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~EPUB ♍ Beowulf ☸ For A Dozen Years, The Monster Grendel Has Haunted The Danish Kingdom Ruled Over By Hrothgar In The Night, Grendel Stalks The Land, Slaughtering All He Meets When Food Is Scarce, He Raids The King S High Hall, Devouring Warriors And Hauling Others Back To His Dank Home In The Marshes Word Of The Monster Spreads Far And Wide, And From Across The Sea Comes The Warrior Beowulf To Battle The Monster And Free The Danes From Grendel S Reign Of TerrorWritten Some Fifteen Hundred Years Ago, Beowulf Is The First Epic Work In English And Tells A Tale Of Heroism In The Face Of A Wild And Unknowable Evil For This Graphic Novel Version Of The Story, Stefan Petrucha Has Adapted The Story For Middle Graders, Bringing All The Bravery And Bloodshed To Life In A Form For Fans Of The Hollywood Movie Or Of Superheroes Of Any Stripe Beowulf Was The First Superhero A Long Tradition Starts With This PoemAges 12 10 08 We recently read Beowulf in class, and to help understand I wanted to read the comic book It was entertaining with all the details of the real story and awesome pictures to help you visualize what s going on I m not completely finished with it yet, but so far it s really helped me grasp the story better.3 9 09This retelling of the epic poem Beowulf gives you of an idea of the story with graphic pictures, and easy to understand text Based like a comic, I was able to better grasp the concept of this in depth classic story The movie blew me away, and made me want to read the book, but I found out that some major details and events had been misconstrued Stefan Petrucha is the author of many books, graphic novels, and t.v series I truly think that his understanding to make the poem easier and yet lively has spoken to many teens and young adults alike This adaption does indeed tell the story of Beowulf, a decorated solider, that travels far and wide to defeat monsters, and armies Upon hearing about the trouble that Danish king Hrothgar was having in his meade hall, Heorot, with the monster, Grendel, a young and restless Beowulf travels to erase the kings fears With his unique fighting style, Beowulf, soon defeats Grendel, and his hellion mother Beowulf is a man s man Being blessed by a king, and soon becoming king of the Geats himself, he is dubbed invincible He would come to find 50 years later, that another evil could no longer be kept at bay A dragon, awakened by a theif, terrorizes his kingdom, burning down Beowulf s home The question presents itself, will Beowulf make it through this final battle at the peak of his life I thought the telling of this graphic novel was awesome, and hope to read some of Petrucha s work again soon. This works well in graphic novel form I have not read the original, but I think students would like this. Now Beowulf is a book I could get into This is a book that had a lot of fighting and a lot of adventures This is the kind of book I enjoy because as a boy, I was always fascinated by myths and fairy tales Beowulf is an epic poem about a man from Sweden who travels to Denmark so he can rid the land of an evil monster named Grendel Grendel was a monster that terrorized the castle named Heorot After this battle, Beowulf fights Grendel s mother after she murders Hrothgar s adviser, Aeschere He kills her with a sword made by giants After these events, Hrothgar is pleased and gives him a lot of treasure Beowulf says his goodbyes and returns to the Geats After a couple of years Beowulf is brought up to the throne after the heir of Hygelac dies Not too long after, a dragon appears Beowulf dies fighting the dragon with his assistant, Wiglaf, and succeeds but with heavy casualties dies in battle Before Beowulf fights each creature, he boasts about how he will be victorious Although throughout the book he changes from being noble and true to corrupt and greedy.The main characters in this epic poem are Beowulf, Hrothgar, Wiglaf, Grendel, and Grendel s mother In the book Beowulf is the protagonist in the poem and is said to have supernatural strength, and he uses this in some parts of the book Hrothgar is the king that rules over the land of Denmark Wiglaf is a man who follows Beowulf in his old age Grendel is a beast that attacked the castle and slaughtered many Grendel s mother is Grendel s mother This epic poem takes place in 6th century Denmark King Hrothgar rules the Danes and the people of Denmark He lives in a castle called Herot that is being tormented by a monster called Grendel This monster leaves Herot and returns to his swamp Herot is in a state of turmoil and remains in this state for twelve winters until Beowulf comes