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Every recipe is delicious I ve only made 1 recipe from here so far the Cream Cheese Carolina biscuits , but my husband ate 10 of them they are small and declared them to be the best biscuits he d ever had, so this book is automatically a winner.M made my Mother s Day dessert out of here, too a Sweet Cake biscuit that serves as the cake for strawberry shortcake It was delicious Next up will be trying out another biscuit for my parents in law, who are visiting this weekend My father in law has always seemed to enjoy the regular, Betty Crocker baking powder biscuits I ve made before, so hopefully we can wow him. @Book õ Southern Biscuits å Nothing Says Comfort Like A Southern Biscuit Southern Biscuits Features Recipes And Baking Secrets For Every Biscuit Imaginable, Including Hassle Free Easy Biscuits To Embellished Biscuits Laced With Silky Goat Butter, Crunchy Pecans, Or Tangy Pimento CheeseThe Traditional Biscuits In This Book Encompass A Number Of Types, From Beaten Biscuits Of The Old South And England, To Angel Biscuits A Yeast Biscuit Sturdy Enough To Split And Fill But Light Enough To Melt In Your Mouth Filled With Beautiful Photography, Including Dozens Of How To Photos Showing How To Mix, Stir, Fold, Roll, And Knead, Southern Biscuits Is The Definitive Biscuit Baking BookNathalie Dupree Has Written Or Coauthored Many Cookbooks, Including The James Beard Award Winner Nathalie Dupree S Southern Memories And Shrimp And GritsShe Has Appeared On ThanTelevision Shows And Specials, Which Have Shown Nationally On PBS, The Learning Channel, And The Food Network Dupree Holds An Advanced Certificate From The Cordon Bleu And Has Also Written Extensively For Magazines And Newspapers She Lives In Charleston, South CarolinaCynthia Stevens Graubart Is An Author And Former Television Producer Who Began Her Culinary Television Production Career With New Southern Cooking With Nathalie Dupree InShe Is The Author Of The One Armed Cook, Called The Culinary Version Of What To Expect When You Re Expecting Cynthia And Her Husband, Cliff, Live In Atlanta, GeorgiaHomemade Refrigerator Biscuit Mix MakesCupsIf Making Several Batches Of Biscuits A Month, Or One Biscuit At A Time, Make A Flour And Fat Base Mixture To Add The Milk To At A Later Time It Will Keep Several Months In A Tightly Covered Container In The Refrigerator Combine One Part Milk Or Buttermilk With Two Parts Mix For Any Quantity Of Biscuits FromToOnce Again, Salt And Baking Powder Are Added This Dough Can Also Be Used In Making Coffee Cakes, Pancakes, Waffles, And The LikeIngredientsCups Self Rising Flour Teaspoons Salt Teaspoons Cream Of Tartar Teaspoons Baking Powder Cups Chilled Shortening, Lard, Or Butter,roughly Cut Into Inch PiecesDirections Fork Sift Or Whisk The Flour, Salt, Cream Of Tartar, And Baking Powder In A Very Large Bowl Scatter The Shortening Over The Flour And Work In By Rubbing Fingers With The Shortening And Flour As If Snapping Thumb And Fingers Together Or Use Two Forks Or Knives, Or A Pastry Cutter Until The Mixture Looks Like Well Crumbled Feta Cheese, With No Piece Larger Than A PeaShake The Bowl Occasionally To Allow The Larger Pieces Of Fat To Bounce To The Top Of The Flour, Revealing The Largest Lumps That Still Need RubbingStore The Mix In The Refrigerator In An Airtight Container Until Ready To Use A great book on baking biscuits which, for me, has always had a mystical and somewhat untouchable quality to it These two authors paint a picture of biscuit baking that is both inviting and approachable The lengthy introductory material gives a great overview of what makes a good biscuit, what can cause them to be difficult to make, hints on getting started with success, and encouragement about the patience and commitment it will take to become a good biscuit baker What follows, of course, is a host of tested and proven recipes for biscuits of all sorts, and for all levels of experience I can t wait to try my hand at some of these. It s a great book about that southern staple food, homemade biscuits There was a time before womp biscuits the ones in the tube you womp on the counter to get out when homemade biscuits were served at every meal There are recipes for all types and well as great techniques and tips.This was intended to be a chapter in their brand new several hundred page tome, Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking but it grew to the point that it needed its own book.If you are a cookbook collector or just a fan of great food, add this to your library. Biscuit BibleFantastic recipes Will be trying about 50% of the recipes amd mixing my own flour Wish the book hadpictures of the different biscuits. This is a wonderfully comprehensive biscuit book Not everything I ve made has been awesome, but I did find my 1 go to biscuit recipe in this book Biscuit Supreme and I ve been searching for quite some time I don t expect to love every recipe in a book, so long as at least one is stellar, it is worth the purchase price. It s not very often that I purchase books, but this is a book that I want to own Great recipes for biscuits, scones, and other quick breads as well as for jams, preserves, gravies, and other biscuit accompaniments. This book helped me finally understand the difference between baking powder and baking soda As someone who bakes regularly, this should be something I already get But the thing is, I mostly just bake recipes other people share I m not good enough to be able to sort out my own I don t know the best ratios of liquid to dry ingredients, so I can t just sub things in and out.I really appreciated that the book has a generous introduction before diving into recipes The authors talk about the history of biscuits and how different flours in different parts of the U.S yield different feels to the biscuits They offer advice for storing and measuring flour and, as mentioned above, the different purposes baking powder and baking soda fulfill in a recipe They also dive into different types of fat to use butter is yummy, but you ll get a lighter biscuit if you use shortening or lard , and different options for liquid I m looking forward to using yogurt in one of the recipes.Finally, and most importantly, the authors take you through the actual preparation of the dough, and include two types of kneading and eight different ways to shape biscuits, depending on the consistency of the dough and the look you are going for They also discuss some common ways the home baker can totally screw the pooch It s helpful.They then dive into the recipes, broken out into easy biscuits, traditional biscuits, embellished biscuits I m so excited to try the black pepper ones , biscuit relatives cheese straws , tomorrow s biscuits i.e what to do with leftovers , and desserts They also include some recipes for things you want to eat WITH biscuits, like compound butter or chocolate gravy And they include a recipe for refrigerator biscuits so you can make dough ahead of time and just add liquid and bake up as you have time There are many I want to try out, which I think is a sign of a pretty good cookbook. Okay, I love this book in a lot of ways, but I felt it was both overly complete and incomplete.It has a zillion variants of the basic white flour baking powder or soda fat dairy biscuit, which is actually a good thing for those of us who want to fine tune our ideal classic biscuit It s totally repetitive, but I m not complaining.The biscuit related items also seem awesome Waffles Strawberry refrigerator jam Yes, please Where I think this failed is that it offered variety that departed from biscuit ness instead of offeringvariety within biscuit ness There aren t any recipes involving whole wheat flour which often requires different liquid proportions flours made from grains other than wheat potato other than the sweet potato pumpkin biscuits grits There are lots of biscuits that involve forms of starch other than white flour Some of those forms of starch are also very Southern, although if she s going to write about universals such as pancakes and waffles, die hard Southernness is obviously not a requirement I don t expect it to be all crunchy granola or to turn biscuits into health food or tackle gluten free baking, but it s very common to incorporate leftover grits, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc., that might otherwise go to waste, into bread recipes Why not into biscuits I checked it out from the library I m torn I need to keep it long enough to try the recipes and decide which I like best, but I m not sure I want to own it forever.