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A neutral view of the madness that is the old firm Told through the eyes of young boys, this book delves deep into the preconceived ideas of what it is to be Celtic Rangers supporters in Glasgow in the modern day, alongside the hardships faced by refugees in scotland Most suited for preteens, as a teacher I can see this being used as a wonderful teaching aid to discuss the need for kindness and compassion throughout all of lives interactions I m glad to have read this. I mostly liked this book It describes the story of two boys, who belong to different religions Also they support different football teams It seems that one has to treat another just like another stranger and best be on his way out Atmosphere in which live each of them should have big influence on them But, they become good friends, although they have different world outlook, they believe in different things, support different teams Graham is the main character of this book He changes with the development of the plot At the beginning he was a bit selfish, but then he starts to respect other people and take care of his parents He becomesadult Joe, the second boy, by this time has already succeeded in some of these aspects You can compare, how Joe speaks to his father and how Graham locked in his room Their attitude to their parents is my favourite part of book, because this is problem, which you can see everywhere I also cannot brag about my good behaviour, but I try to correct the situation I believe, that I have reached some succes in this part of my life And some my friends speaks to their parents as though they are servants In my mind, it is unfair behaviour Very unfair For me football was the background Also I expectedsweety final, where painted in detail the fate of the main characters at least ten years ahead Bur the final was quite epic I do not know, it is good or not for me.I think that Theresa Breslin described the way that every teenager must pass to become a responsible adult man Graham s problems are in common with many children in his age. [Download Epub] ☪ The Divided City ♌ A Young Man Lies Bleeding In The StreetIt Could Be Any Street, In Any City But It S Not It S Glasgow And It S May The Marching Season The Orange Walks Have BegunGraham Doesn T Want To Be Involved He Just Wants To Play Football With His New Mate, Joe But When He Witnesses A Shocking Moment Of Violence, Suddenly He And Joe Are Involved With Catholics, And With Protestants With A Young Muslim Asylum Seeker, And His Girlfriend With All The Old Rivalries And FearsA Gripping Tale About Two Boys Who Must Find Their Own Answers And Their Own Way Forward In A World Divided By Differences Devided city, written by Theresa Breslin.Devided city is a really nice book and the book is easy to read the book is really likable if you like footbal and when you like the Scottish competition I knew a lot of the Scottisch competition before is started to read this book, but when I started to read this book I realized how many hate their was between the supporters before you start to read this book I advise to read something about the Old Firm, when you know something about the Old Firm it will help you to understand the book the most importent thing about this book is the friendship between the two guys despite they are for two differents football clubs.the main characters Joe and Graham are two young boys who love football they both play football and they are the two best football players of the team Devided city isn t the most easy book i have ever learned because sometimes it was really difficult to understand what happened the things who were difficult to understand were only details, but dispite this it was a really nice book and Im really happy that I have chosen this book. In our modern world there is way too much bigotry and discrimination based on the fact that we are not all alike Often this is based on misconceptions and, frankly, pure laziness in those who accept the soundbites and the status quo and don t look under the headlines Using two school boys in Glasgow who come from different backgrounds, different schools, different parts of the city and are being herded by their extended families into continuing the status quo to examine these issues is a great idea And introducing a touch of immigration into the story provides evenresonance.That we can accept each other for who we are and that we can be allowed to have different views and opinions is very important But to realise that we can we work together and be greater than the sum of us as individuals for all that is even .I found this a page turner that I didn t really want to put down It also made me aware of just how far Glasgow and Scotland have come in integration of different peoples over the last 20 years. One night Graham surname never specified is taking a short cut against which his parents have repeatedly warned him on his way home from football training when he witnesses a gang chasing and stabbing a young lad whom they call asylum scum Graham comforts the wounded boy, Kyoul, uses the mobile phone Kyoul has dropped to call an ambulance and accompanies him to the hospital then slips away but not before Kyoul asks him to take a message, and the phone, to his girlfriend Leanne This leads to Graham almost by accident involving another boy from training, Joe Flaherty who is of course from across the sectarian divide to which the book s title mainly refers in finding Leanne s house She is grateful but has kept her relationship with Kyoul from her own parents and so asks them to visit Kyoul for her This strand of the book where they find common purpose off the training pitch is intertwined with the background of both footballers.Graham s Granda Reid is a proud Orangeman who wants Graham to march in the big Orange Walk which is coming up Graham s parents have always resisted pressure to make him take part when he was younger saying he should make his own mind up when he is old enough However, this is the