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Quick readThe author was the reason why I chose the novel The plot is bad boy turns good boy Character were wedeveloped. Whitehorse Deputy Halley Robinson responds to a 911 call and unexpectantly finds herself face to face with her teenage crush, Colton Chisholm This strong, sexy man was once the schoolboy who teased her with frogs But now he s on a mission to solve a case the murder of someone from his past The girl he once teased is now a woman he must resist if they are to work together to solve this mystery Fast paced, action packed, I couldn t put it down. This book had a lot of moving parts going on, and several main characters This would be a good book to actually read, but if you re like me and have your kindle read to you, it can get a bit confusing at times Hey don t judge, I love multitasking Cleaning house, while having my kindle read to me, lol Anyways getting back to the book The suspense was awesome It had a creepy feel to it, in a few parts of the story There was some twist that just left me blown away The action was in the last chapter, and it was intense One part of the book I thought wasn t cleared up before the book ended I hate cliff hangers The romance was sweet at the end, but was put on the back burner through most of the book. I really liked the double mystery, one of which I think is going to continue over the arc of the 6 books I would have liked a littleto the romance part, it seemed they relied a little too much on the fact that they knew each other back in grade school, but I wasn t surprised as I find that often in the Intrigues The mystery was satisfying, so that made me happy i was guessing til the end. I liked this novel because it was a good mystery, cleverly planned The action is fast paced which makes putting the book down hard I did, however, think that there should have beencharacter development because the quick romance between the two main characters was a little hard to believe. The story of colton and his girlfriend who disappeared 14 years ago.He gets a letter that was lost for 14 years to discover that she was murdered the night she was going to run away.Coltons father hoyt comes home with a new wife emma and changes all their lives.A really interesting book 1st in a 5 book series. BrandedColton was stunned when he read the letter that was supposed to have been delivered fourteen years ago When he found Jessica s purse he somehow knew that she was dead When he called the sheriff, he was not prepared to see another woman from his past. As others have stated in their review, it woukd have gotten a higher rating with a bitromance I figured out the mother was a lotinvolved and nit as innocent as she appears, quite early in the story. Ahm Ahm. This one s okay but there s just too many things going..This supposed to be Romance..the suspense and solving crime thing is okay but why I only read Harlequin when I want a good Romance but B.J Daniels isfocused on solving crimes than Love..I can t blame her if it s her way of writing But still. `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ↠ Branded (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., #1) ⇭ Responding To ACall, Whitehorse Deputy Halley Robinson Is Stunned To Find Herself Face To Face With Her Teenage Crush, Colton Chisholm The Schoolboy Who Had Teased Her Is Now A Strong And Sexy Man And He S On A Mission To Solve A Case But If He Plans On Unmasking A Killer, He S Going To Need Her HelpColton Can No Longer Run From The Truth Someone In His Small Town Has Gotten Away With Murder Now It S Up To Him To Bring The Killer To Justice With The Help Of Local Authorities, Which, To His Surprise, Include Halley The Girl Who Had Once Idolized Him Is Now A Woman He Must Fight To Resist But As They Work On The Case, The Attraction Between Them Only Grows Stronger Their Rocky Past May Lead To A Future Together Unless The Killer Parts Them Forever