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Ever since I discovered the Harlequin SuperRomance line not all that long ago really, Sarah Mayberry is an author I snatch up as soon as I see her newest release Some are good and some are incredibly wonderfully good This book for me, falls somewhere in between.I found Melanie to be a very unusual heroine She s taller than normal, and bigger than life though her ex husband has tried his very best to drum that out of her It was a very emotionally abusive relationship and understandably Melanie is very wary of getting into another one with Flynn so shortly after getting out of it She has taken her money and opened a BB While she s met Flynn a few times in the past and he has certainly noticed and been attracted to her, Melanie doesn t know him that well At the beginning of the book, Flynn stays at her BB with his girlfriend at the time But he realizes he admires and is developing deep feelings for Melanie so breaks with his girlfriend in a real emotional scene.As I said, Melanie is very gun shy about getting involved with Flynn, and then when they do begin a relationship, she is most reluctant to let it progress further But Flynn is the definition of patience and understanding and doesn t pressure her at all.And Flynn what a hero He s almost too good to be true He is dealing with his fathers advancing Alzheimer s, a wonderfully written, realistic side line story, and gives up his own business to take on his fathers company His feelings and admiration for Melanie keep growing and although he finds it difficult not to push her, he manages not to He allowed her to make her own choices in her own time and I really appreciated that about him.This isn t my very favourite Mayberry book, but it s certainly up there in the top percent. I have missed reading Sarah Mayberry books She just gets people and their little quirks, insecurities and worries and this book was no exception Flynn was FANTASTIC I loved his relationship with his parents and Mel, well I just adored her And can I say bravo for having a tall,warrior heroine Why doromance books not have that.This was a nice, fast read that I was completely in the mood for. #Free E-pub õ All They Need ì After All Melanie Porter Has Been Through Recently, It S Time To Put Her Dreams First And She Starts By Opening A Vacation Retreat Outside Of Melbourne As She Considers Her Next Step, The Unexpected Happens One Of Her Guests A Friend The Very Attractive Flynn Randall Makes It Clear He S In Pursuit Mel Is Definitely Tempted Who Wouldn T Be But Flynn Comes With Strings That Could Derail Her Plans First, He S Part Of The World She Eagerly Left Behind Second, He S Ready For A Commitment, While She S Still Embracing Life On Her OwnA Resolution Seems Impossible Until Mel Proves That She S Still In The Driver S Seat Okay, Flynn is just unbelievably yummy And by that, I mean completely believably, but in that rare, this is just a really good guy kind of way How can you not fall in love with this guy The genius of Mayberry is that he s not so perfect as to throw you out of the story or to make you stop and think he s too much And Mel is the first romance heroine I can think of who is a big, even strapping woman with all that entails along the lines of Heyer s The Toll Gate, but witheffect on events Not that she s unfeminine at all, just that she s tall and strong and she knows it.I do have to admit that Mel frustrated me, a bit I have no personal understanding of emotional abuse or its aftereffects, so a lot of her self protection seemed to me both irrational and self defeating I trust Mayberry enough to suspect that she got that aspect right, it just felt alien to me, is all I get the difficulty in trusting others as fallout, I just have no experience with learning not to trust yourself.But that s a small enough niggle in an otherwise outstanding story.A note about Steamy On par with other Mayberry books, though this one saved it all for one big blow out that goes on a bit I just love Sarah Mayberry s writing I want to have it s babies Mel Porter and Flynn Randall were bare acquaintances while Mel was married to a member of Melbourne s upper crust society set Flynn s family is one of the richest, cream of the crop families But Mel herself had come from decidedly blue collar, yeoman stock and had never really fit in Her husband had constantly pointed out her flaws and over time it had worn down Mel s confidence to nothing.But the two meet up again after Mel s divorce where she retreated back to her hometown stomping grounds, becoming the proprietress of a small vacation resort Flynn books one of her cottages in preparation for buying a spectacular nearby estate She is decidedly nervous because he is from that ultra wealthy closed insular world she was never comfortable in But Flynn is a decent guy and living proof that money doesn t buy happiness He is dealing with his own share of issues because his father, the once powerful CEO of their family business is battling early onset Alzheimer s.The two slowly bond, become friends and fall in love.It is very difficult to summarize a Mayberry book because she doesn t write plot heavy stories Her stories are decidedly character driven But that is what makes them so great, imo I immediately sunk into this story of a woman who prior to marrying her so called Prince, had loads of life and self confidence only to have it leached out by degrees There is nothing worse for a person like that to feel they aren t good enough around a certain class of people I also immediately liked Flynn The author created a decent, interesting hero that still managed to come off and powerful and sexy The treatment of the Alzheimer s story is especially effective, imo I was especially moved by one scene where Flynn, his father and mother sit down to map out a course of care while his father can still make the decisions on the nature of that care himself It was bad enough he was going to suffer from the dementia and the loss of dignity, but at least he should have this opportunity to make decisions about himself That was pretty powerful stuff and a heartbreaking scene when told from the perspective of a son with memories of a decisive, powerful father.The writing is, in a word, intelligent The story flows easily, both Mel and Flynn act like