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!Download ♿ The Last True Cowboy ⚇ The Sudden Death Of Her Brother Brings Julia Weslin Home To The High Horse, The Family S Sprawling Yet Cash Strapped Wyoming Cattle Ranch A Burnt Out Member Of The Urban Jungle, Julia Is Spiritually Rejuvenated By The Wild, Still Untamed Land And Reconnects To Her Home, Family And Heritage Her Sister Wants To Sell The Property To A Neighbor Whose Lucrative Offer She Finds Irresistible, But Julia Along With Her Irrepressible Grandmother Is Fiercely Determined To Keep The High Horse In The Family And To Realize Her Brother S Dream Of Saving A Herd Of Wild Mustangs That Neighboring Ranchers Want Destroyed Blowing Into Her Life On A South Wind From Texas Comes A Charming Drifter Of A Cowboy, A Skilled Horseman Who Can Touch The Wildest Places In A Horse S Nature KC Houston Is A Bright Beacon Of Hope For Julia And The Only Person Capable Of Helping Her Rescue The Mustangs Love this book THE LAST TRUE COWBOY is about Julia Weslin, come home to the family ranch in Montana for her brother s funeral She and her younger sister Dawn have to decide what to do about the ranch Dawn knows what her answer will be, but Julia is not so certain of her own feelings In comes K.C Houston, a cowboy with an extraordinary skill with horses, come to High Horse ranch expecting a job He ends up staying to help run the ranch, and to help Julia find a way to save a unique herd of mustangs that are an integral part of it Sometimes I think Kathleen Eagle writes books just for me Characters I care about, who feel very real to me, and a love story I can believe, all wrapped up in an interesting setting and plot And now she s done it again I enjoyed the story about the mustangs okay, I m a horse person anyway and I loved K.C and Julia s developing relationship, characterized by a lot of humor and tenderness Even the secondary characters become living, breathing people when I m reading the book, and the main characters feel like people I know I still can t figure out how she can create characters who are both so appealing and so real, since usually a hero that good is a bit too good to be true if you know what I mean But who cares how she does it when it works so well I thoroughly enjoyed this book It takes place in Wyoming which is one reason why I liked it so much I love the West and I have been camping in Montana, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Colorado, Idaho, N S Dakota, Utah, Arizona, plus all over Calif.I don t usually have much sympathy for ranchers per se, but Eagle portrayed the Weslin ranch and the people who owned and ran it as folks who loved the land and loved the wild mustang horses and wanted to keep it that way Away from developers and carving up the ranch for rich folks and ski slopes I also liked Julia Weslin very much A woman I can relate to Plus, K.C., the last true cowboy, was no slouch either Funny I liked K.C though because I hate country western music I can t stand to listen to it The twangy voices drive me crazy.But, it was a good story, well told. My Wyoming past caught up with me and The Last True Cowboy I have to admit, I loved the line, If everything is relative, there s no per centage in raising hell in Wyoming One s barely a step up from the other, and I m sure I couldn t tell you which is which This sums up my thouughts on Wyoming exactly But the novel reminded me of the beauty and wildness of Wyoming and her people, and how those things are disappearing today This is a soft romance well drawn characters a memorable read. This book is a western romance It takes place on a ranch called the High Horse in Wyoming Julia, her sister, Dawn and their grandmother, Sally have to decide if they want to sell the ranch or try to make it work The ranch was in Julia s brother s name, but he passed away and left it to them The ranch had been in the family for years and Julia and Sally don t like the idea of selling it.In the process a horse trainer named K.C Houston enters the picture He was hired by Ross before he passed away After he found out Ross passed away, he was ready to look for another job, but he ran into Sally at the court house He had been charged with drinking and driving.I enjoyed the growth of the characters and the romance between Julia and K.C. Throw together two sisters and one cowboy add a few wild horses and you ve the beginnings of a true western romance set in beautiful Wyoming Julia and Dawn s brother died But before he left this world, he put a plan in motion to get one lonesome cowboy and two estranged sisters to work together It s a good read. I really enjoyed this book It has all the cliches, but Kathleen Eagle knows how to create real people out of those cliches The reader cares how these people and their particular story turns out The setting is vivid and the relationship believable A good read, especially for lovers of Westerns and cowboys. I ve read a couple of Kathleen Eagle s books before and they were enjoyable but they didn t have that zing for me This one has zing I love the hero and the heroine They re grown ups There s an attraction they both know is there, but while they re cautious, there are some lovely moments when I see clearly how well they fit together Their romance is the kind I would want for myself, and maybe that s what provides the zing. It had many great elements handsome cowboy who is somewhat wild , many horses, sibling rivalry, feisty old woman heh, heh , feisty old ranching hand who is love with feisty old woman smile , and did I mention how many horses