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My Godthis could ve ruined mythology for me if I hadn t already read the tale of Cupid and Pysche Apparently this author is very well acclaimed But this book was atrocious Lester makes the amateur mistake of assuming that the reader cares about his personal life He constantly breaks the flow of the story by recounting his previous marriages and love interest This isn t a biography, therefore, I m not interested in the author s personal life And a lot of times what he had to say wasn t all that relevant to the story.This would ve been much better in third person But Lester obviously thought it was funny to play the role of a story teller who, on occasion, consulted the story for its opinion Not only that, but it s near impossible to tell what time frame this story is set in At times it seems like a very badly modernized version of the original myth Especially when the characters say things like yo, listen up and she s such a bitch The dialogue was horrendous at times like these But despite the dialogue, the setting seemed to suggest that the story took place in Ancient Rome.It or less made me hate all my favorite gods and goddess It was that bad.The ending was extremely rushed One minute, Psyche is dying The next minute, Cupid was kissing her awake, she was made immortal, they were married, and eight months later their kid was born This all happened over the course of 3 pages Seriously I m not joking at all All of this happened between pages 189 and 192 Check for yourself if you don t believe me.So as much as my interest in Greek and Roman mythology wanted me to like this bookI couldn t And I m extremely upset that I wasted my time reading this So I have to say to anyone reading this, don t make the same mistake. Really enjoyed this book Super fast read and leaves you with a happy feeling It has the ever popular Greco Roman mythology trial set by Venus to Psyche Julius Lester gave this retelling of Psyche and Eros a teenage modern vibe that I very much enjoyed We have the goddess trial that Venus gave Psyche and we see other figures throughout the story such as the moon, the sun, the four winds, etc I remember taking a college course were we had to study all the fairy tales intensely with all their allegories and archetypes.Now let s see the similar figures of this ancient fairy tale in almost all of our beloved modern ones of today Venus being jealous of Psyche and trying to kill her is like the evil queen in Snow White Venus giving Psyche the impossible goddess test is like the story of Rumpelstiltskin Cupid sequestering Psyche away from the land below is like the story of Rapunzel Psyche s two evil sisters are like Cinderella s wicked step sisters Beauty from Beauty and the Beast also has two evil sisters Her wicked sisters convincing psyche that she was with a beast is like Beauty and the Beast And her sister s giving her the dagger to kill Cupid is like the Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid also has the help of the winds I love this fairy tale and it will remain in my favorites forever. This book thinks it s a hip and interesting retelling of Greek mythology, but it really only pays lip service to Cupid and Psyche still being relevant to teenagers today, without actually managing to be relevant There were these little glimpses of what this could have been that kept me listening, but no If I had anything else to listen to this week, I would have stopped If the narrator s voice had stayed throughout the entire book, rather than disappearing for sections at a time If the narrator was just a little bit better at reading female voices If there hadn t been quite so many references to all women loving chocolate If Psyche or Cupid or Venus had been just a little bit three dimensional or likable Really, I think it would have worked better if they took all the gods and goddesses and ancient Greeks and plopped them down into modern day archetypes That has some potential. I am not sure how I feel about this book to be quite honest It was definitely a strange one, with how the story is told Also, one of the biggest issues I had with it was the mix of Greek and Roman Mythology, I know quite a bit about Greek mythology, but not as much about Roman but it felt like there were things that were crossing One of the things I love about mythologies are how the analogies of everyday things are explained by the myths, like the wind in the trees, etc I didn t hate this story, it is definitely one that I will remember but the whole time I was like rolling my eyes Mixed feelings This young adult novel tells the love story of Cupid and Psyche from a modern perspective the story remains the same, but the narrator has a decidedly modern voice It s cute and, all in all, just okay. So really not an amazing book but the narrator made it so much better I liked that it was from the narrators point of view I liked the story line and how it was modernized to make the reader appreciate it Psyche and Cupid are so cute together and now psyche is immortal so they could be together forever Psyche is beautiful but she is human She marries Cupid without even knowing who he is, she believes him to be a monster and her evil, jealous sisters confirm it so they could keep all the fortune but lo and behold they meet a not surprisingly demise I m glad Venus came to her senses at the end and stopped trying to kill psyche talk about horrible mother in law sheesh. |DOWNLOAD EPUB ☺ Cupid: A Tale of Love and Desire ☤ Amazing E Book, Cupid A Tale Of Love And Desire By Julius Lester This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Cupid A Tale Of Love And Desire, Essay By Julius Lester Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I read this for Valentine s Day and I thought it really fit the bill I saw a TedxTalks short film about Cupid and Psyche and I thought it was very interesting.This book is basically a detailed and background of the story of Cupid and Psyche, and also Venus So if you already know the story of the couple, you re not missing much.The book can be considered in three parts Part one is about Venus, and Psyche s background Part two is Cupid and Psyche s relationship And Part three is about Psyche going through stuff.Part one is not a well known part of the story of Cupid and Psyche Which is mostly about Venus.This book will definitely give you a brush up on mythology I quite enjoyed it for the most part as this is my favorite Greek myth Though I enjoyed it some of my favorite parts of the story I wish would have been involved with details mostly at the end I was hoping for , but overall this is a good version of the story. I loved every second of this book I have always loved the myth of Cupid Psyche, and I loved the narrator s flair for story telling He had a very understated poetic method of telling the story, that seemed like an old fashioned trick to keep the listener enthralled It was very effective and entertaining I loved the way other myths were blended into Cupid and Psyche s story to explain the other gods Both well known myths as well as lesser known gods were mentioned and given life in this story Even the sun and moon and all four winds were given parts and personalities.If I were to make one complaint is that the title of the book is CUPID, and not CUPID AND PSYCHE It s her story as much as his Minor quibble, but I did feel like an injustice was done however small it may be As the story progressed I noticed some parallels between elements of this story to some well known and recent compared to this ancient myth fairy tales, which I thought was interesting The goddess Venus s jealousy of Psyche s beauty parallels Snow White and the queen Psyche being taken away and cut off from civilization is similar to Rapunzel s isolation Psyche s two evil older sisters remind me of Cinderella s step sisters Psyche being beautiful and told that Cupid is a hideous monster and the two of them falling in love anyway has seeds of Beauty the Beast Psyche s sisters persuading her to stab her husband with a knife are reminiscent of The Little Mermaid s sisters convincing her to do the same with the prince she s in love with Venus demanding that Psyche sort grains before the sun goes down is similar to the princess that was given the impossible task of spinning straw into gold like in Rumplestiltskin.Cupid and Psyche have the quintessential fairy tale, and I love it Specific to this particular retelling, I loved the narrator s quirky personal anecdotes Which, in my opinion, gave the story flair and depth and made this an extremely enjoyable experience.