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A different and unexpected continuation to an already good start in the first book, it was very nice to be introduced to Bryce the missing eighth brother Well written story with emotional issues rearing their heads alongside Bryce s reappearance and Mikayla s pregnancy Very enjoyable. Esta segunda parte es demasiado dram tica, al menos para m Mikayla se ve obligada a quedarse en la tierra con uno de sus ahora maridos y termina conociendo a un hermano perdido, Bryce, del que todos desconf an por ciertas cosas del pasado pero del que ella se siente segura casi desde el principio.Tras la aparici n de Bryce muchas cosas suceden, y mientras Mikayla debe quedarse a su cuidado va descubriendo las razones tras la separaci n de este de sus hermanos.Al final, las cartas se ponen sobre la mesa, y Mikayla termina teniendo por fin a sus ocho hombres Muy recomendable. [Read Pdf] ☼ Sweet Captivation (A Bride for Eight Brothers, #2) ♔ Unable To Return To The Ice Planet Due To Her Pregnancy, Mikayla Is Left On Earth With Lachlan While The Rest Of Her Husbands Complete Their Contract But An Unexpected Midnight Visitor Causes Concern He S Injured, Frightened And Offensive, But He S Also Matt S Twin Brother, BryceWhen Brock Is Injured And Stranded At The Bottom Of A Snow Crevice, Lachlan Is Called Back To The Ice Planet To Help Rescue His Brother He Has No Choice But To Leave His Wife S Safety In The Hands Of A Man He Barely KnowsBut When Trouble Comes Looking For Bryce, Will Mikayla End Up In The Line Of Fire Sweet Captivation is book two in the erotica menage series, A Bride for Eight Brothers series by Abby Blake I enjoyed this story but not as much as book one view spoiler In this story, Mikayla loses a baby and another brother is introduced I found it hard to accept that the brothers and Mikayla all accepted the new guy into the marriage Even for family and for a menage relationship, this is just pushing the reader too far over the unrealistic ledge The baby was a disappointing twist She s pregnant by a few weeks and they re treating her like glass When she loses the baby, Laughlan thinks its his fault for having sex with her and not treating her like fragile glass and yet they don t find a way to come together by the end I gave it three stars though because the sex is always hot hide spoiler Not able to stay with the brothers since she s pregnant and that s forbidden on the icy planet, Mikayla is forced to spend time on Earth with Lachlan, until their contract is forfilled and they can move on together But disaster strikes, in ways than one, and a suprise brother Mikayla didn t know turns out to be her only hope to get through this Quick read, smutty fluff and multiple partners in a great combo. Hmmm 3.7 or 3.8 to be accurate I liked than the first book, I really liked the addition of Bryce the long lost brother, the dangerous one, the black sheep, etc etc etcTrue the story just seem like the troubles just sort them selfs out like magic as the sort story line evolves and true in some parts the book seems little poor than in other parts for the writing view.But I still seem to like the series so far It s easy to read and the hole different planets thing has a certain appeal.Off to start the 3rd one We finally meet the eighth husband It went a long way to clear up my confusion with the first book being apart of a series called a Bride for eight husbands when we only met 7 I did enjoy the story and am looking forward to see how this odd relationship grows. The story is good but again there are too many men It is hard to keep track of them at times I am not sure if I will continue with this series I like the basic story line but I am not sure the whole group love is to my liking LoL oh what can I say to this I read the first one and was a bit curious on the second one I haven t read any since but it was full of WTF moments Eight brothers, really Okay so they like to say they are into multiple spouses, but I don t hear of that going on in the same family usually You d think some of these guys would get bored being stereotyped as exclusive doms, or they share twins of course , or they are sweet and giving in the bedroom, but no it seems that s what they are and they never stray from that The villain is one of the brother s ex fianc I say one because I honestly can t keep track of them all He s all butt hurt because she rejected him after he made the oh so reasonable request of letting half a dozen of his brothers bed her Really OH comeon Abby you can t be serious I think 99.9% of women would tell a man to go F himself is he said that too her The whole lawsuit thing was dumb and unrealistic as well Why are all the brothers in this pack together What made all of them say if we get a women lets ALL share her I might see the twins wanting to share or a few of the others who are close but all together That woman is one extreme nympho to keep them happy all the time, and I mean all the time.I haven t read the others but I d find it curious how Mikayla or w e her name is would react if one of the other brothers meets another women to bring into the family We see how jealous she gets when two women start working with them It s okay for her to have 8 but no other women is allowed in Isn t that how these marriages work I can see her throwing such a pity party fit they d all give her their vow to be the only woman ever I kept thinking how bad it must smell living with 8 men in a small popup home all the time And the food she cooks, I hope she cooks about 4x what s normal. A continuation of Mikayla s story these six novellas are not stand alone stories but are dependent upon the previous books These men certainly show a serious sense of honor and maturity about this woman, taking her in, housing her, saving her from a terrible fate when her fiance brought her to this planet with the express purpose of leaving her stranded and being sold as a sex slave, all unbeknownst to her Her relationship with these brothers continue to expand and they learn that she is an honorable person who keeps her word and who is worth knowing and allowing in their life Again, at this point, there are only seven brothers present All are different is many ways, and there are several sets of twins As polyamorous families are the norm, it is not unusual for families to be made up of multiple fathers or multiple mothers A fun read set in the future but the most fun is watching this woman manage seven men of very differing needs and personalities I am amazed she isn t crazy.