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This was part of my required summer reading one year for high school I was frankly kind of offended once I had actually started reading the thing and lost a lot of faith in the people who made that decision Did you just read the title Is that what you did You decided that if Dr Phil was good enough for Oprah then some rehashed bullshit that his kid strung up for a quick buck was good enough for your kids to read Maybe we should take our reading recommendations from, say, books that maybe we ve actually read as opposed to things television personalities said that one time Yeah Good idea Alright, let s work on that next time, Sparky.Anywho Read this book and glean such wonderful life strategies as Don t be like the goth kids becuase they always wear black they always look like they re going to a funeral Solid Wonderful advice Great reasons I love how you backed up your opinions with hard facts slow clap giant middle finger He s all talk. The book is still fresh despite being published in 2000 It s an easy read with a conversational tone by Jay that echoes of his famous father.The main point of the book calls readers to take action and responsibility for themselves Be confident about adding this book to the collection in the classroom or media center. My son said this was well done Amazing this book has been very helpful and I look forward to using the 10 life laws A book I often turn to for a pick me up and words of encouragement even as an adult. |E-PUB ♫ Life Strategies for Teens ♺ From The Son Of Dr Phil McGraw Comes Life Strategies For Teens, The New York Times Bestselling Guide To Teenage Success, And The First Guide To Teenage Life That Won T Tell You What To Do, Or Who To Be, But Rather How To Live Life Best Are You As Tired As I Am Of Books Constantly Telling You About Doing Your Best To Understand Your Parents, Doing Your Homework, Making Curfew, Getting A Haircut, Dropping That Hemline, And Blah, Blah, BlahJay McGraw, From The Introduction Well, You Don T Have To Be Any Employing The Techniques From Dr Phillip C McGraw S Life Strategies, His Son Jay Provides Teens With The Ten Laws Of Life, Which Make The Journey To Adulthood An Easier And Fulfilling Trip Whether Dealing With The Issues Of Popularity, Peer Pressure, Ambition, Or Ambivalence, Life Strategies For Teens Is An Enlightening Guide To Help Teenagers Not Only Stay Afloat, But To Thrive During These Pivotal Years Whether You Are A Teen Looking For A Little Help, Or A Parent Or Grandparent Wanting To Provide Guidance, This Book Tackles The Challenges Of Adolescence Like No Other Combining Proven Techniques For Dealing With Life S Obstacles And The Youth And Wit Of Writer Jay McGraw, Life Strategies For Teens Is Sure To Improve The Lives Of All Who Read It Megan brehmerinformational236 pages12 17 12This book teaches you how to get you through your teen ages First he focused on 10 laws that are suppose to help you through life the fist one was you either get it or you don t This law was all about you can kind of know something completely or you don t know it and how your mind thinks about things that they just don t get The next law was you create your own experience This was all about if you have a bad time its not someone else fault you created that time Also it is about not letting someone run your life for you the next law is people do what works This law is all about is people aren t going to do something that is not meant for them to do and you should not do something that s not meant for you The rest of the laws are either about making your dreams come true or knowing what you want to do Also about people that really tells you what you need to like how you need to take charge of your life, and how you can get through all the struggles that have gone on.I might have liked this book if i was like 16 but i am not I just didn t have a lot of the problems that where going on but the times i did have the problems it knew the answer I did like that the book was based in this guys some at some points in the story.The author did a good job on his research on teens because a lot of the facts where so true and i could totally relate.I didn t like this book to much i think because i don t really like books like this a lot of the time and not all the facts where true for me but i bet they where true for other teens and other readers. Jay McGraw strikes again with this book, Life Strategies for Teens.Translated from his father s book, into a language attractive for teenagers, this non fiction book focuses on helping teenagers learn life strategies.The book includes multiple exercises on how to live life the way you want to With tips against bullying, for hobbies and so many other things, this book is a decent collection for those looking for a little extra help, or some assurance that things will be alright.Much of what the author states in this book is common knowledge, but that doesn t mean it s useless On the contrary, being able to grab this book off a shelf and read the reassuring tips and hints that are written inside it can be a wonderful help for teenagers Not just teenagers, of course This book can also be a wonderful help for adults, although better suited for adults is the original Life Strategies Doing What Works Doing What Matters.All in all, this book is a good buy for whoever needs an occasional push in the right direction, or simple reassurance that life isn t all that bad.The language is easy to understand, the tips are good, the strategies useful, and the exercises convenient.What can a person want He is coming from very much in the trenches of the high school scene, but this 20 yr old author has grown a lot in six years and now not letting his homework go now he is seeing that his actions have consequences.The cartoony illustrations and top ten list on what leads to a loser life or what works in life hey, how about the Ten Commandments work.Broke me out of my rut in doing things I d just gotten used to doing even now as a mother, such as not acting and expecting results to my liking I really liked how he makes one look at what one really is after not just the perceived prize but what one really is looking for So, I am not looking for a lot of email, for instance I am looking for friends I can relate to and interact with well Then work for what is really necessary.It helped me deal with my perfectionism to realize that things are not all of a sudden great when everything is perfect One needs to learn to deal with life in a positive way.For me, it was a catalyst to see what I do that is self destructive What I do for the short term payoff that isn t helping me reach my ultimate goal.Now, how about we all talk about the ultimate goal of God