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Having devoured the complete Apollo canon of histories, biographies and autobiographies, I admit that I d been putting this one off for some time I suppose because Deke was a Mercury astronaut who never flew in that program and was barely an Apollo astronaut if you see the Apollo Soyuz test Project as actually being part of the Apollo project , I didn t think his story would be that compelling Well, I confess now to being wrong and misinformed This is a great addition to the Apollo story, not because of Deke s activities as an astronaut, but because of his unique position of being in charge of flight crew selection during Gemini and Apollo Who decided that Neil Armstrong would be the first human to set foot upon the moon Deke did.The Apollo chronology is familiar and told in a fairly breezy style but there s a lot information here on astronaut personalities, social mechanics between them and unvarnished accounts of what Deke really thought about each of them That s one of the things that really comes through this book Deke s gruff but intelligent style Why, you can almost feel the crew cut brushing you on the arm on some of pages While the book was co written with Michael Cassutt, there is a great deal of authenticity in the book s style Unlike other assisted autobiographies, Deke feels like the sole author here, not just a name on the cover The language is plain and direct and the book is better for it.If you re not already encyclopedically familiar with the 1960s Space Race, this is a great book from which to get an overview on the thrilling early days of manned spaceflight From the selection of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, the incremental steps achieved in the Gemini program to the early missions of Apollo, you ll be right there again or for the first time with Deke as he recounts the journey from his unique viewpoint A side note I read the Kindle edition of this book and I have to say the print to digital conversion was a little off, particularly towards the later chapters You could tell that OCR must have been used as letters and numbers that have similar shapes were often misinterpreted. Deke Slayton is one of the most fascinating personalities in the history of NASA and the space program Among the elite Murcury Seven astronauts, Deke was grounded just before his first space flight because of heart problems Stripped of his ability to pilot any aircraft, Slayton opted to stay with NASA, eventually as the man who would choose the flight order that determined who would go to the moon His insghts about the space program, his own challenges and his eventual journey into space are a worthwhile read for a space buff. [Read Epub] ♚ Deke!: An Autobiography ♫ Deke Slayton Was One Of The First Seven Mercury Astronauts And He Might Have Been The First American In Space Instead, He Became The First Chief Of American Astronaut Corps It Was Deke Slayton Who Selected The Crews Who Flew The Gemini, Apollo, And Skylab Missions It Was Deke Slayton Who Made Neil Armstrong The First Man On The Moon Dekeis Deke Slayton S Story Told In His Own Words And In The Voices Of The Men And Women Who Worked With Him And Knew Him Best Deke Slayton S Knowledge Of How TheS Manned Space Program Worked Is The Missing Piece Of Every Space Buff S Puzzle Now, After Decades Of Silence, He Tells His Priceless Stories Of Those Years When American Was Engaged In The Greatest Voyage Of Exploration In Human History For those of us interested in the greatest adventure ever undertaken by man, this is an excellent read Written as if you were speaking directly to each other Deke Slaton lays out his experiences Known as a gentleman, his concern with doing what was right becomes readily apparent Although driven by the flight plan or mission, he never forgets how important the human factor is in accomplishing them and therefore was able to successfully navigate that fine line between purpose and people Other astronauts attest to this high level of professionalism and, as a result, showed a great deal of respect.At times, there is a little too much insider baseball for me in the discussions about creating the crew lineups, but others might find this fascinating It was gratifying to read about his long overdue space mission, for which he kept himself ready for than a decade and had to learn Russian to complete Talk about dedication Deke does not hold back on his negative opinions of some of the administrators, politicians and astronauts of which he thought were less than they could be.All in all a good read that you will enjoy if you ever wondered what really went on in the space program in the 1960 80 era. Fantastic account of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs Deke Slayton really gets you behind the scenes to what it was really like If you are a space fan read this book. A bit dry at times, but that s to be expected given the author I ve long wanted to read this book because so many astronauts have said that they learned from it why they were, or were not, chosen for missions It lives up to that If you re a space nut this should be required reading, or even if you just like Apollo 13 and From the Earth to the Moon feel free to have Chris Ellis or Nick Searcy, the actors who played him in them, narrate the book for you in your head. Donald K Don Slayton knew he wanted to fly as a kid, but he never imagined going as high as the moon His story is singular chosen as one of America s first astronauts, he was grounded for medical reasons shortly into the Mercury Gemini programs Remaining at NASA in hopes of one day restoring his active duty status, he was charged first with being head of the Astronaut Office, and later still director of Flight Crew Operations His memoir of the Apollo program thus covers far ground than one flight wonders like Scott Carpenter or John Glenn it also provides extensive information about the technical planning of the Apollo missions, Skylab, and the shuttle program Just as the lunar missions were concluding, Slayton s own mission to return to active service had a happy result he flew on the last Saturn rocket in the Apollo Soyuz project There, he fulfilled a hopeful wish expressed to Alexei Leonov many years prior, that one day they might share a toast in space The material in the Vodka bottles was just soup, but it s the thought that counts Slayton left NASA as the space shuttle became its focus, in part exhausted after now decades of a grueling workload, and in part because Reagan s new NASA chief was a horse s ass Slayton helped inaugurate the shuttle, being head of the Approach and Landing Tests division during its development Slayton wasn t grounded after NASA he took up a hobby of racing planes, and became a leading administrator in a private space venture, developing rockets for commercial liftng Slayton fell prey to cancer before the book s publication, but worked on it with his co author for several years prior to his death Alan Shephard s co authored book with Slayton, Moon Shot, was also published just after Slayton s death, and I suspect it drew on some of the same interviews The stories Slayton tells about his time in Russia are identical in both books, right down to the astronauts discovery that their rooms were bugged, and their mischievious decision to put Russian ears to good advaantage They would comment on how sad it was they lacked something, like a pool table, only to have one arrive days later Slayton s narration is professional with a hint of irreverence, like the time he hung out ofa helicopter by a rope to collect a goat he d shot from the air Tthe men who answered to Slayton s strigent safety procedures at the Cape would never believe his behavior on his own time He goes into enormous detail on matters like how he created the mission schedule, but at moments of high emotion he isn t communicative He often speaks of his close friendship with fellow Mercury astronaut Gus Grissom, but when Grissom perishes in a fire along with Ed White and Roger Chaffey , he can only terseley say that it was the worst day ever Cassutt or Slayton supplement the text with the recollections of Slayton s family or other astronauts, including his son Kent These add a human touch and some humor of their own Once, Slayton and his son were enjoying a silent game of catch After being admonished by his wife to talk to his son and bestow some fatherly advice, Slayton pondered and then informed his son to always take a nap and use the head when he had the opportunity Kent recalls it as one of the funniest moments of his childhood Overall, the memoir delivers a big picture view of the early decades of NASA, from a man who was there at the very beginning. Deke by Donald K Deke Slayton and Michael Cassutt This is the story of astronaut Deke Slayton, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, and his years with NASA Told in his own words and in the voices of the men and women who worked with him and knew him best, here in words and pictures is the story of his years as a test pilot, his struggle to fly into space, his work training the astronaut corps, his involvement in the designing of the Lunar Landing Module, and his work with Space Services Highly recommended. This doesn t deserve 4 stars for the style It is the content which is saving it The 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong s The eagle has landed is pretty near Who decided that it would be Armstrong to put his foot first on the moon It was Deke And with it je decided the complete lineup of Apollo astronauts going up there So, this is one of the books you should read.