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DNF 24%I don t knowI use to have a really high tolerance for books but lately that threshold is nonexistent It s like I don t even hesitate to DNF when they fail to captivate me Shit I really hate squandering money and that s all DNFs feel likeA huge waste of money When this wasn t boring the living hell out of me, it was irritating the living fuck out of me Look, I know fake relationships tropes are bound to be a a little OTT but this It just screams ridiculous and even though ridiculous does work for me at times, this one miserably and unequivocally failed at it Emma, Ms Independent She lives by herself, has her own business but utterly fails to act like a grown ass adult when it comes to her grandmother The reason for the trope felt lacking and flat.So this grown ass woman just walks up to a total stranger Yes, he s still a stinkin stranger The fact that he s your best friend s husband s cousin does not constitute him someone you know You have never met the guy, you idiot and just says Hi, I m Emma and you would by my fiance It s a pleasure to meet you Dude Then there are her freaking stalker tendencies Like, seriously, why is it when guys stalk we go bananas but when girls pull the creeper status we act like all in fine and dandy She wants pictures of them together Fine What does she do Well, she phototshops herself into them, duhThe problem is, why is the heck are they all around the house if her grandmother hasn t visited in yearsWhy the hell aren t you running SeanThen we have Sean aka caveman extraordinaire.When he isn t being described as the perfect ken doll, he s being a blatant sexist ass Dude doesn t plan on marrying a woman if she can t cook,Cause obviously that is all we re good for, duh I mean, how can you call yourself a woman if you can t do something as basic as cook some fucking food for your man The gender roles were driving me up the fecking walls Emma can t drive because she drives like a girl I mean, what the hell then constitutes driving like a man She can t own a landscaping business because that s not a woman s job and obviously she can t live be herself because woman are fucking useless and need a man around the house to keep shit together Then we have Cat, aka Grams, and her CIA I can spot a liar from a five mile radius abracadabra shit Seriously, she spots hand tightening, eye twitches, flustered laughs and smells anxiousness and figures out it s all a lie What are you, a dog Smelling fear and shit I justNo And then we have the non stop sexual references Do us all a favor people and take a damn cold shower It was a constant tingling of sexual organs And finallywell, and finally I just quit. Much better than book 2 Thank Goodness Although this one was better, I don t think this series is for me I ve tried 3 books Book 1 decentBook 2 uh uhBook 3 goodBut I m still not really invested I do like the Kowalski s and find them a fun loving family However, this series is missing something that I need What that is I m not sure Maybe it s the style of writing Or the way the plot unfolds I dunno But I think I ll be saying goodbye to the Kowalski s. For the love of all that is batsh t crazy borrowing Sean s phrase , I cannot stress enough of the awesomeness of this book Love it, like it, adore it and L O V V I T have I stressed it enough yet Sean and Emma are adorable people, even though their sense of humor were a bit twisted sometimes Then again, their twistedness was the key element that made the whole story so much fun The sticky notes that Sean liked to leave for Emma were extra cute, loved those.I had a very good time reading this So I thank Shannon Stacey for pulling this off and letting us mortals in on the madness that is the Kowalskis I hope her next book will be about Mitch, the first brother His five minutes appearance just left me panting and lusting after him Wooooooot Another yummy Kowalski man to look forward to. Full review posted at Happily Ever After ReadsAre you Sean Kowalski Yup I m Emma Shaw your fake fianc e Say what And with that, our hero and heroine meet Such a sweet beginning that set the tone for the whole story Fun, sweet and simply enjoyable.Emma, in an attempt to convince her Grandmother, that she s really ok living by herself, taking care of the home she grew up in and running her own business, tells a little white lie about having a fianc in her life in the hopes that her Gram, Cat, won t worry so much about her, will let Emma buy the family home and continue to enjoy her life down in Florida Gram s coming for a visit to meet this special guy and Emma needs to convince her fianc to move in, after she introduces herself to him.Sean, back home and planning on moving into the apartment above his cousin Kevin s bar, is just getting settled in when Emma comes knocking on his door She tries to sound sane by explaining how she knew of him through her friend and his cousin in law Lisa, but he pretty much leaves their first meeting thinking her crazy and closes the door in her face.Sean eventually comes around, needing something to do, he goes to work for Emma and her landscaping business, and decides to be her fianc , just for a month They lay down the ground rules, including sleeping arrangements and he moves on in.To say things start out bumpy is an understatement They re supposed to be a couple who has lived together for a year and Cat can tell right away that something just isn t right They keep up with the story though and it s not easy There are Kowalski s that need to be bribed, a Kowalski betting pool and a few Kowalski family BBQ s to get through The whole family knows the truth and trying to keep track of who knows what and why and when and where is pretty hilarious, especially when the act starts taking a slow