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I was clueless Bombarded with countless well meaning do gooders and advice givers THIS BOOK WAS THE BEST adviser OF THEM ALL My 3 babies slept and ate like dreams because I followed Penelope s simple, logical, natural and baby led techniques Give EVERY New mum and dad THIS book [[ READ KINDLE ]] ⇹ Your Baby and Child: From Birth to Age Five ⇩ This Newest Edition Of Penelope Leach S Much Loved, Trusted, And Comprehensive Classic An International Best Seller For Twenty Five Years, With Nearly Two Million Copies Sold In America Alone Encompasses The Latest Research And Thinking On Child Development And Learning, And Reflects The Realities Of Today S Changing LifestylesIn Her Authoritative And Practical Style, Leach Responds Fully To Parents Every Concern About The Psychological, Emotional, And Physical Well Being Of Their Children She Describes, In Easy To Follow Stages From Birth Through Starting School, How Children Develop What They Are Doing, Experiencing, And Feeling And She Tackles Both The Questions Parents Often Ask What Does A New Baby S Wakefulness Or A Toddler S Tantrum Mean And Those That Are Difficult How Should New Parents Time Their Return To Work, Choose Day Care, Tell A Child About A New Baby Or An Impending Divorce Whatever The Concern Or Question, Your Baby And Child Supplies The Information, Encouragement, And Reassurance Every Parent To Be Or New Parent Needs Hands down the best child care book ever I loved it so much my kids are old now that I would even consider Penelope a great name for a kid My Bible for raising MY children.my copy is dogged ears and ragged..much loved Good reference book, will probably purchase to refer back to in the future Your Baby and Child From Birth to Age Five is a very thorough and thoughtful book that addresses the development and practicalities of raising a child from birth until about school age The book is split into sections that address specific age groups what you can expect about how the baby is developing, typical problems or illnesses that may arise, ways that the child can be played with in order to increase mental and physical stimulation The book concludes with an appendix reference section that gives brief notes on first aid, accidents, safety practices, infectious diseases, nursing and growth and appropriate playthings based on age and what those playthings are supposed to inspire in the child This book was lent to me by my friend Nancy Pierce, who bought it when she was raising her own children in the early 90s I was hesitant to start this book, only because it is massive and I assumed it would be dry material and would prevent me from reading books I would ordinarily otherwise read I read it out of guilt and probably some anxiety of wanting to be prepared for when my baby is born in 4 months or so, and was very pleasantly surprised how engaging and practical the book was I especially appreciated the moderate tone and acknowledgement of the author that various methods work and you just have to find the one that works for your child I also appreciated reading about the developmental aspect and how you can enhance the baby s development with playful things that will stimulate them even I can see keeping this book for awhile longer if Nancy lets me so as to refer back to it as my child grows I was lucky enough to come across this book as a young teenager and read it from cover to cover It was eye opening for me at the time, as the parenting methods that had been used around me never seemed right and I finally had a book to resort to when I had questions about them Penelope was a breath of fresh air for me as I helped care for younger siblings, and then babysat, and went on to work in the childcare field I am eternally grateful to the greater universe for helping me find this book, which helped lead me on the path I ve followed to attatchment parenting and being educated, gentle, and intelligent about raising my own children now. I like this book very much it s rational, written with a comforting tone that lets a first time parent know that really, everything will be just fine Leach sets out the choices, and rather than coming down on one side or another, tells you the likely consequences For instance, on the issue of a family bed, unlike Dr Sears who is so pro family bed that one feels guilty for having a crib , Leach says, Start the way you mean to go on Both choices are fine But each has consequences The one caveat is that I ve bought this book twice now, and each time the binding fell apart quickly, and long before it saw great use The publisher needs to beef up the binding. This book rocks I mean, seriously Best baby book ever.As a young mother, I was petrified with worries What to do and not do, what could be dangerous etc This book was bought is a second hand shop It was published in 1978, so not long after I was born.It relaxed me so much I cannot tell So this baby book told me what to do in a 1978 fashion, and in the year 2000 everything had changed about babies So in the end, I did as I felt it, with much love, and I didn t do anything wrong My babies are grown up now and they re fine.Thank you Penelope Leach. I haven t gotten past age two or so but I figure when I need it I ll get there I really like the voice of this book, not judgemental and no hard and fast rules just a lot of information and advice with the first rule being do what works for your baby and you I borrowed this from the library but ended up asking for it as a registry gift so we have it as a reference, and I ve already used it several times.