year he must do so Joe s family members are equally committed to upholding their Catholic traditions.But this is where Divided City is too diagrammatic Nearly every domestic conversation in the book centres on sectarianism and how the others mistreat our side.There were other infelicities The football training is for a youth team to be known as Glasgow City which is about to take part in an inter cities youth competition Here credulity becomes strained If both boys were as good at football as the novel tells us they d most likely already be attached to a club and probably not allowed to play for anyone else Another unconvincing aspect is that Leanne is said to be not yet sixteen but she met Kyoul who had wandered in off the street at one of Glasgow University s school open days and both ended up looking at a stand where they were each wondering what courses they would choose and struck up a conversation Fifteen is rather young for such a trip Also, the first time home ground of Rangers is mentioned it s by a supporter, who calls it Ibrox Park A fan would just say Ibrox Similarly we get the Celtic Parkhead stadium Then there is the description of an Old Firm game where the phrase unleashed a stinging right kick is used It s called a shot, not a kick Later one fan is enjoined to Watch the play It would be Watch the game Granted the dilemma of an asylum seeker from a White List country, deemed to be safe but which isn t, may need elucidating to a wider audience, yet while the novel is even handed enough as between Protestant and Catholic viewpoints I struggled to see for what audience this could have been written, whom it was intended to educate The book s cover is emblazoned with the phrase Carnegie Medal winning author implying it s for young adults But young adults in Glasgow will know about sectarianism, those elsewhere likely not care Northern Ireland excepted The incidental illustration of the usual parental restrictions on adolescent comings and goings do not expand the scope Divided City s earlier chapters reminded me of a certain kind of not very good Science Fiction which doesn t trust its reader to make the connections, so too much is spelled out And there is an overuse of exclamation marks I would submit that YA readers deserve better.There is a good novel about sectarianism and or football in Glasgow out there This isn t it. This book is based on a realistic problem The most beautiful meaning is that two religious ways can come together by an adventure or a common sport The story goes about two boys Graham protestant and Joe Catholic Graham has really strict parents who don t want to know something about catholic people Joe lives with his father because his mom died Joe has to take care of his father They are having an adventure to help Kyoul the asylum seeker finding a girl While they are busy with helping him, they became best friend and accepted each other for how they are Glasglow has two sides of life, protestant or catholic and football, you have the Celtic and the Rangers, Graham and Joe are having a different opinion about football but when they are playing football they come together They are sharing a same love The story is really special to read because it has a lovely meaning I should definitely read it I read this book because my daughter read it in school as part of a project on sectarianism and I was curious in a Glasgow school so very relevant and I have to admit the book hits the nail on the head Being a teenager in Glasgow in the early ninety s ok a bit before this is set I ve seen old firm day violence, been in the city centre on dreaded orange walk days and remember what it was like when asylum seekers first arrived in the city and the author caught all aspects of that albeit a lighter side since the book is aimed at kids Well worth a read I cannot dislike the book, which keeps so precise and true descriptions and thoughts about my favourite game football The dialogs about it are brilliand, because they are very logical and they are written very competent, even though the author is a woman It doesn t prevent me from comprehension, that one of the tasks of penetration of this theme into the book is to make it attractive for such readers fans as I and to focus through the football theme on other themes, opened in this book.The thing that amazed me most is plenty and diversity of motifs, touched in this book, based on religious division The definitions between Catholics and Protestants are considered in many spheres of the life, from the football tastes up to demonstrations and city sights First I rated it with four stars, but now I changed my opinion After reading, I thought that the ending is too sweet, the conflict is solved a bit unreal But when I ve followed the evolution of the main hero a onetheme, fully considered in the book from psychological view I decided that the ending is like an award for this evolution It continues to be a little bit hard to belive, but it is very honest and fair And you want to belive in this final game. When I finished this book, I was a bit puzzled I still couldn t understand, that the whole city is divided into two parts, having different religions, different traditions, different football teams If there are so many differences, what connected these groups Why there are living together Nevertheless, I was so deeply impressed by this book, because it was written brilliantly Of course, I admired the football match descriptions and the teenagers dreams of them playing in the World Cup final Of course, I was nearly interested in asylum seekers problem, because this is urgent problem nowadays.At first, I thought that Graham s character was too common, but then I realized that if it wasn t, Graham s evolution wouldn t seem so broad However, I still think that such a marvelous book deserves better final It is too simple and predictable To my mind, it is so because this book is written for teenagers and in the end everybody should be happy Anyway, I loved this book and have no regrets of reading it.