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Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsBlog rating 3.5 5 starsEric looked like a man who never bothered with flirting If he wanted you, he wanted you it was as simple as thatIt s finally time for us to get to know the oh so serious Eric He had to grow up fast, taking over the family business and taking care of his 2 younger siblings after their parents were killed in a car crash While it s not necessary at all to read the short story that s the prequel to this series, Just One Taste, it does give a tiny peek into Eric s character He lied to Beth letting her believe that he was his younger brother Jamie, but you could tell even during the short story that he just wasn t happy being Eric Even though he s running things, Eric s trying to find his place in the brewery He s tried to do everything perfectly for years and when Jamie wants to try new things, including getting the pizza portion of the new brewpub up and running, Eric s still resisting the change and that leads to many, manyfights between Eric and Jamie throughout this book When he runs into Beth months after their one night stand, she still thinks he s Jamie and when that truth comes out, saying she s pissed is putting it pretty mildly.Beth s had her own past drama to overcome One incident in high school really destroyed her in all areas of her life She quickly learned that trusting people, especially men, just wasn t going to come easy to her, if it happened at all So her life was all about doing what others wanted, and being the person they all expected her to be She was only able to be herself during that one night stand and hasn t been able to get Eric out of her mind I also like the combination of Beth running a sex shop, the White Orchid, and even though that maybe comes with an expectation that she knows all of what she speaks and sells she s really a shy woman who needs someone to help break her out of her shellA long time later, when they both came again, Beth didn t scream his name Instead, she sighed it so softly that he barely heard And strangely, that was even better Eric is a naughty, naughty man The straight laced guy was able to let loose and just be for the first time in years with Beth Once the truth came out about who he really was, Beth couldn t let their attraction just fall away, so they start up a no strings attached relationship These are two people who were able to be themselves with each other, and that s something that nobody else was able to give them That connection alone kept bringing them closer and closer together and while their sex scenes were crazy hot, the quiet moments when they were lying in bed, holding hands and just talking were the sweetest ones.I was a little surprised to find out how insecure Eric is in some ways Actually, both Beth and Eric deal with this in different ways, but with Eric, he always comes off as so in charge, no fears in business, but deep down, he wonders and even worries about his place in the brewery In his mind, it s not really his business to be working at let alone running, but when their brewmaster Wallace is away, Eric takes over for him, and finds a renewed purpose at the brewery, away from his desk and office.The younger Donovan s have a presence as well and Tessa is still trying to be the peacemaker, as always, between the brothers The fighting did get a little old, but all the anger and fights came to a head for these two brothers and they finally clear the air It s a scene that s been building between them since the beginning the emotion was high and their exchange was really well done.All the characters, especially our hero and heroine, let lies and things go unsaid throughout the book But what I enjoyed most was watching Eric and Beth not only become closer but seeing them both take control of their lives That means changes in all aspects of their lives for both of them, and it was nice to see the weight finally start to be lifted off both their backs, especially Eric s I admit, he was on my enough already list in the last book with how he was treating Jamie, but getting his POV made me understand him, and even better was finally being able to see the real Eric emerge.I really enjoyed the Donovan Brothers Brewery series and I wish we hadsiblings to get to know The books are fun and sexy with many sweet moments between all 3 couples Even though there were plenty of tense moments between the brothers, the sibling dynamic in the series was great and while I loved getting to know each couple, it was equally enjoyable to get scenes with just the siblings, fighting and laughing together. Beth Cantrell y Eric Donovan pactaron una aventura de una sola noche pero sus caminos volver n a cruzarse pero ya nada ser lo mimo y se plantear n su mutua atracci n puesto que Eric minti un poco al respecto sobre su persona.El segundo volumen de esta serie donde tenemos como protagonistas a Jamie y Olivia me gust en su momento por eso repet con este tercer libro pero la verdad es que esta novela deja much simo que desear Y es que la trama no tiene por d nde cogerse, es tan simple que la autora hace m ltiples malabarismos para met rnosla en vena cosa que conmigo no logr Hacia las primeras p ginas la cosa parece que puede dar de s pero ni por asomo, la autora empieza a alargar la historia con los pensamientos de Beth y Eric y a m la verdad tanto an lisis psicol gico me mata y me aburre sinceramente Luego tenemos a la pareja protagonista que no pueden ser menos atractivos al lector, no imprimen chispa alguna por lo menos desde mi punto de vista y hasta Jamie que me encant en el segundo libro en este me sac de quicio, las rencillas entre hermanos y las comederas de cabeza de Eric me crispaban y eso que yo soy bastante tranquila En definitiva, este libro me pareci aburrido, lineal y poco recordable, nada divertido viendo novelas anteriores, me ha dejado un mal sabor de boca y pocas ganas de repetir con esta autora. #FREE DOWNLOAD ⚣ Real Men Will ¼ It Was Meant To Be A One Night Stand One Night Of Passion Scorching Hot Then Beth Cantrell And Eric Donovan Were Supposed To Go Their Separate Ways That S The Only Reason He Lied About His Name, Telling Her He Was Really His Wild Younger Brother Hiding His Identity As The Conservative Donovan The Good One But Passion Has