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Ever since his father died nearly ten years ago, Renny Whiteoak is master of the country estate and head of a numerous family comprising a wilful grandmother approaching her one hundredth birthday, two uncles in their seventies, an sister Meg, four younger brothers and a whole menagerie of pets and farm animals Above all his siblings give Renny constant reason to worry The youngest has a heart problem, the teenage brother is a poor student and hypersensitive, another brother marries a girl whom the entire family disapproves of and calls a bastard, and the last brother refuses to enter a respectable profession because he wants to be a poet of all things Worst of all, the poet takes an American wife to whom Renny feels increasingly attracted as they live together under the same roof and she to him.For about this best selling Canadian classic back in print be invited to read the long review on my book blog Edith s Miscellany at And please consider sharing the review link with others if you liked my ramblings Thank you Masterpiece [Kindle] ⚔ Jalna ⚔ The Jalna Saga Unfolds The Lives And Loves Of The Unforgettable Family Whose Heart Is Centered In Jalna, The Great, Rambling Mansion From Which The Series Takes Its NameThis Is The Story Of Two Marriages That Of Young Piers Who Has Created A Tumult By Marrying Without The Family S Consent And Of Eden, The Poet, Whose Marriage To An Outsider Triggers A Different, But Equally Powerful Conflict Oh my Those Whiteoaks A lot happens in this book It is actually the first book that the author wrote in the series she went back later and filled in the history of the family in what are now the first 6 books of the series if read chronologically instead of in published order In this book there are as usual 3 generations of Whiteoaks living at Jalna The oldest is 100 and the youngest is 10 They are such an insular family rarely getting away from each other or the house and this closeness can lead to trouble So interesting to see how my feelings towards a lot of the characters have changed since I read these books at 14 15 years of age What I once thought romantic, now not so much Funny and interesting to re read something from your childhood I remember going to the library in Helsinki and the the first book suggested by the librarian in the adult book department was the Jalna series by Mazo de la Roche Little did I know that I would be living, for a while, not too far from the original Jalna.Interesting how life surprises you I do understand why I loved the series madly when I was a younger and I enjoyed the re read experience for nostalgic reasons. A completely new view on Canadians Who knew about the passion and the drama This really does read like a Southern mildly gothic tale with multiple generations and hangers on living in one grand house Bachelor uncles and lower class daughter in laws, all reveling in their eccentricities, like something out of Truman Capote or Erskine Caldwell then the land of Anne of Green Gables After only having read The Building of Jalna, it was interesting and satisfying to see Adeline as an irascible, whiskery old lady of 99, although still the center of attention Where is the energy and optimism that built Jalna originally Dissipated, for the most part, in a feeling of entitled indolence Alayne, the new bride from the states can see it, but is helpless to even get a couple of coffee instead of the interminable tea Too many brothers with too many petty jealousies and too dependent on Rennie, the current owner of Jalna, for their bread and butter Crazy but compelling. Jalna is totally absorbing Like all the Jalna novels, it is well written and its characters well drawn De La Roche makes the landscape here is especially lyrical, the multifaceted plot especially interesting, and the many characters of the Whiteoak family distinctive and, not always attractive, but generally sympathetic and, well, real The rascally matriarch celebrates her 100th birthday, and while no completely happy endings are in sight, Jalna and the Whiteoaks endure. I first read a Jalna book when I was a teen My Mom had loved the series when it was but 25 years old, and 20 years later thought I would also I m not quite sure why it didn t catch my attention at the time maybe it was the time period in which it was set I preferred either current, or 18th 19th centuries I was also eyeball deep in the Black Stallion series at the time I didn t dislike it, I just didn t really get into it.Fast forward 40 years and I found it on her library shelf along with several others I picked it up because I didn t remember much about it and finished it in just three evenings of reading I was absorbed in the characters, albeit a bit surprised that my Mom had read this particular book as a teen what with the relationships described I m not well versed in that area of Canada, nor in that time period in Canada so it s refreshing to be learning something new.I do have to say, that I was also surprised at the description on the last page of the Jalna books as romance appropriate for young ladies and the titles of some of the others on the list seemed a bit titillating Of course, I also think this was pre Hollywood code, so perhaps the US hadn t gotten quite so prudish yet. So I finally gave in and started reading this series My mother has been going on and on about Jalna since I can remember and she finally bought this one for me at a used books store, because she just knows that I will love it And of course I was forced to admit that mom was right and I fell in love with the Whiteoaks This one the 7th in the series chronologically has a lot of characters and juicy drama and it also got me curious about what happened before So now I m working my way through the whole series Which I recommend warmly, because you will love it I read the whole series as a teenager Even though I haven t read them in years I still give 5 stars Just for the memory I was leaving with the Whiteoak when I read them for sure.