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A much needed correction to the dreary error of hyper Calvinism So helpful. Murray knows his English Protestants Here he provides us an excellent little book with an insight into one of Spurgeon s by now largely forgotten battles, a tangle with hyper Calvinism that occurred early in his ministry In this book, Murray shows us how Spurgeon took a stand against the egregious aspects of Calvinism, especially those that prevented an active pursuit of the sinner I am not a Calvinist, and sometimes that bothers me when I read Spurgeon This book reassures me that Spurgeon kept his Calvinism in check in this respect It also reminds us that battles come to all of us in the ministry, big or little, famous or nondescript Additionally, the book contains numerous excerpts and quotes from Spurgeon s sermons of that era that would be excellent all on their own In short, this is not a good book It is a very good bordering on excellent book. This is a fantastic book Spurgeon was a Calvinist and not afraid to admit it, rather he was keen to advocate the doctrines In his view Spurgeon simply believed the Bible This belief included the commission to preach the gospel and freely offer Christ to everyone The book is a great book to smash the thinking of modern non calvinists who call us all Hyper Calvinists showing complete ignorance in the subject.Of course it must be said that for Spurgeon and all true calvinists that it is the gospel that comes first and it must always be Jesus whom we glorify For myself the Arminian God is just too small A pretty easy read that helped me better understand both the Truth and the error Iain Murray is a dynamic yet thoughtful historian whom I would recommend to all Christians This particular book is so short and easy to read that it would be a great first book for anyone interested in learning about Calvinism, or as someone s first theological biography. It s interesting Most people, when they think of Spurgeon if they think of him at all know of him as a rather old fashioned, strongly Calvinistic preacher from the late 19th century And indeed, that s pretty accurate To me, old fashioned is not pejorative, rather, I would say we need a bit of that old time religion But I digress While Spurgeon most certainly believed in the tenets of the Christian faith commonly known as Calvinism Spurgeon said that he preached what was found in the Word of God, but used the term as it sufficiently communicated what he believed on the doctrines of grace , what many people do not know is that he spent the early years of his ministry combating what is known as Hyper Calvinism Now thankfully less common, in Spurgeon s day it was much prevalent and indeed, many of the established pastors of his day early on, at least were known to be rigid Hyper Calvinists That label is a bit of a dirty one these days, and there are few that would own it, but to understand this doctrinal and ecclesiastical battle is to know about Christian history and to also provide a guard for our own Christian lives, as there is truly nothing new under the sun Murray is one of my very favourite authors and he does a brilliant job here in pulling from the myriads of primary sources that give tell to this period in Spurgeon s ministry As always, Murray is scholarly but also passionate for the truths of the gospel and this book was thrilling and most encouraging reading This book is short and in my mind very worth reading also a perfect book to read between volumes 1 2 of Spurgeon s autobiography Yes, now reading volume 2 of that work While I appreciated Spurgeon s clarion call for gospel preaching, no matter what we believe about God s sovereign election of the saints, I think what I almost appreciated even was the grace and love with which Spurgeon dealt with those whom he disagreed Even those who attacked him in print and in the pulpit, Spurgeon still acknowledged as brothers in Christ And yes, I heartily agree and echo Spurgeon in that while we can have all the sound doctrine and pristine orthodoxy in the world, without the presentation of the free gospel of God to sinners all sinners , our churches might as well be repositories for wax figures Rather than err with the Hyperists and say that we cannot present the gospel unless we see signs of grace in the recipient, let us cry out to all of God s boundless love for all sinners that call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ One of my favorite books of all time Spurgeon v Hyper Calvinism is not currently available at local libraries. This little book packed a big punch For anyone struggling with the doctrine of Calvinism This doesn t pit Arminianism vs Calvinism, but Hyper Calvinism against Calvinism Don t miss Chapter 11 A couple takeaways The great error of Hyper Calvinism is to neglect one side of the Word of God because it does not know how to explain both that the will of God is effective and sovereign in all things AND that man is free and responsible for all his actions Both are true no two truths can be inconsistent with each other and what you have to do is believe them both man is wholly responsible for his own sin God is not its author Those who hear the gospel and reject the Savior will not be able to plead that sovereignty prevented them from exercising the obedience of faith None will be able to claim that God excluded them. ^Download Pdf ↡ Spurgeon Vs Hyper Calvinism: The Battle for Gospel Preaching ⇥ CH Spurgeon Is Best Remembered Today For The Remarkable Ministry He Exercised In London During The Victorian Era His Influence Was Incalculable Thousands Listened To His Preaching Every Week, While Hundreds Of Thousands Throughout The World Later Read His Sermons In Published Form A Man Of Great Natural Gifts, Charm And Wit, Spurgeons Master Passion Was Evident In Everything He Did To Preach Jesus Christ To All As The Only Saviour But As Early As This Brought Him Into A Serious And Prolonged Doctrinal Controversy With Hyper Calvinism By Tracing This Conflict, Exploring The Issues Involved In It And Showing What Was At Stake In Them