Its Own Logic, And Eric Finds He Can T Forget The Sable Haired Beauty With Whom He Shared A Night Of Love When Beth Discovers That Eric Has Lied, However, She Knows He Can T Be Trusted Her Mind Tells Her To Forget The Blue Eyed Charmer If Only Every Fiber Of Her Being Didn T Burn To Call Him Back In Real Men Will, we finally get Eric s story, the eldest Donovan, the one who took on the Brewery business and his siblings upbringing when he was just twenty four Over the course of the two books Eric has been a jerk and come across as too controlling and critical and even in this book there is loads of family drama and fights with Jamie and his plans for expansion, with Tess playing referee The thing is that Eric is pretty messed up and now he sees that his siblings don t need him, so he feels at loose ends plus combined with the fact that view spoiler Michael Donovan was not his real father, hide spoiler 3 stars Good story, well developed characters with scorching sex scenes, but I wish the brothers got along better They had big fences to mend, not sure they really did it I felt some good chemistry between Eric and Beth even though it started with a secret one night stand six months earlier It took a long time for them to realize they needed each other, but once they got over themselves and let it gomagic. Yes, it s true The quiet ones are very much the wild ones And in this case, Eric was the absolute wickedness of the Donovans The bedroom or the wall, the hallway, the dining table, the office scenes were totally on fire I am gushing here, I know Who knew Eric the proper preppy brother had all that rowdy blood in him.I was pretty bored during the first 50% of the book with Jaime and Eric constant fights It got very old with the fights But things picked up a bit after that and it s kinda sad being that this is the last book about the Donovan siblings It almost felt like I m saying goodbye to close friends I will miss all you crazy Donovans and your equally hot significant others.Will look forward toVD s works. So, the series continues with the last Donovan brother, Eric And just like last book, it s a contained novel but it has continuous references to things that have happened in the series so I d recommend reading them in order Sadly this was not my favourite of Dahl s books mostly because I didn t like Eric at all he has anger management issues and Beth our main girl is a doormat Their relationship is ok, but there s a lotdrama than in past books which put me a bit off However I will probably readof her books in the future This book is toxic to queer trans or non binary readers DNF 4%This book alienated me very early with a blatantly queer hating line that draws on very old stereotypes And as a second blow, the line made fun of the existence of non binary people and that anyone might be attracted to us in the very same line Pretty sure it was a throwaway line, too, which means my queerness and non binary identity were trashed by this author for basically no reason. In the previous books of this series, we saw Tessa Donovan and Jamie Donovan both struggling with their family image Tessa trapped as the good girl, Jamie as the bad boy As it turns out, their older brother Eric is also struggling with how he thinks his siblings see him despite having been their mainstay since the death of their parents, he doesn t feel like a real member of the family, and the recent changes in both Tessa and Jamie have left him feeling far less needed or useful.Meanwhile Beth, the adult toy store manager Eric had a one night stand with in the novella Just One Taste, continues to be uncomfortable with her image as an uninhibited sex expert And she can t forget Eric, the only man who s ever gotten her out of her own head during sex When events bring them back together, they find it impossible to stick to the one night they d originally agreed upon But can they get past the false ideas they have about themselves and each other, and find the real people underneath It took me a little while to get into this the narrative voice seemed surprisingly rushed and unsubtle in places, and I hadn t liked the short story much What first won me over was Eric not only is it really interesting to find out what was behind his harshness in the previous books, but buttoned down Eric is unexpectedly smokin hot In fact, I d say this is the hottest book of the series, mainly because there s something very slow, serious and deliberate about Eric that s really enticing He still didn t kiss her She felt his whole hand curve around her waist, the edge of his hand restng on the curve of her hip, his thumb fanning slowly across her ribs She opened her eyes to see him still watching his hand You left too quickly last time I know, she whispered I wantedDamn, so do I With additional background into her life, Beth also became muchunderstandable than she had been, and most of the elements that bugged me in the novella began to work The one thing that still nagged the secondary characters with alternative lifestyles They re portrayed positively, but the way Eric and Beth think about them makes me think they see them as a circus act The intricacy of the themes in this series is notable, and this was no exception Eric s issues interweave with Beth s in a compelling way, particularly the fact that neither feels real He though she was nothingthan a walking, talking sexual adventure The irony of it was like a dull knife in her heart She d been real with him For once, she d been a real person in bed I also love that the titles in this series are all actually meaningful, and that all three books meld into one ongoing story about a family Definitely read the whole series, in order, to get the full effect reviewed from e arc provided by netGalley This book wasn t bad but wasn t great either I was a bit disappointed, but not with the entire story There were some parts that made me laugh but some parts got me so frustrated I felt like I couldn t connect to the two main characters, didn t see what both Eric and Beth saw in one another There were almost no chemistry between them But honestly, I can always count on Victoria Dahl when it comes to sex scenes They are always hot, sizzling, luscious, and sexy.Though this book didn t meet my expectations, I was quite satisfied with the conclusion of the series.