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@Download Ebook ⛅ The Lost Chronicles: The Official Companion Book Ù The LOST Chronicles Vaz, Mark Cotta Livres NotRetrouvez The LOST Chronicles Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionThe Lost Chronicles The Official CompanionNotRetrouvez The Lost Chronicles The Official Companion Book Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Lost Chronicles TomeThe Lost Chronicles SeriesThis Set Includes All Seven Books Of The Lost Chronicles Series The Spell Of The Crystal Chair, The Savage Games Of Lord Zarak, The Strange Creatures Of Dr Korbo, The City Of The Cyborgs, The Temptations Of Pleasure Island, The Victims Of Nimbo, And The Terrible Beast Of ZorLost Chronicles Of Several Adventures Of The Seven Sleepers Have Been Discovered Come Along With Josh, Sarah, And The Dragons Of The Highlord Skies The Lost Chronicles, VolumeNotRetrouvez Dragons Of The Highlord Skies The Lost Chronicles, Volume Two Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion The Lost Chronicles TomeThe Strange Creatures Of DrThe Lost Chronicles, Tome , The Strange Creatures Of Dr Korbo, Gilbert Morris, Moody Publishers Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De RductionThe Lost Chronicles Of Sherlock Holmes, VolumeNotRetrouvez The Lost Chronicles Of Sherlock Holmes, Volumeet Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionThe Lost Chronicles Of Ara The Mirkwood CodexNotRetrouvez The Lost Chronicles Of Ara The Mirkwood Codex Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionDragons Of The Dwarven Depths The LostNotRetrouvez Dragons Of The Dwarven Depths The Lost Chronicles, Volume One Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Dragonlance The Lost Chronicles Series By Dragonlance The Lost Chronicles Seriesprimary Workstotal Works BookDragons Of The Dwarven Depths By Margaret Weis RatingsReviews Published Editions Tanis And Flint Seek Out A Haven In The Dwarven Ki More Want To Read Shelving Menu Shelve Dragons Of The Dwarven Depths Want To Read Currently Reading Read Add New Shelf Done Picked this up at the Hummelstown library book sale for 50 cents. Kind of fun to look back at the first season of LOST now nearly 12 years removed. Nothing super new or informative (probably was at the time), but a fun little easy read and nice to look back at one of my alltime favorite shows. Both my wife and I found ourselves in a similar situation when “Lost” was first shown on TV in the UK. Whilst we were able to enjoy the first couple of series on Channel 4, neither of us had a Sky subscription when they bought the rights to screen it from the third season onwards, which meant we never found out what we thought of the ending which seemed to polarize opinions in those who did see it. Recently, however, Sky have finally added “Lost” to their Box Sets and it made sense to reread “The Lost Chronicles”, essentially the story of the first season, as a refresher before getting into it.

The book is split into three sections, effectively the story of the show, the story told by the show and how the story becomes the show. The first part covers how the show came into being from a combination of relatively simple ideas and a desire to ensure that what was a relatively simple idea was presented in a way that wouldn’t get dull over a longer period of time. There is a section about how additional ideas and subplots were added to make the story last and a Q&A with the creators, which was effectively covering some of the same ground, but in more of an interview style.

Whilst these added scope to the show, the character overviews in the first section of the book and the episode summaries which made up the whole middle section were perhaps the most useful as a retrospective. The first introduces the characters and their reasons for ending up in the situation that made them a part of the story and the storyline, covering the first season, was an episode by episode telling of the first season, but written in a diary style from the perspective of someone in the middle of things, which makes it a little more interesting than a simple synopsis you could find on the Internet Movie Database.

The final section is also something of a diary style section, with the author visiting the set of the show for a week during filming. He has access to all the cast and crew, so this is not just an outsider view, as he manages to speak to a number of the people and get their take on the show and the family feel of everyone working together under considerable time pressure. This does give a wider perspective that you may otherwise get from one person’s story and is quite interesting.

This is a very readable book, which bodes well for the level of interest the TV show is likely to have. If a book about a show, which due to its very format can’t help to compete with the visuals within a television experience, despite the large number of photos which are present on every page. However, the book does get across how exciting the show is likely to get and does make it seem more appealing, although this is a book to be read only after you’ve seen the show, as it does contain spoilers for the entire season. However, reading it as a reminder prior to rewatching the series again as I did, it does make for an enticing reminder of what the show contained, much of which I had forgotten in the years between viewings, especially as there was so much going on in the show.

Perhaps the one downside to the book is that, whilst the author clearly had the full support of and access to everyone working on the show, there was nothing terribly revealing about life. A few of the cast and crew were separated from their families for a decent spread of time and were missing them, but that was about the only negative comment that reached these pages. It seems that they had to work quite hard to meet deadlines, but largely due to the scope of the show, not down to any unreasonable demands or things going wrong. That does make the whole tone relentlessly positive and that does get a little wearing after a while and does little to set this book apart from any other behind the scenes books or, indeed, the featurettes on a DVD version.

Essentially, that it what this book is, nothing more than a written word equivalent to the DVD extras on the first season box set of “Lost”. It has a very similar tone and scope to the featurettes you find on a standard DVD, looking at a number of backstage details about the show, but presenting them as seemingly without problems or personality clashes, making this an easy read, but a touch too saccharine in tone to be fully rounded. That said, for a fan of the show, it’s a very decent read, especially as it’s about a very intriguing show and it’s a decent reminder and retrospective of a decent opening to the show. I am little further ahead in the series then this book discusses, but it is a good read for any Lost Fan! I loved the behind the scenes/'making of' material, but a good bulk of the book is spent on episode summaries. I just finished the series about a week ago and while the recap was nice, it would have been even nice to have more interviews with cast and crew, show pages from the original pilot script, maybe shown how some of the sets are laid out (like the beach and Danielle's camp in the jungle). But hey, it came with a DVD! And there's pictures of Terry O'Quinn playing guitar!

Edit: This is for people who are wondering what the free DVD that came bundled with the book is about! It opens with an ABC promo of season one's DVD release. The actual DVD's contests are divided into three sections: "Inside Lost", "Lost: The Complete First Season", "Lost Season 2".

"Inside Lost" is naturally a lot of behind the scenes stuff, including interviews with cast and crew, plus some deleted scenes (although maybe it's my DVD, but the footage of the deleted scenes seems slower, a bit wonky?). "Lost: The Complete First Season" is another bloody promo for the DVD set. "Lost Season 2" is a really vague promo for the second season, teasing viewers about Linus' camp but not really (and not a SINGLE mention of Desmond!). Really, it's all a big teaser so people will buy the first season on DVDalthough now, I'm sure most people already own it! Not me. Boo.

So the DVD is pretty much a throwaway on top of the book. Better extras will be on the actual DVD set for season one. Although the DVD indicated that some of the 'unaired scenes' were exclusive to this DVD, so there's that.