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FREE EBOOK ⚷ Manga Mania Magical Girls and Friends: How to Draw the Super-Popular, Action-Fantasy Characters of Manga ì Sailor Moon Card Captor Sakura Magical Girl Rayearth They Re Magical Girls, And They Re Some Of The Biggest Names In Manga Magical Girls, Ordinary Schoolgirls Given Superpowers, Are Hugely Popular In Japan And The United States Now Christopher Hart Shows Fans Everywhere How To Draw These Manga Shoujo Faves Faces And Body Proportions, Action Poses, Costumes, Expressions, Transformations, Special Effects They Re All Here, All In Hart S Distinctive Step By Step Approach So Are Magical Fighting Boys And Everybody S Favorite, The Cute, Furry Manga Mascots Hart Demonstrates How To Create Funny Mascots, Magical Boys, Fighting Teams, And Supporting Characters, Plus How To Design Layouts Magical Girls Show Us That We All Have Special Powers Deep Inside Now Manga Mania Magical Girls And Friends Let Those Special Drawing Powers Reveal Themselves At Last If you want to learn to draw manga, save your cash and read ANYTHING NOT WRITTEN BY THIS GUY When I first started learning, I was enthralled by the awesome artwork and I thought the instructions were great.Then I grew up.The guy only drew like 5 of the actual illustrations However, there are a couple things that were superbly done, props to those artists.But still Christopher Hart is a joke when it comes to manga. Oh goodness Christopher Hart honestly doesn t know much when it comes to anime, sad to say, but this isn t his most terrible book In fact, it s probably one of his decent ones.It still tries TOO HARD like his other anime manga books THE GOOD I m gonna try to get to the point Some of the artists did a nice job specifically Nao Yazawa, PH, and Chihiro Milley A couple of good tips were explained, such as the transitioning and how perspectives can determine the mood of a scene Very beautiful costumes on some of the characters.THE BAD HORRIBLE coloring on some images HORRIBLE It s so bad that some of the girls don t have their eyes properly shaded in THAT and the fact the light source is so off Who the hell hired these people They need to go back to school Some things are just extremely corny You can just tell it s corny, I don t even need to explain that Bubbly Belina, Mischievous Marla REALLY How about they include some actual JAPANESE names like Japan really does it than do something like that It s so horrible how some of the art is right there at the professional level while others look clearly amateurish It s down right insulting If you re going to teach people, you teach them with CLASS You don t have FAIL artists teaching people The Villains section is one of the most poorly drawn.THE IN BETWEEN I don t know if it s really a GOOD thing to promote stereotypes and cliches Then again I guess it can help people on what to avoid, so this isn t really bad or good. It was an excellent book on helping me choose costumes and items for my magical girls that I drew It didn t really help me think up attack names I still need to think of those The one problem with Christopher Hart s books is, there are so many artists in them That is good because it helps you find your own style, but it bugs me because say you want to draw like somebody in the book but the only person s drawings they show how to draw with is maybe someone you don t like not usually true, but you get the idea.