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I liked this book very intense good story line I did not care that so many open questions were left unanswered at the end I don t mind having these 3,4,5 part books feeding into each other, but the individual books themselves need to have some kind of closure. E-pub ♦ The Masked Witches (Brotherhood of the Griffon #4) ♠ Aoth Fezim And His Mercenary Company Have Restored Their Tarnished Reputation And Attracted New Recruits For Their Depleted Ranks But They Still Have One Big Problem Too Many Griffon Mounts Were Killed In The Battles In Thay Chessenta If The Brotherhood Of The Griffon Is To Be Than A Name, New Mounts Must Be Found As It Happens, The Masked Witches In Rashemen Have Griffons Available To A Worthy Few Who Can Slay The Undead That Are Committing Atrocities Throughout The Land Aoth Volunteers His Band, As Do Other Groups Who Are In The Market For The Fighting Beasts But Things Are Not As They Seem Epic Battles Between Rival Sellswords, Berserkers, And Aerial Skyships Punctuate This Whirlwind Tale Set In A Barbaric Land Of Oracles, Nature Spirits, And Talking Animals As with any story that takes characters to new places, this novel tended to drag a bit, while the setting and additional characters were introduced However, on the other hand UNDEAD Lets start casting some divine magic at these minions of evil and get this party started Reads just like a module but a good one Not quite as fast paced as the ones before it but still a good read. Loved the books leading up to this one, but this book did t keep me in my seat.still a worth reading book but not as good as the books that came before. see book 1 Fun read I m impressed by how well developed the world and peoples cultures are. Just finished Richard Lee Byers The Masked Witches Its a continuation of the Brotherhood of the Griffon series Very fun read that keep me engrossed to the end Good start to a new seriesintriguing undead It was lacking in appearances of the majority of the Brotherhood, hope to see them return next book This was a decent read, but it s one of those books that relies on the next in the series While there was some decent action, I found myself missing some of the extra members of the Brotherhood I m hoping that the final book in the series will bring everyone back together and give a solid fantasy series like this the ending that it deserves.