and rids the land of Grendel and then soon after, Grendel s mother The author does a great job of saying how Beowulf uses supernatural strength and divine intervention to his advantage.The author has a very good way of painting a picture in your mind on what is happening whether it is a battle or a beautiful landscape.The main message of this poem is to do things for the right reasons and be thankful for what you have I would recommend this book to people in high school and mostly boys because of the action.people with a love and passion for adventure and people who are interested in medieval myths would enjoy this book. Reviewed by JodiG for TeensReadToo.comBased on the classic story, this graphic novel tells the tale of Beowulf, an epic hero who bravely faces the most fearsome creatures In the kingdom of Hrothgar, men are being slaughtered by a godless creature Grendel has proven that he cannot be defeated, even by the king s greatest warriors He comes in the night and feeds on the men After twelve years, Beowulf comes to the aid of Hrothgar He defeats Grendel and earns himself fame But his battle is far from over, for another monster has come to avenge Grendel his mother BEOWULF is one of the most popular tales of heroism, being passed from generation to generation Here it is presented in stark simplicity The tale of brutal danger and the raw battles for life are coupled with sharp, dark images The effect is a novel that is as ominous as the story itself. One of my favorite type of books are books that have a sense of adventure When I read a book with a good sense of adventure, I feel like drawing either a scene from the book or something related to a book When I was younger about five years old , I would even go outside and pretend to be the main character if I read a book or watched a movie like that Beowulf is one of those types of books Beowulf is written by Stefan Petrucha and Kody Chamberlain The book starts out by introducing a monster called Grendel It explains how the monster is terrorizing towns and how those town become the monster s meal Then, it introduces the main character Beowulf He volunteers to slay the Grendel WITHOUT weapons of any kind Later, to protect his kingdom, he must slay a dragon I think that Stefan and Kody do a good job on adding onomatopoeia to the pictures On page 42, when the creature gets shot with an arrow and has shump under the picture, I could really hear the arrow passing through the creature But I noticed that there isn t a lot of onomatopoeia, and there are a lot of places where onomatopoeia could be used For example, when Beowulf decapitaded the Grendel, there could have been a nice swish , the sound of the sword swinging The pictures on every page are very detailed, and show the progression of the book For example, when Beowulf gets attacked by eels, there are multiple pictures to show Beowulf struggling to get his freedom Someone who would like this book would be the average comic book reader, someone who likes fantasy, and someone who likes the thrill adventure. I think the following recurring line best represents this book All things born to live on this earth must die, no matter how they struggle The light from even the greatest being dims in time It is so for each and every man and woman And also for heroes and monsters Great writing mini lesson opportunity, along with several strong metaphors throughtout the text The words and graphics in this graphic novel work together seamlessly to make a classic tale come alive for the reader I d highly recommend this version as a prelude to the classical work it was simply captivating Honestly, for what it was, a short graphic version of the epic narrative, this book did a fairly good job Of course, the fun of Beowulf comes from the poetic language and descriptions of battle and monsters The comic tries its best to keep this language, but steals from the imagination what could have been interesting Grendels and mighty feats of battle.I would recommend this book to someone who wants a quick familiarity with Beowulf without the large investment of reading the epic, or someone who struggles with reading and is of a visual learner. My Godzilla obsessed son pored over the illustrations fascinated by Grendal Unfortunately we did not get to finish the book as it started to fall apart It s frustrating how much graphic novels cost when they are so poorly glued Hopefully the library has another copy or we may need to buy it. this book is very interesting.i like the way how they explain everything in detail and how they describe the way the beast was made.the main part that i like is how they show the way the man killed the beast.