normal people would act Everything they do and say seems authentic I loved Mel s family and how natural they felt Mel is aware of the irrationality of her insecurities and they don t float away I also think it was a great narrative choice to highlight the fact that emotional abuse is just as devastating, maybe in some ways evenso, than physical abuse.I even loved the fact that Mel wasn t some little delicate thing Various characters described her as statuesque, looking like a Xena Warrior Princess or Wonder woman At one point Flynn, eyes popping out of his head, mouth watering, looks at her says I would not be surprised if you told me you had an invisible jet parked in the driveway So of course I kept picturing her as looking like Lynda Carter tall, great shoulders, nice rack, sexy hips, sparkling eyes Just a really, solid good book The two characters had oodles of chemistry, the story immediately engaged,and the writing was top notch I simply enjoyed this book. All They Need is the much awaited latest release by my favorite Harlequin author Sarah Mayberry This story is somewhat a bit different from the last two releases by Sarah Mayberry in the sense that this is less intense, a bitmellow and slow moving, but nevertheless makes for a great read, the remarkable ease with which Sarah manages to draw in the reader once again evident in this one as well.34 year old Flynn Randall comes from one of the richest families in Australia A single child, Flynn is the type of hero that makes you want to curl into a comfy little ball and sigh over I say this because Flynn has honor tattooed on his forehead for everyone to see Filthy rich, handsome and charming he might be, but he is no arrogant hero who expects each and every female within his vicinity to swoon over him Rather, he is the type who feels things deep inside, the kind of man who steps up when his family needs him to do so, the kind of man who does the right thing even if it hurts him deep inside to do so.31 year old Melanie Porter is newly divorced and still recovering from the number her abusive marriage has done on her Not your average heroine Mel might be with her build that makes her tower over the average female But to Flynn, Mel has always held an appeal even when she had been off limits, though he had never acted on his attraction towards her then.Making a vow to herself to never make herself that vulnerable towards another person again, Mel isthan surprised and a bit apprehensive to say the least when she discovers that she might not be immune to the charms of Flynn who makes her want to throw caution to the wind and indulge The ease with which they fall into an easy friendship with the hint of just somethingwas certainly one of the best things about this story.But six years of constant verbal abuse has left its mark on Mel and her feelings towards Flynn though strong continues to be tamped down with the memories of what it was like when she was married before But Flynn knows a good thing when he sees it, and when for the first time in his life he falls in love the kind of love that he has wanted to feel always, being a witness to the deep abiding love between his parents Flynn knows he would never let Mel go, even if it meant giving up his dreams of marriage and children in the process.Although this novel too delves into a topic that touches one deeply, i.e Alzheimer s disease, it wasn t the depressing sort of read but rather those bits makes you thankful for the memories good and bad that linger on in your life Sarah Mayberry always has that uncanny ability to delve into the heart of the matter and that s what she does even with this novel, delivering those bits and pieces that makes you want to cry and then smile all at the same time.The enduring love between Flynn s parents makes one yearn for a love like theirs, a love that would no doubt withstand the devastating reality of Alzheimer s disease on a marriage that has withstood 40 years of togetherness How Flynn and Mel find their way towards each other is a slow moving one, one that I felt was indeed appropriate for a woman like Mel who had undergone so much pain, self doubt, abuse and heartbreak before But once the relationship makes the turn it has been waiting for ever since Flynn and Mel lay eyes on each other, I was pleasantly surprised by the red hot bite of sensuality that Sarah weaves into their relationship so cleverly, leaving me with a hot flash or two in the process.Like I have said before, and at the cost of repeating myself, Sarah writes stories about real people, whose feelings and emotions you can certainly relate to, whose sorrows you feel deeply and whose victories and happily ever after you see through with happy tears in your eyes.Recommended for fans of Harlequin Super Romances, fans of Sarah Mayberry and fans of slow moving and yet satisfying romances Rating 4.25 5 Original review posted on MBR s Realm of RomanceMy Quotes Included Below the Review 3.5 All They Need is an entertaining story by an excellent writer of category novels Sarah Mayberry s book are always worth reading because she has talent And while this wasn t her best book, it is still well worth the time and effort.Unlike most of Mayberry s books, the plot of this one waspredictable,pat I did appreciate that Flynn is a good guy, willing to give up a lot for the woman he loves, but he comes off a little too perfect at times Mel was well written, Mayberry gives her the right amount of brokenness due to her bad marriage The secondary story concerning Flynn s parents was mostly well done, too, although a scene or two got a little sappy for my tastes. 