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!FREE BOOK ☪ Beyond Desire ♾ From A Private Berth On The Orient Express, To The Finest Hotels In Europe, To The Mystical Gateway Of The East, These Unlikely Lovers, Alexandra DeLisle And Ryder Culhane, Risk A Passion That Will Test The Limits Of Desire And Fate, As They Face A Danger Greater, And Seductive Than Any Power They Could Imagine Good book with an unusual hero heroine set in an exotic location Fun and enjoyable. A love scene that lasts 100 pages That s all I need to say. Well, that was amazing I m having the hardest time assigning stars to it It s written in the purplest of prose, by the end I hated the hero, the sister the heroine spends the entire book trying to rescue ends up DEAD, and the version of archeology presented is so nonsensical I have to go read some Barbara Michaels now, as a palate cleanser.On the other hand the sex scenes are AMAZING, and the issues surrounding sex and power are infuriating but fascinating It s like a trainwreck where all the boxcars contain appalling beliefs about women s sexuality she ll be addicted to sex Sex renders her powerless It would take ten men to satisfy her If she flirts with men other than the hero, she s putting herself in danger of rape Also, Bad Guy Who Kidnaps Her Sister seems to be bad chiefly because he 1 has a harem and 2 prefers anal sex once with the horror another man I mean, he s also the head of an ancient religion devoted to the worship of evil But the only form that takes is training the sister for anal sex, maintaining a harem for anal sex, and kidnapping the heroine and threatening her with wait for it anal sex Whereas the HERO makes the heroine agree to be his odalisque in return for accompanying him on the mission to rescue her sister, and at one point is said to be off getting laid elsewhere I can t tell if he really was, or this was misinformation , and by the end has killed as many people on his rescue mission as the Bad Guy did Possibly people, since he burnt down a harem So in the end ow good and evil in this book are largely a matter of Choice of Hole I can t say it wasn t entertaining, though.Full review here This book has been sitting on my shelf forever and I finally decided to pick it up and give it a try I enjoyed the story and it kept my attention I enjoyed the journey by Orient Express and eluding the followers and the search for clues about the bracelets I think this book would have been much enjoyable without the sex scenes They were ridiculous, and overburdened with words like transmogrified, termagant, profligate I also found that I occasionally had a hard time following whose thoughts and feelings she was describing because they flipped back and forth I think Thea Devine s writing would be better served with attention to how the erotic scenes fit within the whole of her story. This is the most sexy book I have ever read Hot romance fans will absolutely adore this desert tale of sex and passion.Prim Alexandra and rugged adventurer Ryder Culhane have every kind of sex you can possibly imagine They are out to recover a pair of priceless bracelets that Alexandra s archaeologist father dug up long ago Unfortunately, Alexandra s spoiled and sexy little sister Allegra has fallen completely under the spell of evil foreign collector Dzmura and it looks like he has the bracelets Journeying to Persia to confront him, Alexandra is separated from her rugged Ryder and falls into the clutches of the evil Dzmura herself But when her intense training in the arts of pleasure turns Alexandra into a willing slave herself, can even Ryder save her in time Only three words can truly describe this sexy romance.Hot, hot, hot I very much enjoy Thea Devine s books Her writing expects the reader to think and observe Intricate stories with surprising twists yet still romantic In this book, the two daughters of a archeologist, Sir Peregrine, lose first their mother and a short time later, their father There are mysteries here and Alexandra, the older, had his confidence but many questions were left unanswered at his death Allegra, the younger sister, disappears in the company of a neighbor, Dzmura, who is involved with Sir Peregrine s research in the middle East Alexandra accompanies her father s business associate to find her sister, pursuing them into a world where anyone could be your enemy. Alexandra s father dies, leaving two bracelets he excavated behind and a big mystery Culhane shows up, asking about Alex s father s investigations They journey to the Middle East after Alex s sister Allegra disappears with a mysterious neighbor Alex makes a deal with Culhane she ll be his sex slave if he takes her with him As they journey across the continent she succumbs to his sexual allure. Ok so I will NOT be recommending this guys to anyone I hate to give bad reviews on books, because there are things in every story that are appealing, but when the over all isn t that great I have to lay it out A few things about the writing itself again I feel bad for critisizing, but really first who ever editted this book should be fired I might just be overly anal retentive, but when she says something and later it says he drives me crazy The language used was extremely confusing in the first half of the book, once I got over the confusion I understood, but I didn t like that I had to go through than 100 pages before I could work it out Maybe I m a little dense Now the story itself The overall plot became very interesting through the middle which I was very happy about, as I said before the first half was just very confuseing the POV changes without warning and it is very hard to follow Again it got better as the book progressed, but getting there was a problem The love scense where hot, but discribing the male member than 3 4 time in the span of 2 pages if over kill I GET IT his is blessed in the front ENOUGH already Over kill is an understatement to the repeditive verbage in this book Someone should have given the author a thesaurus because I m sure that there are other ways to say voluptuous and nakeness very annoying after the 100th time OK, now that I got most of the negatives out of the way a few positives for the book The story it s self was actual really interesting I like the premise, and the multiple twist at the very end where suprising The sex slave part of the story was a suprise and I really didn t see it comeing it made sense in a way, and the built up to it with the main characters play helped understand better what was happening when the main female was emerges into that enviroment Overall Meh and that s all I have to say. I m not sure what I thought when I bought this, but the book wasn t it It made little sense, and what did weren t very good.