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I enjoy this series much when Paddy and Angus are involved We get Paddy, but Angus was scarce in this shorty Angus decides that Paddy needs to do a bit of topping so while he s away on a business trip, has Paddy and yummy Sven and Marco audition young, spoiled Dylan for a place at the Bear s Den.This is a fun, porny weekend p.s I ll have to reread sometime because I might have forgotten some sexcontent tags O [[ Free E-pub ]] ✔ The Unchained Slave ↬ When The Master S Away The Slaves Will Play That S Certainly What Happens When The Owner Of The Wild Side London S Hottest Gay BDSM Club Goes To New York For A Few Days And Leaves Behind His Three Personal Slaves With The Task Of Testing Out And Launching A Potential New Worker At ClubDylan Sinclair Can T Believe His Luck When He Is Met At The Station By The Three Adonis S Who Have Been Instructed To Audition Him For The Role Of House Whore At The Wild Side Sven And Marco Are Incredible Hunks, But It Is Paddy, The Leader Of The Trio That Really Takes Dylan S Fancy Over The Following Three Days Dylan Is Shown The Most Amazing Time As These Three Men Test Him Out And Train Him In The Art Of Giving Sexual Pleasure But It Is Also An Education, Opening The Lad S Eyes To The World Of Masters And Slaves Where Not All Is As It May SeemThreesomes And Foursomes Naturally Abound, And Other Men Are Enlisted For One Special Session Where Dylan Will Lose His Virginity In A Novel Version Of Pin The Tail On The Donkey And It S A BDSM Club He S Being Auditioned For, So His Testing Has To Include Some Smacking About And His Ass Is Treated To One Hell Of A Spanking As Well As Some Wonderful FuckingThen For The Grand Finale, It S Off To The Club, And A Night For Everyone To Remember When Four Masterless Slaves Take The Place By Storm But Which Of The Four Will End The Night As The Unchained Slave Between 2 and 2,5 starsWhy not More fun and playful than many other Brighton stories It was cute and the drama with Hussan created the punishing scene one expects I guess I got a little bored at some point and really wanted to know what was going on with Paddy and that just got left dangling in the wind I m sure subsequent books address that little tidbit Enjoyable and appropriately raunchy diversion.9 3 2013FREE on and BN My second one That oughta teach me. Looking to walk on the smexy wild side The plot your destination to Mr Brighton s Wild Side stories In this fuckfest, there is a little bit of everything for your spanking pleasure This is a fun smexy story about a twink, Dylan Spoiled privileged rich kid Dylan is furious with his father His father had the gall to lose money and stop funding Dylan s life of leisure.Dylan s sulky self whines to a favoured History teacher After shutting Dylan by sticking a cock into his annoying pie hole, the teacher tells him about the Wild Side as a possible job opportunity Dylan is definitely a lucky whore He easily sells his asshole, cock and mouth for the easy living Dylan s definitely picked up a ticket on the gravy train He also pulls a train so it all works out Can you tell I can t stand Dylan His life is to easy and good So forget about this dunce, instead focus on the m m graphic dirty sex.Mr Brighton delights the reader with gang banging, whipping, grudge ass fucking, rimming, fleching and double penetration I happen to love grudge ass fucking stories so this worked well for me It would be interesting to read a spin off story just on Hassan Perhaps Hassan will descend a couple levels of sexual hell This would amuse me The graphic and humiliating, the better This tale despite the constant glorious m m sex is quite sweet It s a journey of a newbie learning the ropes with hot hung men Recommended for m m lovers who enjoy dirty sex. This is a sex story There is tons of sex and little snippets of character building that is interwoven into the story But many we get to sex and sex and kink Paddy a character that is interwoven in this series is tasked with training Dylan in how to be a slave I would write this off as PWP but there is some really interesting introspection with both Dylan and Paddy about Dylan s crush and want for Paddy what it mean in terms of him being a slave This was a fun book and really makes me want to explore of the series. ALL of these Wild Side books by J Brighton are great Once you start reading, let the dinner burn, let the dog go wherever, just what the hell happens NEXT I only gave this three stars as if I remember right part of the story centered around a SUPPOSED schoolboy and I m not into that. This was a pretty good little story It was focused on just sex rather than romance which I had no problem with The sex bit was sometimes okay mostly inhumanly possible But it is fiction and it was still quiet hot I d have liked to get to know the characters a little better than I had Though, we get to learn a lot about Dylan He was a cute spunky guy and I wouldn t mind seeing him in the rest of the series.I liked how the characters played off each other nicely The story itself was written pretty well and the Club seemed almost real I enjoyed this book and I ll look into the rest of the series. I needed a BDSM book for a reading challenge beginning with U that led me to this choice Definitely not m m romance M M sex Oh yeah, and a whole lot of it between every conceivable character in the book and no protection to boot Dylan, the twink getting auditioned to join The Wild Side club as a club slave was in teenage gay heaven with all the attention his dick and ass were receiving The personal slaves doing the auditioning were an interesting lot and I would have enjoyed knowing about their dynamic While the Master was away, the slaves definitely did a lot of playing