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A very good satire about a slice of suburban life It s definitely a different writing style, but who wants to read the same sort of book every time you pick up a novel This was a very entertaining read, and at times laugh out loud funny perhaps because it comes so close to reality It may take you a couple of chapters to get into it, but stick with it It was worth the time I made it past page 33, and even laughed aloud at the notion of marital muffin porn But Benjamin Anastas lost me with a paragraph in excess of a page and a half, at pages 51 53 My attention span is longer than most This one goes back to la biblioteca. Interesting, and at times laugh out loud funny, satire about a progressive New England church and how its members deal with the disappearance of their pastor Just get past the pretentious first chapter..three pages of one sentence I almost put the book down due to that Glad I didn t. This time I judged a book by its cover and it DIDN T work out This one tried a bit too hard to be funny and satirical without once making me laugh Or even smile Completely unsatisfying, although I did wonder what became of that missing pastor. This book was just good enough to get through Yes, it was witty, vaguely entertaining and laughing out loud will happen at some point However, it s missing somethinglike a good ending. |Download Book ♪ The Faithful Narrative of a Pastor's Disappearance ☩ A Young, Charismatic African American Pastor Disappears From His Local Parish Of W , A Comfortable Bedroom Community In Suburban New England In The Backlash And Impending Investigation, No Satirical Stone Is Left Unturned, Especially Those Within The Caruso Household, An Ordinary American Family Hollowed Out By Their World Of Convenience And Easy Moral Remedies