4.5 rounding upOH This book is a little too short Some of the middle development probably needed to be drawn outand Flynn s parents storyline could ve usedattention.BUT I loved this for showing Flynn s understanding of Mel For showing that there are people out there who will accept your struggles.Also, for Flynn s realization of, the timing might not be right, but this person IS right, so I can t not pursue this I LOVE THAT view spoiler No engagement At least, not an explicit one They could easily be engaged or even married in the epilogue And I would ve even believed one here hide spoiler I really enjoyed All They Need though it took a while to take off but I could feel the pain of Flynn and Mel, Flynn dealing with losing his father to Alzheimer s, standing helplessly and unable to do anything for the man he adored and Mel and how she dealt with the fact that she, a strong vivacious woman, allowed her marriage to completely suppress so much so that she couldn t accept what Flynn was offering and was scared of life and to take risks.When the book opens we see Flynn attending a party of one of the wealthy, after all he is part of the society and noticing Mel as he always has with her jerk of her husband.Eighteen months later, Flynn s life has changed after his father s diagnosis, he has left his dream business of gardening behind while Mel is finally living her life after her divorce is through, struggling to understand how she allowed her self esteem to pounded so much.Slowly, Flynn and Mel come in contact again and again and Mel is wary of anything, Flynn knows that but he still falls for her I loved the moment when Mel finally opened up about how bad her marriage was, that was one poignant moment because she knew she was hurting Flynn and she needed him to know why.At this moment you feel like hugging them both and telling Mel to take a chance I loved Flynn how good he was to his parents and even Mel, even when she said that she couldn t give him much.A book that tugs at your heartstrings. If I had to highlight just one thing Mayberry does that elevates her books above the rest, I would have to choose the way she writes disagreements Her characters act out at each other from a place of insecurity that feels true to the complicated, flawed little monkeys we all are They say the same stupid things and make the same silly mistakes we all do, then get to resolve them like we d all love to The end result is a powerful, engrossing story where you re rooting for the couple with your whole heart.Our heroine is Melanie Porter, recently divorced and the new owner of a string of vacation cottages It s been 18 months since she d left her wealthy husband and she s slowly undoing the damage he d wreaked on her self esteem and emotional state with his constant verbal abuse When our hero arrives with his girlfriend to stay in one of her cottages she finds she s still got a long way to go Flynn Randall was present at the Melbourne society party that proved to be the end of her marriage, and despite he and his girlfriend being perfectly friendly to her, she still can t help the panic and worry that she doesn t measure up and that they re silently judging her Little does she know, though, that she wouldn t be the only one feeling awkward that day.You see, Flynn had come to the area just to meet with a real estate agent about Summerlea, a historic estate with famous gardens that he s coveted since he was a young boy When he gets back to the cottage, however, he discovers that his girlfriend had another goal in mind Blindsided by her heartfelt marriage proposal, he realizes how thoughtless he s been with her feelings Preoccupied with his father s recent diagnosis of Alzheimer s and his taking the reins of the family company as its CEO, he d fallen into a comfortable relationship without considering what expectations she might have After awkwardly turning her down, he returns their key to Mel, and heads back home.They meet again when Flynn comes up to inspect Summerlea, which he s decided to buy, and thus begins the courtship dance of one gun shy divorcee and a guy with way too much on his plate to be looking for love.Before I get into the disagreements I alluded to in the first paragraph, I should point out that the characters do something fairly rare in romance they share a passion for a particular hobby Both Flynn and Mel are avid gardeners and gardening plays a major role in their romance It s the safe topic of conversation and the window to their hidden selves at the same time It s an excuse for Mel to visit Flynn without breaking her no dating rule It s how Flynn ends up meeting all of Mel s family And it never feels contrived because you see their love of gardening is genuine You can just tell that well after their HEA, they ll be working together on their enormous gardens in companionable silence.And thank heavens they had something neutral to talk about, because they d have died of mixed signals without it This was sort of a bizarro world romance in that the heroine was the commitment averse headcase running hot then cold and the hero was the self sacrificing, ever patient rock willing to do what it takes to win her love Her ex husband all but obliterated her sense of self and she s scared to death of getting involved with a guy again The panic rears its head when she and Flynn first try making out in her kitchen She started pushing his jeans down, her hands frantic He smiled against her mouth Slow down, babe We ve got all night, he murmured His tone was light, but his words hit her like a slap.Suddenly she could hear Owen s voice in her head, cold with condemnation and disgust Did it ever occur to you that maybe I d like to take the lead now and again It s not a porn shoot, Mel Do you have to make so much noise Could you at least try to pretend you re not always gagging for it And you wonder why I don t like you talking to other men.She jerked away from Flynn s kiss, her whole body tense She tried to turn away from him but he caught her shoulders.Baggage Mel has some.And so we arrive at why I m not giving this five stars I thought Flynn and Mel were great characters working through a perfectly believable and entirely reasonable conflict However, the book needed to be twenty pages longer to give the conflicttime to resolve We went from never marrying again, never sharing a home again, full stop, to here s the spare key to my house, you were right, Flynn, in a single chapter It was too fast, both for the pace of the narrative and for the characters within the book, since it was dispensed with in just a few weeks Real problems like theirs deservedrespect I would have preferredof a work in progress ending than their neat, tidy HEA Also, Flynn was kind of too perfect It s a precious sort of complaint, but there it is If he were a heroine, he d get called a martyr.All They Need was a delightful read that packed an emotional wallop I never stopped cheering for them to find their happiness Not even when they put beetroot and egg on their hamburgers.