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Good story with nice somewhat formulaic characters The author can write Jenna Harper had loved Dean Crossin for as long as she could remember When he returned from graduating college in the United States with a fiancee on his arm, she was devastated Everyone in the Crossin family also felt this was unexpected Marcus, Dean s older brother, had always had feelings for Jenna Yet Jenna had taken him for granted There was a six year age gap and he had acted very mature even when they were younger Because of this I had some moments where I wanted to bang both their heads together but I still enjoyed their ups and downs.MARRYING MARCUS is a story with a formulaic theme The difference between this Silhouette and others is Laurey Bright did a fantastic job fleshing out the characters I also enjoyed that the setting was in New Zealand If you are looking for a short romance and a fast read try MARRYING MARCUS. #Read Pdf ⛓ Marrying Marcus õ Marcus Crossan Was Dark, Mysterious, Controlling And Jenna Harper S Savior When His Younger Brother Came Home Engaged To Another Being A Crossan Bride Was Orphaned Jenna S Dream One She Could No Longer HaveUntil Marcus Made A Stunning Offer Marry Him Instead Of His Brother A Bewildered Jenna Didn T Know Where To Turn, But Marcus S Passionate Kisses Left Her Breathless And Suddenly Eager To MarryBut Once Wed, Innocent Jenna Found Herself At Sea In A New World Of Emotions Marcus S Touch Woke Sensual Longings, And She Found Herself Yearning For Words Of Love From Her Handsome HusbandAnd Then Suddenly His Brother Was Free Once Maybe later.Neither character seems very smart the H s sister is the one who convinces her it s a good idea And the little brother is such a wuss. 3.5 starsA really nice book where it was fairly obvious that the hero was besotted with the heroine since forever I liked how their relationship gradually built up. don t ask I am addicted to books like this I could probably list hundred on here that I have read, but I will refrain This one is part of a series, but for whatever reason I really love this one I think I have read it a dozen times. I love this book I ve read it over and over again I love the storyline of unrequited love, and a besotted Hero Marcus H has been in love with Jenna for a long time, but she only has eyes for his brother Dean When Dean comes home with a fianc , Jenna is heartbroken Marcus comforts her and convinces her to go on with her life Eventually he convinces her to date and marry him Jenna is unaware of the depths of Marcus feelings for her and she thinks he is merely marrying her since it s time to start a family Jenna is happy with Marcus, the sex is amazing and she s anxious to become pregnant, when they learn that Dean s fianc e has left him The story becomes very emotional at this point, Jenna and Katie her sister in law are constantly comforting Dean, while Marcus can t help feeling jealous Jenna has realised by now that the love she had felt for Dean was simply a puppy love, and she is only supporting him now as a friend She now knows she is in love with Marcus and is waiting for the right moment to tell him she is pregnant Marcus on the other hand, is getting and insecure He loves Jenna so totally that he is willing to let her go so she can be happy with Dean if that is what she really wants, but it is tearing him apart.Things come to a head, and there is a very emotional scene, until they confess their real feelings for each other There also is a very nice epilogue with the christening of their son. Well here is one hero obsessed with his woman He wanted so badly to do what was right and just but he would not at least try to go for it once that his brother and the man the heroine was in puppy love with was in love and marrying another I loved this book and the characters were great and I loved Marcus the hero He is a man after my own heart Awesome read. Hmmmnice and humdrum Just like the characters.everything goes as expected No surprises or twists here Nothing to analyse as well sigh This was a really good, quick read Jenna thought she was in love with her best friend growing up, and thought Dean would ask her to marry him when he came back from the United States When he comes back with a fiancee, she is devastated Marcus, his older brother steps in to console Jenna and to act as a buffer What she doesn t know that he has been deeply in love with her for years When he asks her to marry him, she thinks it just a marriage based on friendship, family love, and passion.I liked this book a lot because of the fact that Marcus had been so much in love with her, but had kept it to himself because he saw that Jenna only had eyes for his brother, but he takes his chance to have her when he gets a chance I also liked that although Jenna had been infatuated with Dean, once she is married, she puts those feelings aside and focuses on her marriage and her growing feelings for Marcus She doesn t have any confusion about that once they get married, and she is faithful to him in heart and body Marcus has to deal with his jealousy issues because he doesn t realize that Jenna loves him with a woman s love and not with a girlish infatuation like she did for Dean.It s a sweet but passionate story of how love can sneak up on you and come in a form that you weren t expecting.