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(READ E-PUB) ⛅ Caged in Spirit (Caged, #3) î The Release Of This Book Was Delayed, But Will Be Release In The Spring Of The Nine Hells Are Circling Their Prey Savannah S Friends Have No Choice But To Flee, Placing Their Lives In The Hands Of Those They Thought To Be The Least Trustworthy The War Of The Heavens Is Upon Them And The Truth Of Savannah S Conception May Shake The Foundation Of All Blood Is On Their Hands, The Stench Of Decay Corrupts Everything They Come Into Contact With And The Betrayal Of One Of Their Own Is Imminent It Acts As A Cloud Over Their Heads An Infection Sinking Through To Their Souls What They Thought They Knew Was A Deception, Calculated To Draw Their Eyes Away From What Is Important How Can They Accept One Another, When Even Their Reflection Is Marred With Imperfections, Created By A Mirage Of Lies The Draconian S, Hellhounds, And Covens Must Put Aside Their Differences To Prevent Pools Of Blood And Chaos The Differences Of These Individuals May Make Or Break Their Spirits A Cry Of War, The Sound Of Battle The Group Of Friends Must Find Their Mettle A Prophecy Rings Through The Night,of The One Who Has The Sight A Melody Has Played A Tune,someone Will Come To Claim Them SoonBloodshed And Chaos, A Trail Of GriefThe Beginning Of The End Will Rise From BeneathTN If You Want To Help Get Caged In Spirit Released Sooner, Please Donate To My Editing Fund Share This Link Too