turn toward reality The banter between Sean and Emma is so fun to read From the awkward first days of living together to watching them slowing start to feel things neither one is ready to accept because it s just fake remember their scenes were always fun and I caught myself laughing out loud many timesOh yes, Sean Kowalski Your amazing kisses have made all rational thought fly out of my besotted brain If only you could fill me with your magic penis, I know we ll fall madly in love and live happily ever after The truck jerked and she glanced over to find him glaring at her Don t ever say that again What The madly in love or the happily ever after My penis isn t magic His tone was grumpy, but then he smiled at the windshield It does tricks, though The book hit the right pace between Sean and Emma while still managing to have a really nice story for Cat as well as many appearances from the whole Kowalski family While Sean talks to all of his siblings during the book, we meet one of Sean s brothers on page and oh yes, there aresingle Kowalski s we MUST get stories for And as a small side note, I was already prepared to fall hard for Sean, I mean he s a Kowalski after all, but when he started leaving post it notes for Emma, that sealed the deal post it whore me From his first post it to his last, I couldn t wait to see what little note he left for Emma next.Sean and Emma were an easy couple to cheer for, even as they were causing themselves angst when neither one would admit that their little white lie turned into far deeper emotions then either one expected Watching the relationship go from that painfully awkward first meeting to the end was such a joy Yours To Keep is a great addition to the Kowalski Family series and I can t wait for the next one.4 1 2 stars to this fantastic read. I found myself sneaking away whenever I could to read this book, I enjoyed it that much Great, fun contemporary with dialogue that had me smiling all along the way. This book was wonderful Fully rounded characters and a fun, emotional story Sean and Emma are together for all the wrong reasons, and you want them to stay together for all the right reasons I was invested in this book from the very beginning I highly recommend Yours To Keep This is what romance is supposed to be about. Because Emma isn t annoying, never bitches about other women, happens to lead a balanced life without a man to open her doors I know, crazy rightand because she says that Oh, yes, Sean Kowalski Your amazing kisses have made all rational thought fly out of my besotted brain If only you could fill me with your magic penis, I know we d fall madly in love and live happily ever after Because Sean could be a delicious cookie, according to the Make me swoon receipt To be consumed liberally Grumpy and strong minded, a bit smart ass but sweet anyway 100 g Make me laugh out loud sex comments a few teaspoons Complete inability to understand women But willing to try Good boy. 35 g Of course the fact he s hot as hell has to be taken into account Duh Because the characters have an invasive but hilarious family, who appears to be a crucial pillar for the plot Yes to real peopleBecause the characters can t help but put themselves in laughable situations, brilliantly related by Shannon Stacey who has that awesome ability to insert funny comments in her sentences and after taking a deep breath which didn t help because oxygen didn t cure insanity he rang the doorbell Because sticky notes I m a sucker for sticky notes Watch out, Kowalskis, I ll see you again Wow That was such a journey to find a romance novel whose cover doesn t scare the hell out of me Because stop the body oil guys There are women out there who don t find it sexy Seriously. *DOWNLOAD PDF ↷ Yours To Keep ✐ Sean Kowalski No Sooner Leaves The Army Than He S Recruited By Emma Shaw To Be Her Fake Fianc Emma Needs To Produce A Husband To Be For Her Grandmother S Upcoming Visit, And, Though Sean Doesn T Like The Deception, He Could Use The Landscaping Job Emma S Offering While He Decides What To Do With His Civilian Life And, Despite His Attraction To Emma, There S No Chance He Ll Fall For A Woman With Deep Roots In A Town He S Not Planning To Call HomeEmma S Not Interested In A Real Relationship Either Not With A Man Whose Idea Of Home Is Wherever He Drops His Duffel Bag No Matter How Amazing His Pretend Kisses Are 4.5 stars, rounded upAbsolutely adorable Super cute romance, it made me laugh out loud.Shannon Stacey s writing voice is very New Hampshire ishno nonsense, straight forward storytelling, but with lots of sweet moments.And I loved that the granny got a sweet romance, too Swoony Grade A I wanted an extra chapter at the end ATV ing in New Hampshire This is a review of the audiobook I haven t heard Lauren Fortgang narrate before, but I quite like her She has a raspy voice that lends well to the masculine voices, yet she still does a very nice job on the female ones, especially the not so dim witted grandmother, Cat She s certainly a reader I d pick up again, as I liked her tone, pitch and intensity.There is nothing of monumental complexity in this little love story It probably won t cause an epiphany, or change your Romance reading genre to strictly Contemporary However, it is sweet, fun, and has another of those H.O.T Kowalski men in it Sean Kowalski this time, in the third installment of Kowalski Family series, by Shannon Stacey.Sean has just left the Army after a tour in Afghanistan He no sooner arrives at the apartment he bums off his cousin, Kevin, than a sexy brunette independent, Emma Shaw shows up on his doorstep asking if he wouldn t mind posing as his fake fianc e for a month.I love this family, set in a small town in beautiful New Hampshire, and enjoy their banter.Out So Far on AudioNot Yet Out on Audio