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[[ Download Epub ]] ⚣ Destroyer Of Cities ⚢ Demetrius, Son Of Alexander S Former Comrade, Antigonus One Eye, Was Perhaps The Most Dashing And Charismatic Of The Successors, The Macedonian Generals Who Fought A Bitter War For The Spoils Of Alexander S Short Lived EmpireStill Smarting From His Epic Defeat At The Hands Of Ptolemy, Demetrius Has His Eye On One Of The Richest Prizes In The Ancient World The Naval Superpower Of Rhodes But The Rhodians Know That Defeat Will Mean Annihilation, And Demetrius S Campaign Will Entail Five Separate Naval Battles Over Several Years Before He Can Begin To Breach The City Walls Leading Him To Employ An Array Of Fantastic War Machines Ancient Super Weapons, Like His Gigantic Lens Of Polished Bronze Used To Focus On The City S Wooden Ramparts And Set Them Ablaze If She Is To Survive Against Such A Merciless Assault, Rhodes Will Need The Help Of Every Ally She Can Muster Including The Newly Crowned King Of The Bosporus, Satyrus, And His Fiery Twin, Melitta the best book in the saga it s great. Must say I m a big fan of Christian Camerons Historical Fiction Novels Tyrant V Destroyer of Cities did meet my high expectations Rooted in the Wars of the Diadochi era the succession wars over Alexander the Great s leacy, Tyrant V features the siege of Rhodes 305 304 BC by Demetrios, the golden one, son of Antigonus one eye The protagonists of the novel, Satyrus and Melitta, the children of Kineas of Athens and Srayanka, queen of the Assagetae The Skythians featured in Tyrant 1 and 2 Have risen to power themselves als King of the Bosporus and Queen of the Assagetae Tyrant 4 , now they both get drawn into the conflict between Demetrios and Ptolmy King of the bosporus Satyrus has to protect his economy , which relies heavily on the grain production and grain trade, and for that he needs that independent distribution and consumption market, which is is Rhodes With Athens, Greece and Asia minor already firmly in the grip of Demetrios, it is vital for the Kingdom of the Bosphorus to support its old allies Ptolmy and Rhodes the ones that helped Satyrus carve out his kingdom in the first place to retain the balance, and retain the independence of the Kingdom.When he sets off in spring with his grain fleet and war fleet to protect it before he knows it he s in the middle of the Maelstrom He s in the big sea battles, in the sea raids to protect Egypt from the invasion of Antigonus one eye, and eventually ends up on Rhodes where he is in the middle of the siege, and becomes one of the key figures in the defence, aided by his twin sister queen and her warriors who ships in to support her brother In all of this Christian Cameron plays the plot with a masterful hand Stunning sea action, stunning battle action, wily naval and defence tactics, and a stunning level of historical detail in all of this that makes it all so vivid like you re really there in midddle of the turmoil of the hellenistic world in 305 and 304 BC In Tyrant V Christian Cameron also connects and links his two major novel series in the classic greek and hellenistic era the Tyrant series and the Long War series The bloodline of Arimnestos the Plataean from the long war series flows through Kineas of Athens straight into the bloodline of the Kings of the Bosphorus What a family of heroes As far as I know there is no historical evidence whatsoever that puts the King of the Bosporus directly in the middle of the siege of Rhodes, but for me as a reader Christian Cameron is excused for taking this liberty Satyrus is a great hero, and over a very credible and human hero The perfect vessel for Christian Cameron to play out his superb narrative skills and vast encyclopedical knowledge of the era Tyrant V is a good stand alone, but also one of the highlights of the Tyrant series so far Reading it felt like meeting old friends One point of critizism The cover is ugly as hell, but I got much too much reading pleasure from Tyrant V to let that affect my rating ReviewCards on the table I m a big fan of the writing of Christian Cameron, that said i approach every book by every author with the same open expectation of wow me.It was like having old friends come to visit with wild tales of exploits and adventure Simply brilliant.Reading Tyrant Destroyer of Cities has had that WOW, it is a fantastic tale broad in scope, both for stand out historical moments and also Great names from Greek history and yet its still written and characterised in such detail that you live east sleep and breathe the ancient Greek world.As it was the 5th book in the series it was like donning your favourite slippers, and slumping in a favourite armchair with a nice cuppa, a lovely comfortable feeling, and yet still full of emotion and action to have you wanting to step into the line of battle and save some of those wonderful characters, to weep at the waste of life, so hug your comrades in words and arms As ever Christians attention to detail and history is second to none Add to that the fact that his sea borne stories get better and detailed with every one, putting him up there with the greats of the waves like O Brian, it almost feels he wrote the book whilst riding the waves.Another personal like is that there is yet another link to the Long War series and Satyrus s ancestor Arimnestos of Plataea coupled with the demi god Herakles, it adds that extra dimension bringing the whole Cameron world together.You can read this as a stand alone tale, but i would say dive in at book one and follow the journey of the whole family and then get the long war series and follow the tales of Arimnestos of Plataea There is no finer writer of Historical Fiction and adventure.Very Highly Recommended Parm I am a huge fan of Christian Cameron s books This one did not disappoint As usual Cameron does a wonderful job filling his novels with historical detail without sounding like he is lecturing you The rich history and culture of the Hellenistic world comes through as a natural part of the story.Filled with gripping action, the novel follows Satyrus mostly and Melitta to a much lesser extent as they take part in the epic Siege of Rhodes I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.