two. I read this book because it was promoted as a locked room mystery and I just finished riding the tram and metro routes in Oslo on You Tube The locked room element was quite good But this book is not a mystery There was no questioning of suspects or any clues It is rather a political novel I wouldn t even call it a thriller Not my kind of book at all And in certain sections it becomes rather tedious Just descriptions of what people are doing and saying The only real suspense came in the last 10% of the book And I wish people will understand the difference between a closed circle mystery and a locked room mystery A locked room mystery is where a crime is committed behind locked doors It is also a generic term for any kind of impossible crime A closed circle mystery is a story where all the suspects are together near the scene of the crime, for example in a country house or a train or a vacation resort This book is not a closed circle mystery Many of the characters don t even meet each other.And why do the investigators ot two different countries have to fight with each other instead of working peacefully together Comisarul Stub se confrunt cu o situa ie limit pre edinta Americii este r pit n Oslo Ne afl m n pragul unui scandal diplomatic i al unei crize mondiale Ingvar Stub este ns rcinat cu acest caz I se cere s colaboreze cu omul pre edintei, profilerul FBI Scifford, un individ misterios care r sare de undeva din trecutul tulbure al lui Inger Johanne Vik, so ia i coechipiera lui Stub Aceast apari ie ajut oare la solu ionarea dispari iei sau complic i mai mult situa ia Un remarcabil policier al zilelor noastre, care te ine cu sufletul la gur p n la cap t Fostul ministru al justi iei din Norvegia, Anne Holt, scrie un roman poli ist cu miz politic Helen Lardahl Bentley, prima femeie pre edinte a Statelor Unite, tocmai a nvins o n alegeri pe Hillary Clinton Face o vizit oficial n Norvegia, ar cu un poten ial de risc extrem de mic, de altfel Dar, n plin zi de s rb toare na ional a Norvegiei, pre edinta american dispare f r urm din camera ei de hotel, n ciuda maximei securit i i a camerelor vigilente de luat vederi Poli ia norvegian e n alert , FBI ul sose te de urgen la Oslo Ca i Warren Scifford, subordonatul direct al pre edintei, agent al Serviciilor Secrete i profiler Scifford cere s lucreze n echip cu poli istul Yngvar Stub , care, nu nt mpl tor, este colegul de munc i so ul lui Inger Johanne Vik Pe Warren l leag un trecut misterios de Inger Johanne, de pe vremea c nd aceasta era student n America Dar problema crucial cu care se confrunt comisarul Stub este cum s evite o criz mondial R pirea Pre edintei a zguduit o lume ntreag , bursa st s se pr bu easc , s au deteriorat rela iile Americii cu Iranul i Arabia Saudit , dat fiind c n spatele dispari iei se presupune a fi Al Qaida, iar na iunea american e cuprins de o panic general.Anne Holt pune n mi care o intrig complex i de mare fine e, ce leag prin fire nev zute nenum rate personaje din diverse col uri ale lumii, abord nd totodat problema terorismului arab mpotriva Americii Plin de suspans, povestea diabolic nu nceteaz s te surprind de la prima p n la ultima pagin a c r ii. Un giallo un po strampalato Ho trovato noiosissime le numerose parti sul confronto polizia norvegese americana, sempre uguali e che non risolvevano mai nulla.Per il resto, storia un bel po inverosimile vero, alla fine quasi tutto torna, tutti i personaggi che non si capiva cosa stessero l a fare trovano il loro posto nella storia, per boh alla fine tutte ste grandissime indagini, Fbi, Secret Service, spiegamento di forze norvegesi e americane, e poi chi risolve il caso Nessuno, cio , si risolve da solo Anche i protagonisti non si capisce bene che ruolo abbiano, sembra che ci siano solo personaggi secondari.Per carit , alla fine mi ha incuriosita e le ultime centocinquanta pagine le ho lette in frettissima, per non sono molto convinta Direi che due stellette sono il voto giusto Cos cos per non parlare del titolo italianola porta chiusa Ma quale porta Il titolo originale parlava dell elezione del presidente Not the best book Quite enjoyed the storyline. Anne Holt, che tu sia condannata a passare l eternit nel girone pi infimo dell inferno dei cattivi scrittori Vik, Stubo e compagnia bella da bravi, mettetevi tutti in fila indiana in modo ordinato per facilitare l operazione Riempiamo di calci i personaggi stupidi ed irritanti Johanne, tu per ultima, perch ti sei meritata una doppia razione, se non tripla Al momento non mi sembra che esista un personaggio pi irritante di codesta donna, e giuro che ne ho beccati tantissimi nella mia lunga e onorata carriera di lettrice.Qualcuno vuole spiegare alla Holt che NON necessario presentare il cattivo a pag 3 Se non si toglie questa brutta abitudine, sta qua..Tralaltro, io non riesco ad afferrare il concetto presidente rapito terrorismo ARABI.Come si permette xD Manco fosse americana..E poi, non per fare la guastafeste eh, ma la tipa la trovano a pag 247 Il libro ne ha 430 Arcani misteri di scrittori incompetenti Credo che il libro sia posseduto da demoni pi andavo avanti e pi la fine si allontanava, e diventava sempre pi un miraggio..18.50 NON POSSO CREDERCI BUTTATI, SPRECATI, SPRERPERATI PER UNA BOIATA SIMILE.Mi vado a punire col il cilicio, va u.uVisto che ci siamo, vi dedico una perla di saggezza della Holt Il luned precedente, Louise aveva preparato una cena di quattro portate con pat di foie gras,MICA CAZZIrisotto ai tartufi veriE MICA QUELLI TAROCCHI DA DISCOUNT EH e arrosto di cervo, frutto di una partita di caccia autunnale che, in verit , avrebbe dovuto essere riservato al cenone di Natale con i viciniPag 14.ORA La vicenda si svolge il 20 gennaio Quindi una settimana prima era il 13 , giusto E che diamine, che si tiene il cervo per un altro anno perch riservato al cenone di Natale con i vicini Ditemi se sono l unica allibita.